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jonathan taylor

Joined: 7/19/2017
Education: Graduate
Trading Experience: 0-2 yrs
Amateur stock trader. Im probably wrong so dont listen to me.

Trading Philosophy:

Buy low, sell high

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DNKNExegesisOptionsBuy Calls09/04/1803/15/19-100.00 %
SHOPExegesisEquityBuy Long06/14/1803/11/1919.03 %
YEXTExegesisOptionsBuy Calls08/14/1802/15/19-100.00 %
VXXExegesisOptionsBuy Puts10/11/1801/18/19-100.00 %
MUExegesisOptionsBuy Calls09/20/1801/18/19-100.00 %
WIXExegesisOptionsBuy Calls06/14/1801/18/19-100.00 %
MUExegesisEquityBuy Long09/06/1812/24/18-33.82 %
MUExegesisOptionsBuy Calls07/26/1809/21/18-100.00 %
AAOIExegesisOptionsBuy Calls06/22/1809/21/18-100.00 %
NFLXExegesisOptionsBuy Calls08/02/1809/21/1847.40 %
CVNAExegesisEquityBuy Long09/10/1809/13/18-10.63 %
MUExegesisEquityBuy Long08/20/1808/30/1810.88 %
VXXExegesisOptionsBuy Puts08/13/1808/28/187.36 %
AMDExegesisOptionsBuy Calls08/14/1808/27/18127.76 %
IRBTExegesisEquityBuy Long01/12/1808/20/1812.74 %
AAPLExegesisOptionsBuy Calls06/04/1808/13/18113.95 %
AMDExegesisOptionsBuy Calls06/12/1808/13/18106.09 %
HMNYExegesisOptionsBuy Calls04/19/1808/09/18-99.26 %
CVNAExegesisEquityBuy Long07/06/1808/09/187.07 %
TDCExegesisOptionsBuy Calls07/31/1808/08/1827.36 %
AMDExegesisOptionsBuy Calls07/26/1808/08/1879.46 %
VXXExegesisOptionsBuy Puts03/14/1808/01/1815.14 %
VSIExegesisEquityBuy Long06/11/1808/01/1810.14 %
AAOIExegesisEquityBuy Long06/14/1807/24/18-11.68 %
KBHExegesisOptionsBuy Calls03/14/1807/20/18-100.00 %
SPYExegesisOptionsBuy Calls06/15/1807/13/18-127.99 %
SITEExegesisEquityBuy Long06/11/1807/05/18-8.86 %
HTZExegesisEquityBuy Long06/14/1806/28/18-12.73 %
SEASExegesisEquityBuy Long06/06/1806/22/1812.25 %
SQExegesisEquityBuy Long06/04/1806/20/1813.57 %
CELGExegesisEquityBuy Long01/10/1806/14/18-25.82 %
SVXYExegesisEquityBuy Long01/12/1806/14/18-89.90 %
MUExegesisOptionsBuy Calls03/27/1806/14/1830.08 %
BLNKExegesisEquityBuy Long05/25/1806/14/18-18.96 %
IRBTExegesisOptionsBuy Calls03/20/1806/13/1857.01 %
HTZExegesisEquityBuy Long05/21/1806/12/189.98 %
IQExegesisEquityBuy Long06/04/1806/08/1812.30 %
SHOPExegesisOptionsBuy Calls04/17/1806/05/18149.37 %
AAOIExegesisOptionsBuy Calls05/31/1806/04/1846.02 %
CELGExegesisOptionsBuy Calls10/20/1706/04/18-99.70 %
AAOIExegesisOptionsBuy Calls05/08/1806/01/18112.89 %
AAOIExegesisEquityBuy Long01/10/1805/30/1812.61 %
TSLAExegesisOptionsBuy Calls03/20/1805/18/18-100.00 %
AMDExegesisEquityBuy Long02/06/1805/17/1813.40 %
AMDExegesisEquityBuy Long03/27/1804/30/1810.50 %
HDExegesisOptionsBuy Calls03/14/1804/30/1849.26 %
AMDExegesisOptionsBuy Calls03/27/1804/30/1835.78 %
AAPLExegesisOptionsBuy Calls12/05/1704/20/18-100.00 %
NFLXExegesisOptionsBuy Calls04/16/1804/17/1841.18 %
AAOIExegesisOptionsBuy Calls12/28/1703/16/18-99.62 %
AAOIExegesisOptionsBuy Calls10/19/1703/16/18-99.87 %
