With the short leg of the Diagonal Call spread on WKHS expiring today, I'm closing out the entire position. Due to limitations of the StockHoot system, this is just the long leg of the position. To correctly close this out, you should be entering the following exit order:BTC 4 18Jun21 12 callsSTC 4 21Jan22 14 callsfor a min net credit of $5.15 per contract. The current mid is a credit of $5.23. The entry price for this position was a debit of $1.42 per contract. Closing here will yield a 365% return!

As an adjustment to the open WKHS Calendar Call spread at the $18 strike, I'm adding this leg to the position in order to lower the breakeven point from $22.65 to $18.25 by expiration of the long calls.

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