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Best Trading Ideas

Joined: 9/7/2017
Education: Post Graduate
Trading Experience: 10-20 yrs
Want to trade successful ideas using market research and charts. There is money to be made following big $$ and also right research !

Trading Philosophy:

Stocks longer term hold period unless any specific catalyst. Options will be trends/charts and earnings plays


Consumer Staples,Financials,Health Care,Information Technology,Utilities

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Best Trading Ideas3.75 %36/19756.85 %-3.90 %16.69 %

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SymbolServiceTypeStrategy Created Closed% Return
DBest Trading IdeasOptionsLong Vertical Spread11/06/1811:35 AM100.00 %
ORCLBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls11/05/1811/08/1826.75 %
SBUXBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls02/28/1811/07/18117.14 %
WMTBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls08/29/1811/07/18125.91 %
RHTBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls09/20/1810/30/18286.41 %
TSCOBest Trading IdeasOptionsLong Vertical Spread09/19/1810/26/18-137.60 %
BMRNBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls09/11/1810/19/18-96.13 %
INTCBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls07/25/1810/19/18-100.00 %
EBAYBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls07/17/1810/19/18-100.00 %
BABABest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls06/25/1810/19/18-100.00 %
STZBest Trading IdeasOptionsLong Vertical Spread06/15/1810/19/18-100.00 %
ARNABest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls06/12/1810/19/18-100.00 %
EXPEBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls08/28/1810/19/18-100.00 %
DISBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls08/16/1810/19/18-54.02 %
GSBest Trading IdeasOptionsLong Vertical Spread04/27/1810/19/18-112.00 %
FDXBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls04/17/1810/19/18-100.00 %
EBAYBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls04/17/1810/19/18-100.00 %
CELGBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls03/30/1810/19/18-100.00 %
DVNBest Trading IdeasEquityBuy Long05/12/1810/11/18-11.29 %
XRTBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Puts10/02/1810/10/1857.72 %
SPYBest Trading IdeasOptionsButterfly08/27/1810/05/18123.70 %
AZNBest Trading IdeasEquityBuy Long04/27/1810/03/1813.29 %
INTCBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Puts08/27/1810/01/1842.98 %
AGNBest Trading IdeasOptionsLong Vertical Spread08/27/1809/28/18-132.56 %
SPGIBest Trading IdeasOptionsLong Vertical Spread08/27/1809/28/18245.68 %
NTNXBest Trading IdeasEquityBuy Long08/28/1809/24/18-28.91 %
MUBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls06/27/1809/21/18-100.00 %
PFEBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls09/05/1809/17/1882.38 %
VBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls07/18/1809/13/180.88 %
CRMBest Trading IdeasOptionsLong Vertical Spread08/12/1809/12/1851.97 %
LULUBest Trading IdeasOptionsLong Vertical Spread08/28/1809/11/1891.03 %
HDBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls08/13/1809/11/18223.39 %
UALBest Trading IdeasOptionsLong Vertical Spread08/08/1808/29/1867.68 %
MELIBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls07/12/1808/27/18125.15 %
FITBBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls06/25/1808/17/18-100.00 %
VLOBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls06/25/1808/17/18-100.00 %
AMATBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls06/27/1808/17/18-100.00 %
FDXBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls06/25/1808/17/18-100.00 %
DEBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls06/25/1808/17/18-100.00 %
CATBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls06/25/1808/17/18-100.00 %
EBAYBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls06/27/1808/17/18-100.00 %
CATBest Trading IdeasOptionsLong Vertical Spread06/06/1808/17/18-102.30 %
NVDABest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls07/13/1808/17/18-100.00 %
ATVIBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls03/02/1808/17/18-100.00 %
MGMBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls04/27/1808/17/18-100.00 %
NVDABest Trading IdeasOptionsLong Vertical Spread08/13/1808/17/1854.12 %
DGBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls07/19/1808/16/18100.00 %
YELPBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls04/11/1808/09/1820.54 %
TJXBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls07/18/1808/09/1882.30 %
EMRBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls07/17/1808/07/18120.00 %
CVNABest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls06/26/1808/03/1811.71 %
WINGBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls06/25/1808/03/1835.00 %
AAPLBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls06/25/1808/01/1871.53 %
TWTRBest Trading IdeasEquityBuy Long06/25/1807/27/18-19.37 %
AMZNBest Trading IdeasOptionsButterfly07/26/1807/27/1857.24 %
YNDXBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls04/27/1807/26/1810.00 %
UPSBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls03/04/1807/25/1876.15 %
KOBest Trading IdeasEquityBuy Long05/06/1807/25/189.80 %
ADSKBest Trading IdeasOptionsLong Vertical Spread05/20/1807/20/18-100.00 %
XRAYBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls05/06/1807/20/18-100.00 %
SNAPBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls04/23/1807/20/18-100.00 %
GSBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls04/17/1807/20/18-100.00 %
MSFTBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls07/18/1807/20/1812.50 %
MNSTBest Trading IdeasEquityBuy Long07/13/1807/19/180.07 %
CBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls04/27/1807/17/18-87.78 %
CIENBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls04/23/1807/17/18-55.02 %
MELIBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls06/04/1807/17/1875.79 %
CELGBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls06/26/1807/12/18104.94 %
ASHBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls06/27/1807/12/1826.95 %
BIDUBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls07/02/1807/12/18104.54 %
RDFNBest Trading IdeasEquityBuy Long06/12/1807/10/181.62 %
CVXBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls05/10/1806/22/18-100.00 %
ADBEBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls06/15/1806/18/1862.01 %
SQBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls04/17/1806/18/18163.83 %
SYKBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls06/12/1806/15/18-100.00 %
SPYBest Trading IdeasOptionsLong Vertical Spread06/04/1806/15/18-100.00 %
MNSTBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls02/22/1806/15/18-100.00 %
JDBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls02/22/1806/15/18-100.00 %
FCAUBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls02/22/1806/15/18-100.00 %
MGMBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls12/09/1706/15/18-100.00 %
DISBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls01/17/1806/15/18-100.00 %
DISBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls06/05/1806/15/18123.13 %
EABest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls06/06/1806/14/1875.18 %
CYBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls02/15/1806/12/18-3.23 %
KREBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls02/09/1806/12/18-80.59 %
MABest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls02/28/1806/07/1886.17 %
DALBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls02/13/1806/05/18-37.22 %
IQBest Trading IdeasEquityBuy Long05/16/1806/04/1852.12 %
IQBest Trading IdeasEquityBuy Long06/01/1806/01/1830.27 %
SPYBest Trading IdeasOptionsButterfly05/16/1805/29/1884.46 %
TWTRBest Trading IdeasEquityBuy Long04/25/1805/21/1815.18 %
PYPLBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls05/06/1805/21/1865.00 %
BABABest Trading IdeasOptionsLong Vertical Spread03/20/1805/18/18-105.25 %
ATVIBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls03/19/1805/18/18-100.00 %
GOOGBest Trading IdeasOptionsLong Vertical Spread01/29/1805/18/18-107.83 %
NVDABest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls03/26/1805/18/18-100.00 %
TSLABest Trading IdeasOptionsLong Vertical Spread04/10/1805/16/18-9.56 %
EABest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls04/10/1805/14/1883.16 %
VBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls02/11/1805/10/1880.00 %
RTNBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls04/29/1805/10/1878.85 %
CRMBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls03/30/1805/10/18167.21 %
LNGBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls03/26/1805/08/18155.83 %
DVNBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls03/26/1805/03/18132.14 %
PSXBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls01/17/1805/03/1853.02 %
FBBest Trading IdeasOptionsLong Straddle03/26/1804/26/18-16.54 %
JPMBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls03/02/1804/20/18-100.00 %
TGTBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls02/11/1804/20/18-100.00 %
GOOSBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls01/04/1804/20/18-57.26 %
LULUBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls02/28/1804/18/1892.70 %
MPCBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls04/11/1804/17/18129.67 %
MABest Trading IdeasOptionsLong Vertical Spread02/22/1804/17/1815.18 %
COSTBest Trading IdeasOptionsLong Vertical Spread02/15/1803/16/18-100.00 %
CSXBest Trading IdeasOptionsLong Vertical Spread02/02/1803/16/18-98.75 %
KOBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls01/04/1803/16/18-99.54 %
XLUBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls01/04/1803/16/18-99.47 %
CELGBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls01/04/1803/16/18-99.87 %
VLOBest Trading IdeasOptionsLong Vertical Spread02/02/1803/13/18-77.42 %
ADBEBest Trading IdeasOptionsLong Vertical Spread02/15/1803/13/1877.13 %
ORCLBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls01/17/1803/13/1862.22 %
CBOEBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls02/09/1803/09/18136.36 %
SPYBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Puts02/14/1803/02/1860.05 %
AAPLBest Trading IdeasOptionsLong Vertical Spread01/29/1802/27/1881.03 %
PANWBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls11/22/1702/27/1882.74 %
INTCBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls02/09/1802/27/18168.33 %
AMATBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls02/02/1802/20/18116.33 %
WDAYBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls09/12/1702/16/1872.22 %
GSBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls02/05/1802/15/18102.86 %
YNDXBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls11/28/1702/15/18148.57 %
ATVIBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls01/17/1802/14/18-84.78 %
TWTRBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls01/04/1802/09/18272.78 %
CELGBest Trading IdeasEquityBuy Long11/08/1702/08/18-9.04 %
EABest Trading IdeasOptionsButterfly01/29/1802/05/1826.26 %
SLGBest Trading IdeasOptionsLong Vertical Spread02/02/1802/05/1867.36 %
BABABest Trading IdeasEquityBuy Long02/01/1802/02/18-4.73 %
DATABest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls11/06/1702/02/1885.54 %
INCYBest Trading IdeasEquityBuy Long11/15/1701/31/18-14.43 %
EABest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls12/09/1701/30/18104.79 %
MSFTBest Trading IdeasOptionsLong Vertical Spread11/07/1701/29/18104.47 %
GSBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls01/04/1801/29/1892.68 %
WHRBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls01/24/1801/24/1862.36 %
CMIBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls01/04/1801/23/1870.19 %
PZZABest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls01/17/1801/22/1897.12 %
BGBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls12/09/1701/22/18158.14 %
CBSBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls09/12/1701/19/18-99.73 %
BMYBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls09/12/1701/19/18-99.81 %
SPYBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Puts11/28/1701/19/18-99.68 %
FBBest Trading IdeasOptionsCalendar Spread11/01/1701/19/18-100.00 %
XLNXBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls11/07/1701/19/18-76.94 %
WMTBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls01/05/1801/18/1878.77 %
KOBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls11/21/1701/17/1857.72 %
JDBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls09/30/1701/16/18157.61 %
WYNNBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls11/07/1701/16/1892.62 %
WMTBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls12/18/1701/05/18-16.57 %
UPSBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls09/26/1701/05/18121.31 %
BMOBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls10/05/1701/05/18114.29 %
NVDABest Trading IdeasOptionsLong Vertical Spread11/22/1712/29/17-100.09 %
LOWBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls12/18/1712/26/17228.95 %
TWTRBest Trading IdeasEquityBuy Long12/09/1712/18/1714.09 %
NFLXBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls11/07/1712/15/17-99.91 %
ATVIBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls11/07/1712/15/17133.45 %
DGXBest Trading IdeasOptionsLong Vertical Spread11/07/1712/15/17-100.00 %
NKEBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls11/21/1712/15/1783.95 %
WFCBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls10/05/1712/13/17105.97 %
UABest Trading IdeasEquityBuy Long11/07/1712/12/1711.21 %
LULUBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls11/28/1712/11/1752.30 %
LOWBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls09/12/1712/04/17165.63 %
SBUXBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls09/13/1712/04/17100.91 %
ICEBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls11/28/1711/30/17131.82 %
GSBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls11/21/1711/30/17259.85 %
SYFBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls11/14/1711/29/1793.75 %
MABest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls11/14/1711/28/17102.00 %
EMNBest Trading IdeasOptionsLong Vertical Spread10/20/1711/22/1718.38 %
PYPLBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls11/07/1711/21/1746.32 %
RHTBest Trading IdeasOptionsLong Vertical Spread11/07/1711/21/17113.86 %
EABest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls10/20/1711/17/17-99.87 %
SPYBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Puts10/11/1711/17/17-99.80 %
YNDXBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls09/24/1711/17/17-98.75 %
MGMBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls09/20/1711/17/17-98.99 %
ALXNBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls09/12/1711/17/17-99.70 %
AMATBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls11/07/1711/17/17-99.65 %
AAPLBest Trading IdeasOptionsLong Vertical Spread09/12/1711/08/17133.33 %
LTCUSDBest Trading IdeasCryptocurrencyBuy Long10/22/1711/08/179.60 %
UNPBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls10/20/1710/31/17116.90 %
TERBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls09/24/1710/31/17141.18 %
AMZNBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls09/22/1710/31/17437.22 %
ALLYBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls09/27/1710/31/17174.19 %
REGNBest Trading IdeasEquityBuy Long09/12/1710/25/17-3.91 %
BTCUSDBest Trading IdeasCryptocurrencyBuy Long10/22/1710/24/17-8.33 %
FCXBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls09/12/1710/20/17-98.28 %
LVSBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls09/07/1710/20/17-34.30 %
PANWBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls09/07/1710/20/17-14.81 %
JNJBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls09/22/1710/20/17339.66 %
BIDUBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls09/20/1710/16/17114.57 %
RHTBest Trading IdeasOptionsLong Vertical Spread09/20/1710/10/17148.08 %
BACBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls09/13/1710/05/17101.70 %
JPMBest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls09/12/1709/19/17150.97 %
NVDABest Trading IdeasOptionsBuy Calls09/13/1709/18/1775.41 %