TLTExegesisOptionsBuy Calls01/24/1803/16/18-99.79 %
MUExegesisOptionsBuy Calls01/10/1803/14/18271.96 %
MUExegesisOptionsBuy Calls12/20/1703/09/18103.74 %
MUExegesisEquityBuy Long01/10/1802/28/1815.53 %
VSIExegesisOptionsBuy Calls08/16/1702/16/18-98.41 %
HMNYExegesisEquityBuy Long01/12/1801/23/1811.79 %
AMDExegesisOptionsBuy Calls10/20/1701/19/18-99.74 %
CSXExegesisEquityBuy Long12/15/1701/10/1811.71 %
HMNYExegesisEquityBuy Long12/13/1701/10/1822.88 %
TSLAExegesisOptionsBuy Calls12/28/1701/09/1872.27 %
AMDExegesisOptionsBuy Calls10/27/1701/04/186.08 %
MUExegesisOptionsBuy Calls12/19/1712/29/17-73.73 %
VXXExegesisOptionsBuy Calls10/25/1712/28/1753.06 %
IWMExegesisOptionsBuy Calls12/14/1712/19/1754.69 %
SPYExegesisOptionsBuy Calls12/14/1712/15/1719.67 %
PFEExegesisOptionsBuy Calls11/29/1712/15/1727.13 %
IRBTExegesisOptionsBuy Calls09/14/1712/15/17-99.69 %
TSLAExegesisOptionsBuy Calls11/27/1712/11/1722.32 %
BACExegesisOptionsBuy Calls11/21/1712/07/1773.81 %
SPYExegesisOptionsBuy Calls11/21/1712/05/1788.16 %
CSXExegesisOptionsBuy Calls11/30/1712/04/1760.91 %
NVDAExegesisOptionsBuy Calls11/29/1711/30/1724.09 %
PFEExegesisOptionsBuy Calls11/01/1711/29/1712.11 %
IWMExegesisOptionsBuy Calls11/07/1711/22/17113.86 %
VXXExegesisOptionsBuy Puts11/15/1711/21/1733.99 %
HUNExegesisOptionsBuy Calls11/15/1711/20/1775.00 %
CSXExegesisOptionsBuy Calls10/13/1711/14/17-99.64 %
MATExegesisOptionsBuy Calls10/05/1711/14/17102.90 %
YUMExegesisOptionsBuy Calls10/06/1711/02/1786.04 %
CELGExegesisOptionsBuy Calls10/05/1711/02/17-98.62 %
HDExegesisOptionsBuy Calls10/18/1710/31/1726.76 %
AAPLExegesisOptionsBuy Calls10/19/1710/30/17116.51 %
HUNExegesisOptionsBuy Calls10/13/1710/24/1725.00 %
SHOPExegesisOptionsBuy Calls10/10/1710/19/175.45 %
ADBEExegesisOptionsBuy Calls09/21/1710/19/17349.35 %
UNHExegesisOptionsBuy Calls10/05/1710/18/1753.69 %
NUEExegesisOptionsBuy Calls10/12/1710/13/1740.54 %
AAPLExegesisOptionsBuy Calls09/20/1710/13/173.60 %
AExegesisOptionsBuy Calls10/05/1710/13/1726.98 %
MCDExegesisOptionsBuy Calls10/11/1710/13/1724.37 %
SNAExegesisOptionsBuy Calls10/05/1710/09/1726.09 %
MCDExegesisOptionsBuy Calls09/21/1710/06/17-86.08 %
MCDExegesisOptionsBuy Calls09/29/1710/06/17109.62 %
KBHExegesisOptionsBuy Calls09/13/1710/05/17109.09 %
MCDExegesisOptionsBuy Calls09/27/1709/29/1761.67 %
BBYExegesisOptionsBuy Calls08/31/1709/27/1724.86 %
HDExegesisOptionsBuy Calls09/11/1709/27/1728.78 %
MCDExegesisOptionsBuy Calls09/14/1709/20/1774.46 %
AMDExegesisOptionsBuy Calls09/14/1709/19/1739.02 %
BACExegesisOptionsBuy Calls09/11/1709/13/1712.71 %
HDExegesisOptionsBuy Calls07/31/1709/06/17116.79 %
IYTExegesisOptionsBuy Calls08/06/1709/06/17-60.81 %
AMDExegesisOptionsBuy Calls08/16/1709/01/1713.27 %
MUExegesisOptionsBuy Calls07/31/1709/01/17124.62 %
NFLXExegesisOptionsBuy Calls08/23/1708/30/1798.46 %
VXXExegesisOptionsBuy Calls08/10/1708/22/179.30 %


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