My apologies, it's not SD-101 that's headed for approval, it was Hepislav-B, which just had some great ADCOMM buzz today. The vote was 11-1 for approval. That bodes well for actual FDA approval on the 10th. This trade will most likely close early on Monday. Congrats!

Yes, this recommendation is a bit late, however, the research is quite positive, and the upside is still on the table. August will bring a likely approval of SD-101, in combination with Keytruda. The potential 500M annual market opportunity would significantly change their revenue outlook, athough they might need some extra money to make that a reality, the key is the drugs approval. This is a bit of a fence swinging attempt, so the position is small, but still a larger % risk than normal. Big money has been coming in lately, so the chart looks primed. Sorry I didn't see this at 7. Best!

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