Will re-enter for a shot at $17

Happy Friday! -- The pink dots represent the internals of how committed the whole market is compared to just the big names,
as the blow-off phase ensues, typically the "junk" gets the attention as the late comers are usually looking for the fast buck,
are unsophisticated and undercapitalized -- think $BTC $3000 and that wild Sunday night and then the nearly 50% drop shortly afterwards.
Most of the attention will be in the NASDAQ, OTC-BB, IPOs and growth stocks over the next eight months as the monetary policy
moves to a tightening phase, (money becomes scarce and rates rise) and that puts a squeeze on speculators -- but we still need
to condition the herd to buy the last 10% of this decade long bull market -- someone needs to hold the bag. Everyone have a great weekend ;->

Seasonal Hedge into the end of the USA Fiscal Year

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