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Joined: 11/24/2017
Education: Graduate
Trading Experience: 2-5 yrs
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Consumer Discretionary,Consumer Staples,Energy,Financials,Health Care,Information Technology

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MUTech Option TradingOptionsBuy Calls02/02/1804/20/18-100.00 %
BIDUOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls02/02/1804/20/18-100.00 %
VXXOption TradingOptionsBuy Puts02/02/1804/20/18-100.00 %
VXXTech Option TradingOptionsBuy Puts02/05/1804/20/18-100.00 %
VXXTech Option TradingOptionsBuy Puts02/02/1804/20/18-100.00 %
BATech Option TradingOptionsBuy Calls02/02/1804/20/18-100.00 %
BAOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls02/02/1804/20/18-100.00 %
VXXOption TradingOptionsBuy Puts02/02/1804/20/18-100.00 %
GSTech Option TradingOptionsBuy Calls02/02/1804/20/18-100.00 %
MUOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls02/02/1804/20/18-100.00 %
GSOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls02/02/1802/16/18-99.76 %
FBOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/24/1801/25/182.16 %
BABATech Option TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/24/1801/25/1816.67 %
NTESTech Option TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/24/1801/25/189.88 %
BIDUOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/24/1801/25/180.00 %
NTESOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/24/1801/25/183.03 %
GOOGLOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/24/1801/25/185.63 %
AMZNTech Option TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/24/1801/24/189.65 %
BABAOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/23/1801/24/1839.88 %
BABAOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/23/1801/24/1829.50 %
BABAOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/23/1801/24/1828.57 %
BABAOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/23/1801/24/18122.57 %
BABATech Option TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/23/1801/23/1817.14 %
BABAOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/23/1801/23/1818.80 %
BABAOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/23/1801/23/1817.60 %
BABAOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/19/1801/23/1866.67 %
BABAOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/19/1801/23/1872.17 %
BABAOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/19/1801/23/1849.70 %
BABAOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/19/1801/23/1867.05 %
BABATech Option TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/19/1801/23/1829.91 %
BABATech Option TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/19/1801/23/1821.18 %
BABATech Option TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/19/1801/23/1818.41 %
BABATech Option TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/19/1801/23/1815.79 %
BABATech Option TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/19/1801/23/1821.28 %
BABAOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/19/1801/19/180.35 %
BABAOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/19/1801/19/180.75 %
VXXOption TradingOptionsBuy Puts01/16/1801/19/18-0.51 %
VXXOption TradingOptionsBuy Puts01/16/1801/19/18-18.86 %
VXXOption TradingOptionsBuy Puts01/16/1801/17/185.10 %
NVDAOption TradingOptionsBuy Puts01/16/1801/16/18-16.18 %
NVDAOption TradingOptionsBuy Puts01/16/1801/16/18-22.55 %
NVDAOption TradingOptionsBuy Puts01/16/1801/16/1815.96 %
NVDAOption TradingOptionsBuy Puts01/16/1801/16/1845.22 %
AMZNOption TradingOptionsBuy Puts01/16/1801/16/182.65 %
NVDAOption TradingOptionsBuy Puts01/16/1801/16/1828.13 %
TSLAOption TradingOptionsBuy Puts01/16/1801/16/18-6.64 %
NTESOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/10/1801/16/18-78.67 %
GEOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/11/1801/16/18-61.17 %
NTESOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/12/1801/16/18-16.29 %
NTESOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/12/1801/16/18-28.57 %
BABAOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/11/1801/12/18-99.47 %
NTESOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/12/1801/12/1828.28 %
NTESOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/10/1801/12/18-93.33 %
NTESOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/10/1801/12/18-93.33 %
NTESOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/11/1801/12/181.18 %
GOOGLOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/11/1801/12/1849.47 %
NTESOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/11/1801/12/184.17 %
INTCOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/10/1801/11/1837.11 %
NTESOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/11/1801/11/18-3.52 %
NTESOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/11/1801/11/18-0.94 %
INTCOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/10/1801/11/1811.65 %
TSLAOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/10/1801/11/1835.23 %
BIDUOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/10/1801/11/1814.75 %
BIDUOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/10/1801/10/180.69 %
NTESOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/10/1801/10/184.05 %
TSLAOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/10/1801/10/1814.19 %
NTESOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/10/1801/10/185.36 %
NTESOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/10/1801/10/182.61 %
NTESOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls11/29/1701/10/18-65.69 %
BIDUOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls11/28/1701/10/18-52.26 %
BIDUOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls11/28/1701/10/18-55.41 %
INTCOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/10/1801/10/18-10.53 %
TSLAOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/10/1801/10/18-4.97 %
BIDUOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/10/1801/10/18-7.80 %
NTESOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/10/1801/10/18-4.76 %
INTCOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/10/1801/10/18-6.36 %
BIDUOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/10/1801/10/18-21.93 %
BIDUOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/10/1801/10/18-16.63 %
NTESOption TradingOptionsBuy Puts01/10/1801/10/183.26 %
AAPLOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/10/1801/10/183.23 %
BIDUOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/10/1801/10/180.00 %
BIDUOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/10/1801/10/183.93 %
AAPLOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/10/1801/10/1813.44 %
NTESOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls01/10/1801/10/187.50 %
BABAOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls11/29/1701/08/185.84 %
NVDAOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls11/28/1701/08/1823.02 %
INTCOption TradingOptionsBuy Calls11/28/1701/02/1838.70 %
AMZNOption TradingOptionsBuy Puts11/24/1711/27/17-42.24 %


