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Pitakabu Trades


Joined: 5/2/2017
Education: Graduate
Trading Experience: 2-5 yrs
I love swing trading with ETFs and mid caps. I write a plan before each trade and follow it strictly. It is very easy to mirror my trades as I avoid fast moving pennies. Follow my trades and you should see a steady growth in your portfolio. I love to read charts and go thru a min of 100 charts everyday before trading. Currently I have more than 300 members enrolled to my service. Join Pitakabu Trades and Let's win the market together...TRADE GREEN!! Follow me on twitter @PitakabuTrades



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SymbolPosition Type% Return Issue Date
UGAZBuy Long-20.34 %7/27/2017
JNUGBuy Long-1.89 %7/26/2017
DUSTBuy Long-2.07 %7/24/2017
BIOSBuy Long-5.08 %7/21/2017
DRIPBuy Long5.77 %7/20/2017


SymbolStrategy% ReturnIssue Date
UVXYBuy Puts-99.65 %8/2/2017
AMZNBuy Calls-99.96 %8/1/2017
IBBBuy Calls-99.29 %7/31/2017
UVXYBuy Puts-99.65 %7/31/2017
UVXYBuy Puts-98.73 %7/27/2017

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