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Joined: 9/23/2017
Education: High School
Trading Experience: 2-5 yrs
Hello everyone,
I like to trade and like wide portfolio.

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HCPBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1701/31/1910.53 %
CCEBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/24/1709/12/1810.50 %
VZBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1708/17/1810.17 %
VZBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1708/17/1810.13 %
LLYBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/24/1707/24/1811.09 %
EABig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1706/06/1816.62 %
MDTBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1705/24/1810.45 %
CMGBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1704/18/1810.60 %
MOMOBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1703/21/1815.21 %
MOMOBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1703/21/1815.21 %
MOMOBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1703/21/1815.21 %
ORCLBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1703/12/1810.54 %
ORCLBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1703/12/189.92 %
BZUNBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1703/06/1813.83 %
BZUNBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1703/06/1813.51 %
BKNGBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1702/28/1811.24 %
BKNGBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1702/28/1810.86 %
TALBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/24/1702/23/1814.63 %
KBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1702/20/1810.32 %
SHOPBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1702/14/1812.92 %
SHOPBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1702/14/1812.52 %
RACEBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1702/01/1811.03 %
RACEBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1702/01/1810.94 %
LMTBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1701/26/1810.48 %
ORIBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1701/26/189.94 %
LMTBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1701/26/1810.16 %
RTNBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/24/1701/26/1811.11 %
CBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1701/24/1810.72 %
CBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1701/24/1810.44 %
BABABig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1701/24/1811.95 %
BABABig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1701/24/1811.89 %
FBBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1701/23/1813.02 %
FBBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1701/23/1813.02 %
XOMBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1701/23/1810.38 %
XOMBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1701/23/1810.25 %
SBUXBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1701/23/1811.71 %
SBUXBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1701/23/1811.44 %
XYLBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1701/22/1810.95 %
ADPBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1701/17/1811.36 %
JDBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1701/16/1813.80 %
JDBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1701/16/1813.46 %
ATVIBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1701/16/1812.32 %
ATVIBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1701/16/1811.69 %
CMCSABig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1701/11/1810.64 %
CMCSABig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1701/11/1810.46 %
HONBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1701/11/1811.12 %
HONBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1701/11/1810.84 %
BABABig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1701/09/1810.21 %
JNJBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1701/09/1810.64 %
JNJBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1701/09/1810.46 %
CSXBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1701/08/1810.43 %
JDBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1701/05/1810.56 %
NFLXBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1701/05/1812.27 %
NFLXBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1701/05/1811.78 %
JDBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/28/1701/05/1813.26 %
FBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1701/04/188.34 %
AAPBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1701/04/1812.69 %
AAPBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1701/04/1812.69 %
AAPBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1701/04/1812.69 %
AAPBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1701/04/1812.49 %
MABig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1701/04/1810.42 %
MABig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1701/04/1810.28 %
VBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1701/04/1810.77 %
VBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1701/04/1810.68 %
NBLBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/24/1701/02/188.60 %
AABig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/24/1712/27/1711.10 %
VIABBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1712/20/1712.46 %
VIABBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1712/20/1712.22 %
TGTBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1712/20/1711.67 %
FDXBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/24/1712/20/1710.29 %
UTXBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1712/18/1710.74 %
MCDBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1712/18/1710.38 %
MCDBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1712/18/1710.25 %
WFCBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1712/12/1710.82 %
WFCBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1712/12/1710.64 %
ACNBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/24/1712/12/1710.05 %
BABig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1712/07/1710.56 %
BABig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1712/07/1710.37 %
MOBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1712/04/1710.74 %
MOBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1712/04/1710.58 %
DISBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1712/04/1710.74 %
DISBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1712/04/1710.44 %
LOWBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/24/1712/04/179.05 %
GSBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1711/30/177.96 %
AXPBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1711/30/1710.97 %
AXPBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1711/30/1710.94 %
JPMBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1711/30/1710.67 %
MBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1711/29/1711.10 %
MBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/24/1711/29/1710.18 %
MBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1711/29/1710.74 %
HDBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1711/29/1710.26 %
PRUBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/24/1711/29/1710.48 %
DFSBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1711/29/1710.30 %
HDBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1711/28/1710.14 %
FBBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1711/28/1711.20 %
BABABig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1711/21/1710.52 %
TXNBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/24/1711/21/1713.81 %
NKEBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1711/20/1710.89 %
DEBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1711/20/1710.97 %
NKEBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1711/17/1710.70 %
FOXABig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1711/17/1711.91 %
FOXABig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1711/17/1711.54 %
MNSTBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1711/13/1710.32 %
MNSTBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1711/13/1710.14 %
WBBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1711/09/1711.77 %
HNPBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/24/1711/09/1712.97 %
QCOMBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1711/03/1710.82 %
QCOMBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1711/03/1710.63 %
LFCBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/24/1711/01/1712.15 %
PYPLBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1710/31/1712.05 %
AAPLBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1710/31/1711.72 %
PYPLBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1710/31/1711.74 %
AAPLBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1710/30/1711.89 %
HUMBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1710/27/177.33 %
GOOGLBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1710/27/1710.66 %
GOOGLBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1710/27/1710.24 %
GOOGBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1710/27/1710.92 %
GOOGBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1710/27/1710.81 %
AMZNBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1710/27/1712.57 %
AMZNBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1710/27/1712.36 %
MSFTBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1710/27/1711.51 %
MSFTBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1710/27/1711.38 %
FFIVBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1710/26/174.25 %
SHOPBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long10/12/1710/24/1711.28 %
MMMBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1710/24/1710.54 %
MMMBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1710/24/1710.44 %
CATBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1710/24/1710.55 %
JNJBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/28/1710/23/1710.88 %
LBBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/24/1710/23/1712.14 %
WMTBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1710/23/1710.53 %
STXBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1710/23/1711.08 %
STXBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1710/23/1710.93 %
HPQBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1710/23/1711.67 %
HPQBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1710/20/1711.12 %
ADBEBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1710/19/1711.34 %
ADBEBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1710/19/1711.20 %
IBMBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1710/18/1710.42 %
IBMBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1710/18/1710.40 %
NVDABig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1710/17/1712.58 %
NVDABig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1710/17/1712.46 %
BIDUBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1710/16/1711.43 %
BIDUBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1710/16/1711.38 %
SNAPBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1710/11/1713.92 %
SNAPBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1710/11/1713.70 %
MUBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/24/1710/02/1711.60 %
IMMUBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/25/1709/27/1712.19 %
IMMUBig PortfolioEquityBuy Long09/23/1709/27/1711.84 %


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