With WKHS up big today, I'm taking advantage and closing out my entry long call here for a profit. I will let the $12/$14 diagonal call spread stay open until close the expiration of the short call.

Rolling the short 26Mar21 $18 call to a 09Apr21 $18 call for a net credit of at least $0.20.

Reasoning: With long term support at the $13 to $14 level, and with a recent high of $42.96, I'm entering into a long delta position on WKHS utilizing a Calendar Call spread. Although the position is structured to reach max potential at $18, it's providing a wide profit range of $15.25 to $25.00, allowing some wiggle room. Additionally, I'm using a leap option for the long leg of the trade, providing ample time for adjustments, if needed. Upon entry, the Greeks on this Calendar Call spread will be roughly: 118.0 Delta, 15.2 Theta, and 17.4 Vega.Max Risk: $1940Max Reward: $640 or 33% with WKHS at $18 on Mar 26thProfit Range: WKHS between $15.20 and $25.00 at market close on Mar 26thDownside stop: $9.95 (adjust or exit point)

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