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Joined: 7/17/2017
Education: Graduate
Trading Experience: 10-20 yrs
Algorithmic trader with price targets. Code based trading with price targets for the best entry and exits. I can analyze your portfolio and your investment interests and give you a full analysis of bullish or bearish long or short term, entry/exit points, support and resistance ranges, and price targets once those ranges are broken :-) Our team is also on Slack for live trading.

Trading Philosophy:

Don't listen to the noise. Play your strategy.


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Service NameAvg % Return
since Inception
% SuccessYTD ReturnRiskFees
Squeezing Stocks-2.47 %0/990.00 %0.00 %
Fibonacci Trading-11.06 %0/340.00 %0.00 %
Steady Growth0.00 %0/00.00 %0.00 %

Closed Recommendations

SymbolServiceTypeStrategy Created Closed% Return
TSLASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/07/1809/21/18-100.00 %
TSLASqueezing StocksOptionsShort Vertical Spread08/02/1808/17/18-100.00 %
TSLASqueezing StocksOptionsShort Vertical Spread07/10/1807/27/18-100.00 %
BASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls05/10/1805/10/1811.21 %
TSLASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls05/09/1805/10/1860.40 %
BAFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls03/19/1804/27/18-132.07 %
GSFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls03/15/1804/27/18-100.00 %
FBFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls03/13/1803/19/18-53.63 %
FBFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls03/13/1803/19/18-51.97 %
HDFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls03/07/1803/12/18-2.47 %
HDFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls03/07/1803/12/189.39 %
FBFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls03/06/1803/09/1840.55 %
AMZNFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls03/01/1803/07/1834.50 %
NVDAFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls03/02/1803/06/18119.09 %
MUFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls02/07/1802/20/1850.53 %
PXFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls02/01/1802/16/18-99.07 %
THOFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/25/1802/16/18-99.61 %
THOFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/22/1802/16/18-99.73 %
THOFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/24/1802/16/18-99.64 %
THOFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/22/1802/16/18-99.74 %
THOFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/19/1802/16/18-99.62 %
AVGOFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/23/1802/05/18-58.91 %
KOFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/11/1801/17/1850.28 %
CFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/12/1801/16/1831.08 %
GSFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/10/1801/16/1852.27 %
JNJFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls12/29/1701/09/18114.61 %
MSFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/05/1801/05/187.61 %
NVDAFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls12/29/1701/03/18107.67 %
AVGOFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls12/26/1701/02/1861.05 %
ALXNFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls12/13/1701/02/18100.00 %
AMGNFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls12/13/1712/29/17-27.76 %
AMGNFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls12/13/1712/13/170.00 %
PRAHFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls12/08/1712/13/1775.82 %
LYBFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls12/06/1712/07/1719.51 %
ABGFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls11/28/1712/06/1725.69 %
NVDAFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls11/22/1712/01/17-99.88 %
MMMFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls11/22/1711/28/1721.65 %
CSCOFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls11/22/1711/28/1748.30 %
NFLXFibonacci TradingOptionsBuy Calls11/22/1711/28/1777.51 %
HDSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls11/06/1711/22/17125.34 %
LOWSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls11/06/1711/22/1741.92 %
BASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls11/02/1711/06/1763.20 %
GOOGSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls10/30/1711/03/17-55.83 %
CELGSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls10/23/1711/03/17-99.83 %
GOOGSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls10/27/1710/27/17-99.66 %
AMZNSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls10/27/1710/27/1748.34 %
GILDSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls10/03/1710/13/17-47.55 %
GILDSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls10/03/1710/13/17-36.16 %
TSLASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls10/02/1710/03/17-33.80 %
GOOGSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls09/26/1710/02/17129.83 %
TSLASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls09/29/1710/02/17-26.40 %
TSLASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls09/28/1710/02/17-11.32 %
HDSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls09/28/1709/29/1735.56 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls09/25/1709/28/1792.71 %
AMDSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls09/27/1709/28/17-2.51 %
AMDSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls09/26/1709/28/17-17.80 %
OXYSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls09/22/1709/27/1753.04 %
OXYSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls09/23/1709/25/1714.27 %
KSSSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls09/24/1709/25/1727.38 %
FBSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls09/08/1709/22/17-21.71 %
XLKSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/23/1709/22/1738.78 %
FBSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls09/06/1709/22/17-55.69 %
FBSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls09/06/1709/22/17-95.75 %
NVDASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls09/06/1709/08/17-27.74 %
NVDASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls09/06/1709/08/17-75.71 %
FBSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/21/1709/06/1737.02 %
NVDASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/21/1709/06/1716.67 %
GLDSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/03/1708/22/1738.46 %
NFLXSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Puts08/15/1708/18/179.93 %
SINASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Puts08/15/1708/18/17-2.21 %
AMZNSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Puts08/17/1708/17/1711.57 %
AMZNSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Puts08/14/1708/17/1760.24 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/15/1708/16/17-20.08 %
AAPSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/15/1708/15/17-6.16 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/15/1708/15/170.99 %
SINASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Puts08/15/1708/15/174.65 %
UVXYSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/10/1708/15/1765.73 %
SINASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/11/1708/15/1715.12 %
AAPSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/15/1708/15/1710.71 %
AMZNSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/14/1708/14/175.59 %
AMZNSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/14/1708/14/17-21.57 %
CARSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/11/1708/14/1754.10 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/10/1708/14/175.51 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/08/1708/14/17-60.38 %
EWHSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/25/1708/11/174.30 %
DISSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/11/1708/11/1752.94 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/08/1708/11/17-43.23 %
GIIISqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/31/1708/11/174.68 %
NVDASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/09/1708/11/17-99.15 %
AMZNSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Puts08/09/1708/09/174.17 %
TSLASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/08/1708/08/170.69 %
NFLXSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/07/1708/08/17-24.62 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/07/1708/07/1741.75 %
AAOISqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/07/1708/07/17-17.73 %
NVDASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/03/1708/07/1735.52 %
SINASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/04/1708/07/1714.31 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/03/1708/03/171.05 %
TSLASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/03/1708/03/17-6.38 %
AMZNSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/03/1708/03/17-3.64 %
TSLASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/03/1708/03/176.67 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/03/1708/03/179.13 %
NVDASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/03/1708/03/17-0.73 %
TSLASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Puts08/03/1708/03/17-3.70 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Puts08/03/1708/03/1725.00 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/02/1708/03/17-49.70 %
TSLASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/26/1708/03/17-10.25 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls08/02/1708/02/17-11.35 %
NFLXSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/26/1708/02/17-91.87 %
NVDASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/24/1708/02/17-25.97 %
NVDASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/26/1708/02/17-59.35 %
TSLASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/27/1708/02/17-69.65 %
TSLASqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/26/1707/26/17-0.34 %
JDSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/21/1707/26/17100.56 %
NFLXSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/26/1707/26/172.99 %
NFLXSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Puts07/25/1707/25/17-21.03 %
NFLXSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Puts07/25/1707/25/17-10.60 %
NFLXSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Puts07/25/1707/25/171.37 %
GOOGSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/25/1707/25/173.26 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/20/1707/25/1730.66 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/19/1707/24/1719.75 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/19/1707/24/170.00 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/21/1707/24/1725.76 %
CTASSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/24/1707/24/17-8.16 %
NFLXSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/21/1707/24/1715.05 %
CELGSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/19/1707/21/1758.29 %
CELGSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/21/1707/21/178.10 %
AAPLSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/19/1707/19/175.25 %
QQQSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/18/1707/19/177.70 %
NFLXSqueezing StocksOptionsBuy Calls07/17/1707/18/17228.23 %


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