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Akemi Mokoto

Joined: 6/26/2018
Education: High School
Trading Experience: 0-2 yrs
Companies lie, so I tend to question any and all issues I have with a company. With the help of the Beneish M-score, I will always avoid companies that appear to be BSing investors.

Trading Philosophy:

Swinging into profits, taking a long position very carefully. Question every income sheet.


Consumer Discretionary,Consumer Staples,Energy,Financials,Industrials,Information Technology,Materials,Real Estate,Telecommunication Services,Utilitie...

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% SuccessYTD ReturnAll Time ReturnRiskFees
Akemi's Longs0.19 %7/00.00 %0.14 %0.14 %
Swingers Corner-2.08 %16/12245.08 %-19.86 %-19.86 %

Closed Recommendations

SymbolServiceTypeStrategy Created Closed% Return
BLLSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long09/18/1811:23 AM12.66 %
CRCSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long10/26/1811/13/18-19.81 %
LANCSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long10/31/1811/12/183.33 %
ISCASwingers Corner 2EquityBuy Long11/09/1811/12/18-0.51 %
NVEESwingers Corner 2EquityBuy Long11/04/1811/08/183.80 %
LOPESwingers CornerEquityBuy Long11/01/1811/07/182.95 %
ABSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long10/28/1811/07/184.21 %
DXLGSwingers Corner 2EquityBuy Long11/06/1811/07/18-14.86 %
DXLGSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long11/06/1811/07/18-14.86 %
HCKTSwingers Corner 2EquityBuy Long11/04/1811/07/18-12.37 %
CALXSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long10/28/1811/06/1820.78 %
KFRCSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/28/1811/01/18-20.82 %
CVEOSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long10/26/1810/31/18-16.45 %
KLXESwingers CornerEquityBuy Long10/08/1810/26/18-9.83 %
WINGSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long10/09/1810/26/18-8.33 %
UISSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long09/25/1810/25/18-10.95 %
ADMSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long08/23/1810/23/18-5.22 %
DNRSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long10/09/1810/23/18-25.19 %
BESwingers CornerEquityBuy Long09/25/1810/22/18-28.80 %
ORIGSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long09/25/1810/22/18-6.10 %
ISwingers CornerEquityBuy Long09/25/1810/16/1825.80 %
CDXSSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long09/13/1810/12/18-20.74 %
ALTRSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long10/07/1810/11/18-15.66 %
BANDSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long10/09/1810/10/18-9.63 %
FTNTSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long09/13/1810/10/18-9.89 %
CBPXSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long08/15/1810/09/18-9.24 %
ACSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long10/08/1810/09/18-2.38 %
TPBSwingers CornerEquitySell Short10/09/1810/09/18-1.40 %
NOASwingers CornerEquityBuy Long10/08/1810/09/18-0.70 %
LULUSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long09/27/1810/08/18-7.64 %
SPNSSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long09/28/1810/04/18-22.34 %
GHDXSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long09/25/1810/04/18-23.15 %
PCTYSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long09/11/1810/04/18-9.39 %
ABTSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long10/01/1810/03/18-2.08 %
VCRASwingers CornerEquityBuy Long09/25/1810/02/18-6.14 %
WWESwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/29/1810/02/1813.63 %
SFIXSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long09/25/1810/02/18-20.90 %
CSODSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long09/25/1810/02/18-6.08 %
AMRNSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long10/01/1810/01/18-12.84 %
AVROSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long09/25/1810/01/18-32.46 %
AVROSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long09/25/1810/01/18-30.36 %
USOSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long08/09/1809/28/1810.35 %
FULSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long09/05/1809/27/18-6.12 %
UWTSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/18/1809/24/1824.03 %
STAASwingers CornerEquityBuy Long09/13/1809/21/18-7.46 %
APPFSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long09/13/1809/19/18-7.55 %
CPRTSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long09/07/1809/19/18-18.85 %
ICFISwingers CornerEquityBuy Long09/06/1809/18/18-45.95 %
MASwingers CornerEquityBuy Long08/09/1809/18/188.55 %
WABSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/13/1809/14/18-4.00 %
TNDMSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long08/27/1809/13/1823.46 %
INGNSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long08/30/1809/13/187.42 %
FTNTSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long09/04/1809/13/187.23 %
QLYSSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long08/09/1809/12/188.79 %
ADSWSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long09/06/1809/11/18-2.02 %
KFYSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long08/02/1809/07/18-22.20 %
STAASwingers CornerEquityBuy Long09/03/1809/06/18-8.91 %
ASMLSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long08/22/1809/06/18-4.94 %
EEVSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long08/29/1809/05/1810.69 %
COUPSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long08/22/1809/05/1816.19 %
FTNTSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long08/29/1809/04/182.14 %
PFBCSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long08/03/1808/31/18-7.56 %
DNRSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long08/03/1808/30/1823.66 %
EEVSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long08/29/1808/29/18-0.25 %
NOWSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long08/09/1808/29/187.14 %
VRSNSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/13/1808/29/188.18 %
CSGPSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long08/09/1808/27/183.03 %
GDDYSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long08/02/1808/27/187.00 %
ERISwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/13/1808/27/186.90 %
PARRSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/05/1808/24/183.74 %
SAPSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long08/10/1808/23/186.42 %
PRLBSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long08/03/1808/20/1810.52 %
CERSSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long08/14/1808/20/18-9.48 %
USOUSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long08/09/1808/15/18-11.17 %
CNCSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/13/1808/14/184.84 %
SAPSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long08/08/1808/10/18-3.14 %
PTFSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/31/1808/09/187.62 %
TJXSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/19/1808/09/182.71 %
IOSPSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/28/1808/08/18-9.20 %
XSWSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long08/01/1808/07/183.12 %
TSTSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/19/1808/07/18-10.83 %
RNGSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/19/1808/07/187.39 %
QLDSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/31/1808/06/185.57 %
ADUSSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/28/1808/06/184.48 %
TTGTSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/12/1808/03/18-14.29 %
TPICSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/12/1808/03/18-20.48 %
INTLSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/19/1808/03/18-15.61 %
NVEESwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/28/1808/03/189.54 %
SYXSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/19/1808/02/18-5.19 %
VRSSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/12/1808/02/188.22 %
AMEDSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/19/1808/01/1810.07 %
CLIXSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/23/1807/31/18-3.42 %
ARWRSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/19/1807/30/18-13.63 %
AAXNSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/18/1807/27/18-4.86 %
TNDMSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/23/1807/27/18-11.00 %
KEMSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/12/1807/25/18-10.60 %
HEARSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/23/1807/24/18-0.17 %
GDDYSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/19/1807/24/181.75 %
IINSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/18/1807/23/184.48 %
BILSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/03/1807/23/180.08 %
RLISwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/10/1807/19/181.55 %
RMPSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/10/1807/19/187.82 %
ADBESwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/10/1807/18/184.98 %
LMNXSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/13/1807/18/187.75 %
SAGESwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/02/1807/17/186.09 %
DNRSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/13/1807/16/18-10.79 %
SYYSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/05/1807/13/181.60 %
VLGEASwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/02/1807/11/18-96.76 %
IOOSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/03/1807/10/18-3.77 %
AGOSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/05/1807/10/183.54 %
SFBSSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/06/1807/09/181.64 %
SFBSSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/05/1807/09/181.48 %
CBMSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long06/30/1807/09/185.26 %
TRHCSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/05/1807/06/182.04 %
FRPTSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long06/30/1807/06/189.49 %
WWESwingers CornerEquityBuy Long07/02/1807/03/18-0.58 %
RIBTSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long06/30/1807/02/18-0.45 %
AEESwingers CornerEquityBuy Long06/30/1807/02/18-0.05 %
CCRCSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long06/29/1806/29/18-4.43 %
CCRCSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long06/27/1806/28/186.90 %
EPAYSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long06/26/1806/28/18-0.35 %
TNDMSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long06/26/1806/27/18-1.47 %
CCRCSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long06/26/1806/27/183.22 %
WWESwingers CornerEquityBuy Long06/26/1806/27/180.15 %
FIZZSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long06/26/1806/26/18-2.36 %
CCRCSwingers CornerEquityBuy Long06/26/1806/26/1810.76 %


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