ASIA ECONOMICS: China Shares Gain on Trade Deal Hopes

12:00 AM
The Shanghai composite climbed 0 9 to 2 655 on Tuesday on hopes an agreement on trade can be reached following news that China s top trade negotiator was preparing to visit the U S ahead of a meeting between the two countries on the sidelines of the G20 summit later this month said

10 Reasons It's Time to Be a Stock Market Bear

12:00 AM
Since hitting the trough of the Great Recession more than nine years ago the stock market has done quite well Over that time the 122 year old Dow Jones Industrial Average and S amp P 500 160 more than quadrupled from their lows with the tech heavy Nasdaq

Intel Pulls In XMM 8160 5G Modem

12:00 AM
Chip giant Intel NASDAQ INTC has been having solid success with its cellular modem chip efforts over the last several years as it scored some of Apple s NASDAQ AAPL iPhone modem orders in 2016 and became the exclusive supplier of modems for this year s latest

EverQuote, Inc. (EVER) Q3 2018 Earnings Conference Call Transcript

12:00 AM
Image source The Motley Fool EverQuote Inc NASDAQ EVER Q3 2018 Earnings Conference Call Nov 12 2018 4 30 p m ET Contents Prepared Remarks Questions and Answers Call Participants Prepared Remarks Operator

U-Haul Parent Company's Operating Income and Earnings Get Back on the Growth Track

12:00 AM
U Haul parent Amerco NASDAQ UHAL reported its fiscal second quarter 2019 results for the period ended Sept 30 after the market close on Wednesday Nov 7 The do it yourself moving leader and major self storage player which also has two insurance company subsidiaries

Expect More Bad News From Blue Apron on Wednesday

12:00 AM
Struggling meal kit company Blue Apron NYSE APRN will report its third quarter results before the market opens on Wednesday Nov 14 The company is rapidly losing customers despite sky high marketing spending and it s burning through its cash as it tries to turn itself around But

Will Social Security Run Out Before You Retire? Here's What the Experts Think

12:00 AM
Will Social Security be able to pay you benefits during retirement Americans are skeptical about the prospect A full 51 of non retired Americans responding to a Gallup survey indicated they doubt they ll get any benefits from Social Security when they retire So should you

Surprise! Trump's Attorney General Candidates Don't Like Marijuana, Either

12:00 AM
This has been a monumental year for the cannabis industry with more marijuana firsts than I d dare count Arguably some of the most impressive advancements include Vermont becoming the first state to legalize recreational weed entirely through the legislative featured highlights include: Progressive, American Eagle, Old Dominion, Intel and EMCOR

12:00 AM
For Immediate Release Chicago IL November 13 2018 Stocks in this week s article are The Progressive Corporation PGR American Eagle Outfitters Inc AEO Old Dominion Freight Line Inc ODFL Intel Corporation INTC and EMCOR Group Inc EME 5 Top Stocks with

Jeff Sessions' Replacement Could Show Marijuana Stocks the Grass Isn't Always Greener on the Other Side

12:00 AM
It s not always a great thing to get what you wished for The marijuana industry has looked forward to Jeff Sessions stepping down as U S attorney general ever since he was named to the position by President Trump Their wish came true last week Trump asked for and received

Better Buy: AbbVie Inc. vs. GlaxoSmithKline PLC

12:00 AM
The trajectories for AbbVie NYSE ABBV and GlaxoSmithKline NYSE GSK stocks have been very different in recent years While AbbVie generated big gains GlaxoSmithKline GSK languished The tables have been turned in 2018 though with GSK outperforming AbbVie so far this

The Big Election Win for Marijuana Hardly Anyone Is Talking About

12:00 AM
Marijuana turned out to be one of the biggest winners on election day in the U S last week Michigan residents voted to legalize recreational marijuana Missouri and Utah voters passed ballot initiatives that legalized medical marijuana Democrats regained control of the U S House

Why Boeing Is Up 25% in 2018

12:00 AM
The Boeing Company NYSE BA can do wrong or at least it seems that way right now After an 89 rise in 2017 the stock is up another 25 year to date as I write It s a startling performance in its own right but given that most of the other major industrial companies are

3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Make Retirement Easier

12:00 AM
Though many folks look forward to retirement and the chance to escape the daily grind of office life the idea of giving up a steady paycheck is a worrisome prospect In fact running out of money is such a major retirement concern that 60 of older Americans claim they re more afraid

Moving Average Crossover Alert: Jazz Pharmaceuticals (JAZZ)

12:00 AM
Jazz Pharmaceuticals plc 160 JAZZ could be a stock to avoid from a technical perspective as the firm is seeing unfavorable trends on the moving average crossover front Recently the 50 Day Moving Average for JAZZ broke out below the 200 Day Simple Moving Average suggesting short