Symmetry Options

Trading Strategy

Swing Trading,Technical Trading



Symmetry Options uses technical analysis the focus on stocks that are prepared to make quick, significant moves up or down. We only use calls and puts to capitalize on this information and hope to return a significant profit in a very short period of time. Ideally in a week or less.

Performance Trend Chart

Last 3 months

Closed Positions

SymbolQuantityTarget PriceStop LossTargetExecution PriceClosing PriceProfit/LossSuccess/FailReasonRecommended On
GEVO1529.50$1.00$0.6010/18/2017$0.65$0.60-76.4750(-7.65 %)FailHit Stop Loss10/3/2017
CYCC1219.51$3.00$1.8010/29/2017$2.05$1.80-304.8775(-12.20 %)FailHit Stop Loss10/14/2017
NEOT18691.59$1.00$0.4510/29/2017$0.54$1.008598.1314(85.98 %)SuccessHit Target Price10/14/2017
TENX20964.36$2.50$0.403/7/2018$0.48$0.40-1677.1488(-16.77 %)FailHit Stop Loss10/7/2017
GSS1119.40$1.00$0.609/16/2017$0.67$0.7478.3580(10.45 %)SuccessClosed Position7/16/2017
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