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ronnie belegger

Joined: 9/30/2017
Education: High School
Trading Experience: 20+ years
Swing trading is used by professionals in options trading and stock trading with amazing results. Learning how to swing trade and using it as your trading style or strategy will give you the much needed edge over the market and help you become a profitable and professional trader online or offline. On this website, you’ll find only the best and most powerful trading tips, tools and secrets to put you on the path to trading successfully.

On this site, we only sell pt options for profit. ...

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ADBEWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts10/22/1811/16/18-100.00 %
WYWrite put options!OptionsBuy Calls10/29/1811/02/18-89.47 %
NVDAWrite put options!OptionsCalendar Spread10/30/1811/01/18-78.95 %
JNJWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts10/18/1811/01/18-71.36 %
NFXWrite put options!OptionsBuy Calls11/01/1811/01/1831.91 %
AVLRWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts10/01/1810/19/18-100.00 %
BABAWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts09/25/1810/19/18455.98 %
KBHWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts09/26/1810/19/18833.33 %
ESPRWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts09/27/1810/19/18-100.00 %
AAXNWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts09/14/1810/19/18500.00 %
TWTRWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts09/11/1810/12/18-199.16 %
CRONWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts08/27/1810/01/18-82.35 %
PBRWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts09/07/1809/27/18-86.24 %
CRCWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts09/21/1809/25/18-74.07 %
SGMSWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts09/13/1809/21/18-100.00 %
ZUOWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts08/31/1809/21/1886.09 %
TGTXWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts09/10/1809/21/18-200.80 %
HCLPWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts08/22/1809/21/18-100.00 %
TGTXWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts09/04/1809/21/18-199.13 %
MUWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts08/24/1809/21/184.98 %
LBWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts09/10/1809/21/18-86.36 %
YNDXWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts08/20/1809/14/18-90.00 %
TIVOWrite put options!OptionsCalendar Spread08/09/1809/10/18-75.00 %
AMDWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts08/28/1809/07/18-76.72 %
TIVOWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts08/21/1809/07/18-76.92 %
RGNXWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts08/27/1809/04/18-70.42 %
PCGWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts08/13/1808/30/18-81.25 %
BLUEWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts08/10/1808/28/18-80.53 %
CCKWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts08/16/1808/27/18-78.26 %
AXDXWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts08/14/1808/24/18-76.47 %
TWOUWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts08/13/1808/20/18-71.74 %
AMPWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts07/25/1808/16/18-41.18 %
LCIWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts07/24/1808/14/18-80.95 %
UAAWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts07/26/1808/14/18-91.30 %
SGMOWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts08/09/1808/13/18-73.33 %
AMDWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts07/27/1808/13/18-82.29 %
NTNXWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts07/23/1808/10/18-74.29 %
PRTKWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts08/07/1808/09/18-71.88 %
AAWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts07/19/1808/07/18-75.00 %
ANFWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts07/17/1808/07/18-73.42 %
MUWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts07/25/1808/07/18-71.52 %
GEWrite put options!OptionsShort Vertical Spread07/10/1807/27/18-43.75 %
GMLPWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts07/13/1807/26/18-71.43 %
SKXWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts07/20/1807/25/18-81.82 %
GMEWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts07/06/1807/25/18-37.68 %
RHWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts07/09/1807/19/18-66.67 %
AVGOWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts07/16/1807/19/18-70.45 %
JWNWrite put options!OptionsShort Vertical Spread07/11/1807/19/18-35.35 %
DALWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts07/12/1807/17/18-63.18 %
FASTWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts07/11/1807/16/18-64.71 %
TSLAWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts07/03/1807/10/18-74.41 %
MUWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts07/06/1807/10/18-72.88 %
MPLXWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts03/23/1806/15/18-100.00 %
APAWrite put options!OptionsLong Vertical Spread02/26/1806/15/1856.81 %
NTAPWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts04/04/1805/18/18-100.00 %
NSWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts03/12/1804/20/18-100.00 %
FINLWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts03/23/1804/20/18-100.00 %
BAWrite put options!OptionsSell Calls02/26/1803/16/18-99.78 %
PFEWrite put options!OptionsShort Vertical Spread02/26/1803/16/1836.67 %
APAWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts01/25/1802/16/181,270.59 %
TSLAWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts01/23/1802/16/18-99.74 %
MUWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts01/16/1802/16/18-98.67 %
AMATWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts01/09/1802/16/18-99.38 %
THCWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts01/09/1801/23/18-88.89 %
LBWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts01/10/1801/23/18-78.57 %
TWTRWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts12/19/1701/12/18-83.02 %
FIVEWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts12/13/1701/09/18-76.67 %
WBWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts12/20/1701/09/18-94.29 %
TIFWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts12/19/1701/02/18-81.62 %
WDCWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts12/06/1712/19/17-90.20 %
JUNOWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts12/01/1712/15/17274.19 %
XNETWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts11/27/1712/15/17-94.12 %
MDXGWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts11/29/1712/15/17-95.24 %
OSTKWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts11/28/1712/15/17-97.44 %
ROKUWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts11/27/1712/13/17-96.77 %
ROKWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts11/13/1711/21/17-61.90 %
UBNTWrite put options!OptionsSell Puts11/13/1711/21/17-68.42 %
ALXNWrite put options!OptionsCalendar Spread10/31/1711/17/1755.20 %
AAOIWrite put options!OptionsDiagonal10/13/1711/03/1779.37 %
ALXNWrite put options!OptionsLong Strangle10/31/1710/31/170.00 %