Google Buys Another Cloud Migration Startup

Last May Alphabet NASDAQ GOOG NASDAQ GOOGL subsidiary Google bought Israel based Velostrata as part of its efforts to make enterprise cloud migration easier The search giant announced 160 today that it is now acquiring another cloud migration company Alooma Google says

Payless ShoeSource Is Going Out of Business -- These 2 Competitors Will Be Winners

Just a year and a half after exiting bankruptcy with high hopes for a comeback discount shoe giant Payless ShoeSource is calling it quits The struggling retailer announced last week that it will close all of its more than 2 000 remaining company owned stores in the U S over the next

Enbridge Charts a New Path Forward After Its Multibillion-Dollar Consolidation

Considering that Enbridge NYSE ENB has completed several billion dollars in asset sales in recent quarters and consolidated all of its subsidiary partnerships under one roof this was a rather impressive fourth quarter The company saw a significant boost to its bottom

Walmart Keeps Winning

Instead of being disrupted by the growth of online retail Walmart NYSE WMT is riding the e commerce wave to higher sales and fatter profits The megaretailer reported exceptionally strong fourth quarter results on Tuesday morning laying to rest any fears stirred up by

Disney Confirms "Captain Marvel" Won't Be on Netflix, And That's Okay

Disney NYSE DIS recently confirmed that its new Captain Marvel movie won t be appearing on Netflix NASDAQ NFLX following its theatrical debut but will be seen exclusively on the new Disney streaming service that will launch later this year While Netflix risks

OneSpan Inc. (OSPN) Q4 2018 Earnings Conference Call Transcript

Image source The Motley Fool OneSpan Inc NASDAQ OSPN Q4 160 2018 Earnings Conference Call Feb 19 2019 4 30 p m ET Contents Prepared Remarks Questions and Answers Call Participants Prepared Remarks Operator

Accelerate Diagnostics Corp (AXDX) Q4 2018 Earnings Conference Call Transcript

Image source The Motley Fool Accelerate Diagnostics Corp NASDAQ AXDX Q4 160 2018 Earnings Conference Call Feb 19 2019 4 30 p m ET Contents Prepared Remarks Questions and Answers Call Participants Prepared Remarks

Alibaba Takes a Big Stake in China’s Gen Z Darling, Bilibili

Alibaba s NYSE BABA Taobao recently took a 10 8 passive stake in Bilibili NASDAQ BILI a Gen Z oriented digital platform in China The investment makes Alibaba one of Bilibil s top stakeholders alongside Tencent NASDAQOTH TCEHY which took a 12 stake in 160

4 Things Antero Resources Wants You to Know About What's Ahead

Antero Resources NYSE AR recently closed the books on a solid 2018 from both operational and financial perspectives The natural gas driller delivered record production which thanks to some recent infrastructure expansions enabled the company to generate even more cash

Domo Wants You to Believe It's a Rule Breaker in the Making -- Here's What It'll Take to Get There

Business intelligence BI and analytics is a big crowded market Domo NASDAQ DOMO wants you to believe its technology will not only change the market but also change the way businesses analyze and consume information On a typical business day our customers in

FMC Corporation Expects Growth to Slow in the First Half of 2019

On the one hand investors knew growth would slow for FMC Corporation NYSE FMC in 2019 After all last year the business enjoyed contributions from 1 2 billion in newly integrated assets acquired from Dupont now DowD uPont Since they didn t contribute in 2017

Ecolab Inc. (ECL) Q4 2018 Earnings Conference Call Transcript

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Why Qualcomm's Newest 5G Chip Is a Big Deal

A while back wireless technology giant Qualcomm NASDAQ QCOM unveiled its first commercial 5G cellular modem known as the Snapdragon X50 The chip was a 5G only modem meaning that it needed to be paired with another modem like the ones embedded in the company s

IntriCon Corp (IIN) Q4 2018 Earnings Conference Call Transcript

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Nexa Resources S.A. (NEXA) Q4 2018 Earnings Conference Call Transcript

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