Getting ahead of potential longer term fallout from the Andrew Left attack. Sell first and ask questions later, in this situation. Since we have gains, we're protecting them.

Shopify is a young company with remarkable revenue growth. The retail sector is in a state of flux, and they stand to gain market share as the internet continues to pervade our retail lives. I believe their product offerings are innovative and sticky, and they could be an eventual big winner in the space, or be bought out by another big player. The recent dip in price on June 9th should prove to be a good entry point. Shopify is being added to Canadian indexes which will result in some increased demand for the issue.Of concern is the 2.5 billion dollar shelf offering that was recently publicized. Although the shares they sold recently were from their treasury stock, and the cash generated should supply them for their growth initiatives, there is still the possibility that they could reach to further dilution for more still more capital.Although I am forced to enter a time horizon and a target price here, ignore them for practical purposes. The price action will tell us when to sell. I have no predictions, only guesses. If the market goes against us, we'll exit at the prescribed stop, which will rise as the price rises. Don't limit winners. The big ones make up for all the smaller, expected losses.

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