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Joined: 7/17/2017
Education: Graduate
Trading Experience: 10-20 yrs
Algorithmic trader with price targets. Code based trading with price targets for the best entry and exits. I can analyze your portfolio and your investment interests and give you a full analysis of bullish or bearish long or short term, entry/exit points, support and resistance ranges, and price targets once those ranges are broken :-) Our team is also on Slack for live trading.

Trading Philosophy:

Don't listen to the noise. Play your strategy.


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Steady Growth0.00 %0/00.00 %0.00 %0.00 %
Squeezing Stocks-2.47 %0/990.00 %-7.32 %-55.43 %
Fibonacci Trading-11.06 %0/340.00 %-87.02 %-85.35 %

Closed Recommendations

SymbolServiceTypeStrategy Created Closed% Return
TSLASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/07/1809/21/18-100.00 %
TSLASqueezing StocksOptionsShort Vertical Spread08/02/1808/17/18-100.00 %
TSLASqueezing StocksOptionsShort Vertical Spread07/10/1807/27/18-100.00 %
BASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls05/10/1805/10/1811.21 %
TSLASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls05/09/1805/10/1860.40 %
BAFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls03/19/1804/27/18-132.07 %
GSFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls03/15/1804/27/18-100.00 %
FBFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls03/13/1803/19/18-53.63 %
FBFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls03/13/1803/19/18-51.97 %
HDFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls03/07/1803/12/18-2.47 %
HDFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls03/07/1803/12/189.39 %
FBFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls03/06/1803/09/1840.55 %
AMZNFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls03/01/1803/07/1834.50 %
NVDAFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls03/02/1803/06/18119.09 %
MUFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls02/07/1802/20/1850.53 %
PXFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls02/01/1802/16/18-99.07 %
THOFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/25/1802/16/18-99.61 %
THOFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/22/1802/16/18-99.73 %
THOFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/24/1802/16/18-99.64 %
THOFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/22/1802/16/18-99.74 %
THOFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/19/1802/16/18-99.62 %
AVGOFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/23/1802/05/18-58.91 %
KOFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/11/1801/17/1850.28 %
CFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/12/1801/16/1831.08 %
GSFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/10/1801/16/1852.27 %
JNJFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls12/29/1701/09/18114.61 %
MSFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/05/1801/05/187.61 %
NVDAFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls12/29/1701/03/18107.67 %
AVGOFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls12/26/1701/02/1861.05 %
ALXNFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls12/13/1701/02/18100.00 %
AMGNFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls12/13/1712/29/17-27.76 %
AMGNFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls12/13/1712/13/170.00 %
PRAHFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls12/08/1712/13/1775.82 %
LYBFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls12/06/1712/07/1719.51 %
ABGFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls11/28/1712/06/1725.69 %
NVDAFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls11/22/1712/01/17-99.88 %
MMMFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls11/22/1711/28/1721.65 %
CSCOFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls11/22/1711/28/1748.30 %
NFLXFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls11/22/1711/28/1777.51 %
HDSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls11/06/1711/22/17125.34 %
LOWSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls11/06/1711/22/1741.92 %
BASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls11/02/1711/06/1763.20 %
GOOGSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls10/30/1711/03/17-55.83 %
CELGSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls10/23/1711/03/17-99.83 %
GOOGSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls10/27/1710/27/17-99.66 %
AMZNSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls10/27/1710/27/1748.34 %
GILDSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls10/03/1710/13/17-47.55 %
GILDSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls10/03/1710/13/17-36.16 %
TSLASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls10/02/1710/03/17-33.80 %
GOOGSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls09/26/1710/02/17129.83 %
TSLASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls09/29/1710/02/17-26.40 %
TSLASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls09/28/1710/02/17-11.32 %
HDSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls09/28/1709/29/1735.56 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls09/25/1709/28/1792.71 %
AMDSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls09/27/1709/28/17-2.51 %
AMDSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls09/26/1709/28/17-17.80 %
OXYSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls09/22/1709/27/1753.04 %
OXYSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls09/23/1709/25/1714.27 %
KSSSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls09/24/1709/25/1727.38 %
FBSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls09/08/1709/22/17-21.71 %
XLKSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/23/1709/22/1738.78 %
FBSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls09/06/1709/22/17-55.69 %
FBSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls09/06/1709/22/17-95.75 %
NVDASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls09/06/1709/08/17-27.74 %
NVDASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls09/06/1709/08/17-75.71 %
FBSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/21/1709/06/1737.02 %
NVDASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/21/1709/06/1716.67 %
GLDSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/03/1708/22/1738.46 %
NFLXSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Puts08/15/1708/18/179.93 %
SINASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Puts08/15/1708/18/17-2.21 %
AMZNSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Puts08/17/1708/17/1711.57 %
AMZNSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Puts08/14/1708/17/1760.24 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/15/1708/16/17-20.08 %
AAPSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/15/1708/15/17-6.16 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/15/1708/15/170.99 %
SINASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Puts08/15/1708/15/174.65 %
UVXYSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/10/1708/15/1765.73 %
SINASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/11/1708/15/1715.12 %
AAPSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/15/1708/15/1710.71 %
AMZNSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/14/1708/14/175.59 %
AMZNSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/14/1708/14/17-21.57 %
CARSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/11/1708/14/1754.10 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/10/1708/14/175.51 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/08/1708/14/17-60.38 %
EWHSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/25/1708/11/174.30 %
DISSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/11/1708/11/1752.94 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/08/1708/11/17-43.23 %
GIIISqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/31/1708/11/174.68 %
NVDASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/09/1708/11/17-99.15 %
AMZNSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Puts08/09/1708/09/174.17 %
TSLASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/08/1708/08/170.69 %
NFLXSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/07/1708/08/17-24.62 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/07/1708/07/1741.75 %
AAOISqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/07/1708/07/17-17.73 %
NVDASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/03/1708/07/1735.52 %
SINASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/04/1708/07/1714.31 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/03/1708/03/171.05 %
TSLASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/03/1708/03/17-6.38 %
AMZNSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/03/1708/03/17-3.64 %
TSLASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/03/1708/03/176.67 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/03/1708/03/179.13 %
NVDASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/03/1708/03/17-0.73 %
TSLASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Puts08/03/1708/03/17-3.70 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Puts08/03/1708/03/1725.00 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/02/1708/03/17-49.70 %
TSLASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/26/1708/03/17-10.25 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/02/1708/02/17-11.35 %
NFLXSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/26/1708/02/17-91.87 %
NVDASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/24/1708/02/17-25.97 %
NVDASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/26/1708/02/17-59.35 %
TSLASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/27/1708/02/17-69.65 %
TSLASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/26/1707/26/17-0.34 %
JDSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/21/1707/26/17100.56 %
NFLXSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/26/1707/26/172.99 %
NFLXSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Puts07/25/1707/25/17-21.03 %
NFLXSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Puts07/25/1707/25/17-10.60 %
NFLXSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Puts07/25/1707/25/171.37 %
GOOGSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/25/1707/25/173.26 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/20/1707/25/1730.66 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/19/1707/24/1719.75 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/19/1707/24/170.00 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/21/1707/24/1725.76 %
CTASSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/24/1707/24/17-8.16 %
NFLXSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/21/1707/24/1715.05 %
CELGSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/19/1707/21/1758.29 %
CELGSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/21/1707/21/178.10 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/19/1707/19/175.25 %
QQQSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/18/1707/19/177.70 %
NFLXSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/17/1707/18/17228.23 %


Market Range Strategy

Arez    -  05/21/18

Got a major squeeze set up in the Rusell 2000s

Arez    -  03/26/18

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There doesn t seem to be a lot of joy these days in the dwindling camps of those who believe in NetEase NASDAQ NTES 160 and Vipshop Holdings NYSE VIPS The former dot com darlings have fallen sharply in recent months faring worse than the other Chinese growth stocks

