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Social Security's 2020 COLA Will Rise This Much, New Report Predicts

Every month more than 63 million people 70 of whom are retired workers receive benefits from the Social Security Administration For a vast majority of these folks the second week of October tends to yield one of the most important announcements of the year That s when

Top 5 New Drug Launches of 2019 -- and the Biotech Stocks That Could Win Big

Every year biopharmaceutical companies introduce new drugs to the market Some of these drugs become big winners Others don t Market research company EvaluatePharma analyzed all of the drugs that could launch in 2019 The company then projected how much each drug could

3 Ways a Small Business Owner Can Attract Customers

Kevin Costner s Field of Dreams character got bad advice If you build it they will come might attract the ghosts of baseball players to a field in the middle of nowhere For a business owner though that s a terrible strategy Unless you re located in a very high traffic

Here's How Many U.S. Households Will Run Out of Money in Retirement

Saving too little for retirement is a major fear of most Americans and studies have shown that more Americans fear insufficient retirement savings than fear death Running out of money is indeed very frightening as no one wants to be without the cash they need in their 70s and

26% of Older Americans Are Making This Huge Social Security Mistake

When we think about the various income sources we might have available in retirement it s natural for Social Security to top that list Those benefits are instrumental in helping millions of seniors today stay afloat financially Relying too heavily on those benefits however

A.O. Smith's Quiet Market Dominance

If you ve ever had your water heater break you understand how reliable the demand for A O Smith s NYSE AOS products is In this week s episode of Industry Focus Energy host Nick Sciple and Motley Fool analyst John Rotonti take a close look at the No 1 player in

AMD's Data Center Dominance Could Send the Stock Higher

As expected Advanced Micro Devices NASDAQ AMD fiscal first quarter results for 2019 weren t pretty as the fallout from the cryptocurrency bust continued AMD s top and bottom lines fell steeply Revenue was down 23 annually to 1 27 billion while earnings were nearly

Walmart Chips Away Another Day

In today s episode of Market Foolery host Chris Hill chats with Motley Fool analyst Seth Jayson about a few of the market s biggest stories Walmart s NYSE WMT quarterly report showed more of the same that it s quietly continuing to grow while rising up to

This 5G Stock Has Another Catalyst You Might Have Missed

The deployment of fifth generation 5G wireless networks has supercharged Xilinx NASDAQ XLNX stock in recent months as the market has rewarded the chipmaker s impressive financial growth But a closer look at Xilinx s recently released fiscal 2019 fourth quarter

Overcoming the Top 5 Obstacles to Achieving Retirement Security

Financial security is something every retiree deserves Unfortunately far too many Americans believe it will never happen for them And there are lots of reasons why people are worried about what their post working lives will be like In fact in a recent survey conducted

Are Social Security Benefits Really Protected Against Inflation?

If you purchased something for 5 back in 1913 it would cost roughly 129 today We can thank inflation for that Inflation is what causes the cost of goods and services to increase over time and it s the reason why 1 today won t be worth 1 in 20 years time It s also the reason

Tech Stock News: Shares of Pinterest and Baidu Fall

As earnings season fades into the rearview mirror there are still some notable stragglers reporting their latest quarterly results Two of these companies are social media platform Pinterest NYSE PINS and Chinese online search engine Baidu NASDAQ BIDU Both tech

This Oil Stock Is About to Turn a Forgotten Field Into a $1 Billion Cash Flow Machine

The Bakken shale fueled an economic boom in North Dakota in the early part of this decade Oil drillers flocked to the region for a chance to unlock the treasure trove of oil trapped in that tight rock formation The state s oil boom however quickly went bust when oil

Does an All-Digital Xbox Make Sense?

Microsoft NASDAQ MSFT has confirmed that it plans to release a new video game console No it s not a next generation device It s another iteration of the Xbox One the gaming console that debuted in 2013 The Xbox One was slimmed down for a 2016 refresh that Microsoft dubbed

Why Working as Long as Possible May Not Be a Safe Retirement Bet

Employees are saving more than ever with average 401 k contributions in the first quarter of 2019 coming in at 2 370 according to new research from Fidelity Investments a 15 increase over last year While that s good news the bad news is that those savings still may not