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Joined: 6/16/2017
Education: Post Graduate
Trading Experience: 10-20 yrs
I am a highly skilled Stock Market Trader that has extensive knowledge of markets and how stocks are influenced by current events. I have a a strong understanding of fluctuations and I engage in careful analysis to determine placing buy and sell orders. I Have a Master's and Bachelor's Degrees in Finance Series 7 63 and 66 Licenses and 15 years of experience as a stock market trader.

Trading Philosophy:

Bull Markets, Bear Markets, Neutral Markets.
Dividend Buy and Hol...

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Hi America17.48 %-4/13763.50 %-3.88 %

Closed Recommendations

SymbolServiceTypeStrategy Created Closed% Return
SPYHi AmericaOptionsBuy Puts02/02/1902/08/19-100.00 %
AMZNHi AmericaOptionsBuy Calls07/06/1709/21/18646.45 %
NFLXHi AmericaOptionsCalendar Spread07/06/1706/15/18-100.05 %
BACHi AmericaOptionsBuy Calls07/06/1706/15/18-23.87 %
IMMUHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/10/1702/16/18161.67 %
IMMUHi AmericaOptionsButterfly07/10/1701/19/1813,264.95 %
GEHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/03/1701/19/1819.05 %
RADHi AmericaOptionsStraddle07/03/1701/19/18-32.08 %
BACHi AmericaOptionsBuy Calls06/29/1701/19/18336.69 %
EFAHi AmericaOptionsBuy Calls06/16/1701/19/18606.14 %
NFLXHi AmericaOptionsCalendar Spread07/06/1712/15/173,602.66 %
IMMUHi AmericaOptionsButterfly07/10/1711/17/172,237.33 %
TWLOHi AmericaEquityBuy Long06/23/1711/09/17-11.68 %
SCOHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/18/1711/01/17-28.61 %
BACHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/03/1710/24/1712.17 %
BGFVHi AmericaOptionsBuy Puts07/21/1710/20/17404.76 %
ADSKHi AmericaOptionsCalendar Spread07/21/1710/20/1712,388.00 %
BGFVHi AmericaOptionsDiagonal07/21/1710/20/17-323.91 %
BGFVHi AmericaOptionsBuy Puts07/21/1710/20/1797.44 %
AMGNHi AmericaOptionsCalendar Spread07/10/1710/20/17-33.47 %
ADSKHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/05/1710/20/17-95.08 %
ABXHi AmericaOptionsBuy Puts06/29/1710/20/17-5.56 %
USOHi AmericaOptionsCalendar Spread06/23/1710/20/17202.78 %
CSXHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/21/1710/18/176.16 %
FASHi AmericaEquityBuy Long06/29/1710/05/1716.96 %
XIVHi AmericaEquityBuy Long06/16/1710/02/1721.97 %
UCOHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/12/1709/25/1725.00 %
UCOHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/12/1709/25/1721.13 %
UCOHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/12/1709/25/1722.46 %
CHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/10/1709/18/173.31 %
PLDHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/05/1709/11/1710.26 %
NFLXHi AmericaOptionsButterfly07/21/1709/01/17110.44 %
UGAZHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/21/1709/01/173.53 %
XLFHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/05/1708/29/17-2.04 %
IMMUHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/21/1708/21/174.65 %
UVXYHi AmericaOptionsCalendar Spread07/21/1708/18/173,897.87 %
NFLXHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/21/1708/18/17-24,593.33 %
ADSKHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/21/1708/18/17843.33 %
IMMUHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/10/1708/18/17-100.00 %
CSXHi AmericaOptionsButterfly07/10/1708/18/17-99.62 %
AGCOHi AmericaOptionsCalendar Spread07/05/1708/18/17-256.25 %
NVDAHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/05/1708/18/17-100.00 %
NVDAHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/05/1708/18/17-100.00 %
PLDHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/05/1708/18/17-105.68 %
ADSKHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread06/29/1708/18/17-91.03 %
ADSKHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/05/1708/18/17-99.56 %
XLFHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/02/1708/18/17-100.00 %
AAPLHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread06/29/1708/18/17-100.00 %
TWLOHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread06/23/1708/18/17-100.98 %
USOHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread06/21/1708/18/17-100.00 %
USOHi AmericaOptionsBuy Calls06/21/1708/18/1740.80 %
UNGHi AmericaOptionsBuy Calls07/21/1708/04/17-97.56 %
NFLXHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/03/1708/04/17-99.41 %
DXTRHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/05/1708/02/17-25.44 %
SPYHi AmericaOptionsButterfly07/21/1707/28/1724.58 %
CSXHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread06/16/1707/28/17250.00 %
AMDHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/14/1707/26/175.76 %
ADSKHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/21/1707/25/172.08 %
BACHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/21/1707/25/171.31 %
SPYHi AmericaOptionsCalendar Spread07/14/1707/21/17-100.00 %
AMDHi AmericaOptionsBuy Calls07/14/1707/21/17-4.37 %
AMZNHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/14/1707/21/17-100.00 %
NFLXHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/06/1707/21/172,351.33 %
NFLXHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/06/1707/21/17-100.00 %
NFLXHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/06/1707/21/17591.97 %
PSMTHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/05/1707/21/17-91.69 %
SIRIHi AmericaOptionsBuy Puts07/03/1707/21/17-15.00 %
AMDHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread06/29/1707/21/17-100.00 %
AAPLHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/05/1707/21/17224.80 %
PSMTHi AmericaOptionsStrangle07/05/1707/21/17-112.50 %
AAPLHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/03/1707/21/1773.65 %
CARAHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/03/1707/21/17-100.00 %
BABAHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/03/1707/21/17-100.00 %
GLDHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread06/23/1707/21/17246.39 %
GLDHi AmericaOptionsBuy Calls06/16/1707/21/17-0.43 %
UVXYHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread06/29/1707/21/17-100.00 %
LABDHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/14/1707/20/17-3.49 %
ADSKHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/10/1707/19/177.12 %
CSXHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/14/1707/19/17-1.75 %
AAPLHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/10/1707/14/17-100.00 %
AMZNHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/05/1707/14/17-97.72 %
SIRIHi AmericaOptionsBuy Puts07/03/1707/14/170.93 %
AMDHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread06/29/1707/14/17100.50 %
USOHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread06/23/1707/14/17150.00 %
AKSHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/14/1707/14/17-1.67 %
EXTRHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/10/1707/14/170.42 %
DRYSHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/10/1707/13/174.71 %
ADSKHi AmericaEquityBuy Long06/29/1707/13/176.17 %
CSXHi AmericaOptionsButterfly06/21/1707/12/1798.90 %
UVXYHi AmericaOptionsLong Strangle07/10/1707/12/1720.40 %
UVXYHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/10/1707/12/17-70.21 %
UNGHi AmericaOptionsBuy Puts07/10/1707/12/17-28.57 %
UGAZHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/12/1707/12/170.23 %
UNGHi AmericaOptionsBuy Puts07/12/1707/12/171.56 %
DGAZHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/12/1707/12/172.05 %
AMDHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/02/1707/12/1713.18 %
CARAHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/10/1707/12/17-28.33 %
JDSTHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/05/1707/12/17-70.68 %
UNGHi AmericaOptionsBuy Calls06/23/1707/12/1714.29 %
UNGHi AmericaOptionsBuy Calls07/02/1707/12/17-16.07 %
USOHi AmericaOptionsBuy Puts07/10/1707/12/17-67.61 %
ADSKHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/03/1707/12/174.19 %
CARAHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/10/1707/10/17-0.41 %
AMDHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/10/1707/10/176.64 %
ROXHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/10/1707/10/17-2.14 %
UGAZHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/10/1707/10/17-0.32 %
UCOHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/10/1707/10/171.93 %
JNUGHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/10/1707/10/171.88 %
XIVHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/06/1707/10/172.96 %
UGAZHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/05/1707/10/177.87 %
AMZNHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/06/1707/10/17-29.73 %
AMZNHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/06/1707/10/17-70.70 %
CARAHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/05/1707/10/17-10.51 %
UVXYHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/03/1707/07/17125.45 %
SPYHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread06/29/1707/07/17-100.00 %
MUHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/02/1707/07/17-125.00 %
VXXHi AmericaOptionsStraddle07/05/1707/07/17-71.15 %
UCOHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/06/1707/07/17-2.73 %
UCOHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/05/1707/07/17-6.13 %
SPYHi AmericaOptionsBuy Puts07/06/1707/06/1726.73 %
ADSKHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/05/1707/05/171.03 %
SOXLHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/05/1707/05/17-3.36 %
MUHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/03/1707/03/17-2.75 %
SPYHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread06/29/1706/30/17-103.81 %
MUHi AmericaOptionsStraddle06/29/1706/30/17-48.92 %
UVXYHi AmericaOptionsBuy Calls06/29/1706/30/17-32.14 %
AAPLHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread06/16/1706/30/17-100.00 %
CARAHi AmericaEquityBuy Long06/29/1706/30/17-7.44 %
LABDHi AmericaEquityBuy Long06/23/1706/27/173.45 %
CARAHi AmericaEquityBuy Long06/23/1706/26/175.60 %
AMDHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread06/20/1706/23/17146.15 %
AAPLHi AmericaOptionsCalendar Spread06/16/1706/23/17-90.70 %
AAPLHi AmericaOptionsDiagonal06/16/1706/23/17-95.74 %
GDXHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread06/16/1706/23/17-105.56 %
JDSTHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread06/16/1706/23/17-128.25 %
JDSTHi AmericaEquityBuy Long06/20/1706/21/17-4.36 %
AMDHi AmericaEquityBuy Long06/16/1706/19/172.66 %
AKSHi AmericaEquityBuy Long06/16/1706/19/172.50 %