Why Selling Options Is The Key To Success!

ronnie belegger    -  08/13/18

6 Ways Starbucks Crushed It in Fiscal 2018

12:00 AM
Starbucks NASDAQ SBUX 160 just wrapped up an important fiscal year with reaccelerated revenue and earnings per share growth The solid performance during this period means the stock has risen about 18 over the past 12 months an impressive gain considering the S amp P 500

3 Top Stocks That Are Cash Cows

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A company s earnings number usually captures investors attention when they re assessing the strength of a business However rising net income doesn t always mean better operating results In recent quarters for example most major companies have reported spiking earnings that are

J.C. Penney Is Looking More and More Like Sears

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J C Penney s NYSE JCP third quarter earnings report contained more alarm bells for investors Though Sears Holdings NASDAQOTH SHLDQ beat it in the race to the bottom the surviving department store chain is increasingly looking like its bankrupt rival New CEO

3 Must-See Quotes From Roku's 3rd-Quarter Earnings Call

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Streaming TV platform company Roku NASDAQ ROKU has had a tough run during October and November with shares losing more than 45 of their value as of this writing The stock has suffered from an overall decline in high growth tech stocks as well as a third quarter earnings

Is McDonald's Forgetting Who Its Customers Are Again?

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McDonald s NYSE MCD 160 is always performing a balancing act On the one hand it has to have plenty of value menu items to lure in the wallet conscious customers looking for convenience and consistency at a good price but it also needs a selection of premium products to

Intuit Easily Clears Its Own Revenue Target to Open the New Fiscal Year

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Online provider of tax and small business software Intuit NASDAQ INTU reported a vibrant start to its fiscal 2019 year on Monday The company handily exceeded revenue guidance it had previously provided to investors and once again flagship accounting software QuickBooks Online

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Looks Set to Win IBM Chip Orders

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Historically International Business Machines NYSE IBM owned and operated its own chip manufacturing plants and invested heavily to develop the manufacturing recipes known as processes to build its POWER and Z series chips that power its server and mainframe

Will NetEase's Stock Finally Rebound in 2019?

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Shares of NetEase NASDAQ NTES tumbled more than 30 this year due to escalating trade tensions a depreciating RMB and a temporary freeze on new gaming approvals in China However NetEase also rebounded more than 10 over the past month and the company posted solid third

J.Crew Loses More Executive Leaders

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Recently American multi brand retailer J Crew reported news that wasn t anything new for them Over the past couple of years J Crew has lost a handful of executives causing a change in leadership at every turn From changing creative directors to CEOs the latest departure includes two

At the TJX Companies, Growth Speeds Up Just in Time for the Holidays

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Investors were hoping that off price specialist TJX Companies NYSE TJX would show healthy sales momentum in its third quarter report especially as it came just days before the company enters the all important holiday shopping season The retailing chain surpassed those

Best Buy Co., Inc. (BBY) Q3 2019 Earnings Conference Call Transcript

12:00 AM
Image source The Motley Fool Best Buy Co Inc NYSE BBY Q3 2019 Earnings Conference Call Nov 20 2018 10 00 a m ET Contents Prepared Remarks Questions and Answers Call Participants Prepared Remarks Operator Ladies

American Airlines (AAL) Stock Moves -0.64%: What You Should Know

12:00 AM
American Airlines AAL closed the most recent trading day at 35 59 moving 0 64 from the previous trading session This move was narrower than the S amp P 500 s daily loss of 1 82 Elsewhere the Dow lost 2 21 while the tech heavy Nasdaq lost 1 7 Heading into today shares of the world

Electronic Arts (EA) Stock Moves -0.02%: What You Should Know

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Electronic Arts EA closed the most recent trading day at 83 02 moving 0 02 from the previous trading session This move was narrower than the S amp P 500 s daily loss of 1 82 At the same time the Dow lost 2 21 and the tech heavy Nasdaq lost 1 7 Prior to today s trading shares of

Photronics (PLAB) Gains As Market Dips: What You Should Know

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Photronics PLAB closed at 9 62 in the latest trading session marking a 0 1 move from the prior day The stock outpaced the S amp P 500 s daily loss of 1 82 At the same time the Dow lost 2 21 and the tech heavy Nasdaq lost 1 7 Coming into today shares of the electronics

Snap (SNAP) Gains As Market Dips: What You Should Know

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Snap SNAP closed the most recent trading day at 6 09 moving 0 66 from the previous trading session This move outpaced the S amp P 500 s daily loss of 1 82 Elsewhere the Dow lost 2 21 while the tech heavy Nasdaq lost 1 7 Heading into today shares of the company behind Snapchat