Here's What AMD Might Have in Store for Its Next Threadripper

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In 2017 processor specialist Advanced Micro Devices NASDAQ AMD reentered the market for high performance PC microprocessors The company released a range of products targeting everything from premium notebooks to high end desktops all based on its then new Zen microprocessor

Mid-Day Update: Wall Street Bounces Back as Trade Talks Seen Back On, Tech Recovers

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Wall Street s benchmark averages were on the mend after Monday s frenzied sell off as hopes for renewed trade negotiations between top US and Chinese officials halted a three day losing streak for the S amp P 500 and Nasdaq Composite Led by gains in Caterpillar CAT and Intel INTC

European Equity Benchmarks Close Higher; Tech, Auto, Luxury Goods Stocks Lift Markets

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Image source The Motley Fool UGI Corp NYSE UGI Q4 160 2018 Earnings Conference Call Nov 13 2018 9 00 a m ET Contents Prepared Remarks Questions and Answers Call Participants Prepared Remarks Operator Good

EQUITIES: National Bank 'Monthly Equity Monitor', 3rd of 3; U.S. Earnings Good, But Not Enough

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National Bank of Canada in its latest Monthly Equity Monitor noted it argued last month that the Q3 global equity rally could not easily carry into Q4 The past few weeks proved us right it said noting the MSCI AC index fell 7 in October the worst performance for that month since 2008

What to Watch When Blue Apron Reports

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Blue Apron NYSE APRN reports its third quarter earnings results before the market opens on Wednesday Nov 14 Analysts expect the company to lose 0 22 per share on revenue of 157 15 million The latter number represents a 25 decrease in sales from a year ago as the

Should You Buy Qualcomm For Its 4% Dividend Yield?

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Qualcomm NASDAQ QCOM shed more than 10 of its market value this year after it avoided a takeover bid by Broadcom lost its own takeover bid for NXP and faced fresh regulatory probes and lawsuits from OEMs most notably Apple NASDAQ AAPL and Huawei

This Is A Fear-Driven Move, So Consider This Risky-Looking Stock

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Shutterstock photo Even after a big drop such as we saw yesterday, it is hard to look at the current situation and believe anything other than that we have seen the low on this move down and will, at some point, start to bounce back. Nothing really has happened over the last month or so to justify a drop of

EQUITIES: National Bank 'Monthly Equity Monitor', 2nd of 3; Also Altering Its Sector Allocation

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National Bank of Canada in its latest Monthly Equity Monitor said its sector allocation is also modified this month In June it recommended a caution inspired shift of assets to Telecoms and Utilities National noted these sectors have done better than the S amp P TSX since this

Tyson Foods (TSN) Q4 Earnings Beat Estimates, Sales Down Y/Y

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Tyson Foods Inc TSN posted fourth quarter fiscal 2018 results with earnings improving year over year and beating the Zacks Consensus Estimate However top line performance was dismal due to lower sales in the Prepared Foods and Pork categories This hurt investors sentiments as the

FUJIFILM (FUJIY) Q2 Earnings Top, Stock Down on Weak Revenues

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FUJIFILM FUJIY shares have declined 4 8 following its second quarter fiscal 2019 results announced on Nov 7 The company s top line was negatively impacted by lower document solutions and imaging segment revenues partially offset by growth in the healthcare amp materials

Amazon HQ2 Bill Is In: Cities Promise $2.2 Billion

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Jordan Stead Amazon Jordan Stead Amazon Amazon com has made its second headquarters official The company will split the new office between New York City and the Washington D C suburbs Amazon com has made its second headquarters official The companywill split the new office

EQUITIES: National Bank 'Monthly Equity Monitor', 1st of 3; Altering Its Asset Allocation

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National Bank of Canada in its latest Monthly Equity Monitor noted that since June it has been arguing that equity markets were vulnerable to downward earnings revisions since forward earnings were failing to reflect the effect of escalating trade tensions and USD appreciation in an

Home Depot's Outlook Keeps Inching Higher

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Investors had concerns heading into Home Depot s NYSE HD third quarter report this week mainly around the prospect that a slowdown in homebuilding would harm its results However the retailer s updated sales and profitability trends showed no signs of worsening Instead