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mr jackson

Joined: 1/10/2018
Education: Post Graduate
Trading Experience: 5-10 yrs
Been trading for about 7 years
Main focus is biotech

Trading Philosophy:

Primarily focus on biotech trades, i generally do not hold thru PDUFA or major FDA decisions


Health Care

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Biotech picks-6.60 %0/360.00 %0.00 %

Closed Recommendations

SymbolServiceTypeStrategy Created Closed% Return
TBiotech picksOptionsBuy Calls07/18/1808/17/18-192.54 %
ABBVBiotech picksOptionsBuy Calls07/20/1807/27/18-137.08 %
ABTBiotech picksOptionsBuy Puts07/17/1807/20/18-100.00 %
CRBPBiotech picksOptionsBuy Calls06/19/1807/20/18-100.00 %
INSYBiotech picksOptionsBuy Calls06/19/1807/20/18-100.00 %
ZYNEBiotech picksOptionsBuy Calls06/19/1807/20/18-100.00 %
GWPHBiotech picksOptionsBuy Calls06/19/1807/20/18-100.00 %
ABTBiotech picksOptionsBuy Calls07/17/1807/18/18100.00 %
ABTBiotech picksOptionsBuy Calls07/17/1807/18/1891.17 %
ABTBiotech picksOptionsBuy Calls07/17/1807/18/18109.64 %
CARABiotech picksOptionsBuy Calls06/19/1807/10/18103.13 %
GEVOBiotech picksEquitySell Short06/18/1806/19/18-110.00 %
DOVABiotech picksOptionsBuy Puts05/18/1806/15/18-100.00 %
GLMDBiotech picksEquitySell Short06/13/1806/13/18-9.94 %
RGSEBiotech picksEquityBuy Long06/04/1806/11/18-8.87 %
IBiotech picksEquitySell Short06/07/1806/11/1815.46 %
DCPHBiotech picksEquitySell Short06/06/1806/07/180.85 %
MYSZBiotech picksEquityBuy Long05/30/1806/06/181.75 %
EOLSBiotech picksEquitySell Short06/05/1806/06/18-5.13 %
TXMDBiotech picksEquitySell Short05/29/1805/30/186.77 %
NSPRBiotech picksEquityBuy Long05/24/1805/25/1813.82 %
DOVABiotech picksOptionsBuy Calls05/18/1805/21/1811.11 %
OMERBiotech picksEquitySell Short05/14/1805/18/187.06 %
HEARBiotech picksEquitySell Short05/17/1805/18/1812.89 %
CELGBiotech picksOptionsBuy Puts05/16/1805/17/18156.14 %
SELBBiotech picksEquityBuy Long04/02/1805/14/1819.19 %
SELBBiotech picksEquityBuy Long03/29/1804/16/1827.45 %
AMZNBiotech picksOptionsBuy Puts03/07/1803/16/18-99.73 %
OMERBiotech picksEquitySell Short02/21/1803/07/184.19 %
CRMDBiotech picksEquityBuy Long02/23/1802/26/18-8.54 %
AMATBiotech picksOptionsBuy Calls02/20/1802/23/18-60.00 %
MDXGBiotech picksEquitySell Short02/07/1802/20/1839.96 %
LLYBiotech picksEquityBuy Long01/31/1802/05/18-2.95 %
DERMBiotech picksEquityBuy Long01/10/1801/25/1813.56 %
ACRXBiotech picksEquityBuy Long01/10/1801/18/18-6.98 %
IMNPBiotech picksEquityBuy Long01/10/1801/12/18-6.93 %


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