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Stocks Down More Than 4% This Week

12:00 AM
The week started so well on Monday with a more than 1 advance following Fed Chair Jerome Powell s just below neutral speech on Nov 28 and a 90 day delay in further tariffs from the G 20 But that was all the good news for stocks When the closing bell rang on Friday each of the major

I Found 5 Solid Income Stocks With Zero Debt

12:00 AM
A buddy of mine once got a bit of a shocker a few days before his wedding when his soon to be bride confided that she owed 40 000 or so in unpaid student loans Fortunately it wasn t a deal breaker and they are still happily married But it took years to dig out from that deep

Why Nordstrom Stock Fell 20% Last Month

12:00 AM
What happened Shares of Nordstrom NYSE JWN tumbled last month after the department store chain posted underwhelming results in its third quarter earnings report Its third quarter profit was much lower than expected because of a one time error related to its credit

Why Shares of Southern Copper Sank 16% in November

12:00 AM
What happened Shares of Southern Copper NYSE SCCO an industry leader in copper production plunged 16 last month according to data from S amp P Global Market Intelligence In addition to feeling frustration with the company s third quarter earnings report investors

Netflix Coughs Up Millions for "Friends"

12:00 AM
Today s episode of Market Foolery has it all international intrigue grocery stores and the value of Friends Host Mac Greer together with Motley Fool contributors Jason Moser and Bill Mann talk about the market s biggest news and what it means for

Here's Why I Don't Want to Retire Early

Many people dream of early retirement whether that means leaving their jobs in their late 40s mid 50s or at the very start of their 60s And I can easily see why it s such an appealing notion After all once you retire your days are yours You can jet off to Aruba hit the

Why AB InBev Had to Slice Its Dividend in Half

Growth through acquisition has been the name of the game for the world s biggest beer brewer Anheuser Busch InBev NYSE BUD You don t wind up owning 400 different suds brands without an activist M amp A strategy However scooping up SABMiller and others left the company

Have Index Funds Grown Too Powerful?

In the world of investing it is possible to beat the market but it takes a fair amount of work skill and patience For those who lack any or all of the necessary ingredients the simple popular solution has become to invest in index funds instead You won t beat the market but

To Hold Some Foreign Stocks, You'll Pay a Little Extra Fee -- Repeatedly

It s Stock Investing 101 When you buy shares in a company you re buying an actual piece of the business That s you a part owner Except it turns out when it comes to foreign listed companies Rather than buying the shares on the other country s stock exchange which is more than

4 Facts About Apple's Fastest-Growing Catalyst

12:00 AM
The first thing many investors probably think about when they think about Apple NASDAQ AAPL is the iPhone That s understandable since iPhones account for 63 of the company s trailing 12 month revenue But the tech giant has been successfully growing two other important

No "Production Hell" for Chinese Tesla Rival NIO As Deliveries Climb

Chinese electric vehicle maker NIO NYSE NIO said it delivered 3 089 vehicles to Chinese customers in November That was nearly double its total deliveries in the month prior a sign that the production ramp up of its electric SUV the ES8 continues to go smoothly NIO also

Splunk Rebounds on Third-Quarter Results, but Investors Haven't Missed the Boat

Big data parsing company Splunk NASDAQ SPLK recently reported third quarter results for its 2019 fiscal year besting its own guidance from a few months prior and exceeding numbers anticipated by Wall Street analysts Splunk is benefiting from multiple tailwinds including

Is Investing Premised on a Myth of Infinite Growth?

When most of us buy a stock we do so based on the idea that the company is going to get more valuable over time As part owners of that business we believe we ll benefit in the form of a higher share price That mindset though has led one Rule Breaker Investing listener

Why Blue Apron Stock Lost 18% Last Month

What happen ed Shares of Blue Apron NYSE APRN took a dive last month after the company issued another underwhelming earnings report and worries continued to mount about the meal kit provider s long term viability According to data from S amp P Global Market

How Much Do You Need to Save for Retirement? A Look at the 4% Solution

Whether you re maxing out your 401 k plan contributions or have hardly begun to think about retirement savings it s a good idea to have a sense of how much you ll actually need once you hit your golden years Since the average retiree will draw just 17 532 next year in Social