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SunPower Corporation NASDAQ SPWR has yet again changed its plan to grow in the solar industry The company announced during its earnings call this week that it s looking for a partner to help grow its manufacturing operations in the U S and Asia in hopes it can achieve

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The U S Census Bureau recently released disappointing statistics for the all important 2018 holiday shopping season at least according to some media outlets Retail sales unexpectedly fell 1 2 in December in sharp contrast to economists consensus expectation of a 0 2 rise

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When the largest U S banks Bank of America Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase 160 reported fourth quarter earnings all of them had one thing in common They had smaller reserves set aside for bad loans at the end of 2018 than at the end of 2017 Having gutted

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Warren Buffett s Berkshire Hathaway NYSE BRK A NYSE BRK B just filed its 13F detailing its U S stock portfolio as of the end of 2018 showing that the conglomerate led by arguably one of the best bank investors out there 160 increased its big bet on U S banks yet

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These days a large number of workers are opting to do their jobs from home rather than drag themselves into an office day in day out There are several benefits to working remotely First there s the savings from not having to pay to commute not to mention the time saved by

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No matter how you look at it Exact Sciences NASDAQ EXAS has been a big winner Shares of the company best known for its Cologuard colorectal cancer screening test have skyrocketed nearly 6 000 over the last 10 years Exact Sciences stock is up more than 40 in the first seven

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Momentum continues to pick up for the marijuana industry But not every marijuana stock is prospering Auxly Cannabis NASDAQOTH CBWTF lost more than half its value in 2018 making it one of the 10 worst performing marijuana stocks of the year So far in 2019 the stock

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The marijuana industry is blossoming before our eyes After spending many decades as a taboo and illicit substance cannabis is now perfectly legal for adult consumption in Canada as of October 17 2018 Though supply shortages and regulatory red tape have slowed weed s launch out

Nothing Seems to Be Stopping America's Oil Growth Engine

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America s oil production continued its unrelenting ascension last month rising another 90 000 barrels per day BPD from December s level to an average of 12 million BPD according to the U S Energy Information Administration That has the U S on track to produce 12 4 million BPD

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The last five years have not been kind to Plug Power NASDAQ PLUG The hydrogen fuel cell company was trading at about 10 a share in 2014 but today is trading between 1 2 per share Of course that kind of a big price drop might mean that the stock is ripe to outperform Or