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I try trading stocks and Option, short term and long term

Trading Philosophy:

Grow your investment through Stocks and Options and Trades.


Energy,Financials,Information Technology

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HMNYsmashingdonOptionsBuy Calls02/13/1808/17/18-100.00 %
SPYsmashingdonOptionsBuy Calls04/05/1804/06/18-100.00 %
TSLAsmashingdonOptionsShort Vertical Spread02/13/1803/16/18-100.00 %
NVAXsmashingdonOptionsBuy Calls02/13/1803/16/18-80.00 %
FNSRsmashingdonOptionsLong Vertical Spread12/19/1702/16/18-117.14 %
AAOIsmashingdonOptionsBuy Calls12/28/1702/16/18-99.81 %
SPYsmashingdonOptionsShort Vertical Spread02/13/1802/13/180.00 %
NFLXsmashingdonOptionsLong Vertical Spread02/01/1802/05/1857.97 %
BAsmashingdonOptionsLong Vertical Spread02/01/1802/02/1858.52 %
PYPLsmashingdonOptionsSell Puts01/31/1802/01/1866.07 %
VNTVsmashingdonEquityBuy Long01/04/1802/01/180.84 %
FBsmashingdonOptionsShort Vertical Spread01/31/1802/01/18-96.08 %
GDDYsmashingdonEquityBuy Long01/04/1801/26/188.75 %
WATTsmashingdonOptionsBuy Calls12/28/1701/19/18-99.26 %
NFLXsmashingdonOptionsBuy Puts01/12/1801/16/18114.10 %
ATVIsmashingdonOptionsBuy Puts01/11/1801/12/18-96.77 %
PBRsmashingdonOptionsBuy Calls01/11/1801/12/181.87 %
NFLXsmashingdonOptionsLong Strangle01/11/1801/12/1811.61 %
NFLXsmashingdonOptionsLong Straddle01/11/1801/12/1820.00 %
RACEsmashingdonOptionsBuy Calls01/11/1801/12/1832.43 %
JAZZsmashingdonOptionsBuy Calls01/11/1801/12/1829.85 %
GPNsmashingdonEquityBuy Long01/04/1801/09/182.01 %
INFIsmashingdonEquityBuy Long12/27/1701/08/18-9.87 %
AAPLsmashingdonEquityBuy Long12/05/1701/08/182.92 %
INSGsmashingdonEquityBuy Long12/22/1701/08/1812.50 %
TSLAsmashingdonOptionsBuy Calls01/04/1801/08/18276.06 %
FBsmashingdonOptionsBuy Calls01/04/1801/08/1869.02 %
UNPsmashingdonOptionsBuy Calls12/27/1701/08/1821.88 %
AAPLsmashingdonOptionsBuy Calls12/28/1701/04/181.15 %
TROXsmashingdonOptionsBuy Calls12/28/1701/03/189.52 %
KMBsmashingdonOptionsBuy Puts12/28/1701/02/1818.57 %
MUsmashingdonOptionsBuy Calls12/28/1701/02/1815.98 %
MICsmashingdonOptionsBuy Calls12/27/1701/02/188.11 %
EQTsmashingdonOptionsBuy Calls12/28/1701/02/1820.69 %
TEVAsmashingdonOptionsBuy Calls12/27/1712/29/17-83.33 %
AABAsmashingdonOptionsBuy Puts12/28/1712/29/17-92.23 %
SQsmashingdonOptionsLong Straddle12/28/1712/29/17-73.08 %
MOMOsmashingdonOptionsLong Straddle12/28/1712/29/1718.75 %
LVSsmashingdonOptionsBuy Puts12/28/1712/29/1715.63 %
IMMUsmashingdonOptionsBuy Calls12/27/1712/29/1726.56 %
QIWIsmashingdonOptionsBuy Calls12/28/1712/29/1725.86 %
XLsmashingdonOptionsBuy Calls12/27/1712/29/1758.33 %
CRTOsmashingdonOptionsBuy Calls12/27/1712/29/1711.11 %
ERFsmashingdonOptionsBuy Calls12/21/1712/29/1759.26 %
AAsmashingdonOptionsBuy Calls12/27/1712/28/1797.14 %
CCIHsmashingdonEquityBuy Long12/20/1712/22/17-14.93 %
XECsmashingdonOptionsBuy Calls12/21/1712/22/1733.33 %
NBLsmashingdonEquityBuy Long12/20/1712/22/173.58 %
CLVSsmashingdonOptionsBuy Calls12/21/1712/22/1761.76 %
CRTOsmashingdonOptionsBuy Calls12/20/1712/22/1720.78 %
MUsmashingdonOptionsButterfly12/19/1712/20/17-5.56 %
AAsmashingdonOptionsBuy Calls12/19/1712/20/17433.33 %
AAOIsmashingdonOptionsBuy Calls12/14/1712/19/17135.42 %
MUsmashingdonOptionsLong Vertical Spread12/12/1712/19/1742.67 %
AMDsmashingdonOptionsLong Vertical Spread12/07/1712/18/1774.29 %
AAPLsmashingdonEquityBuy Long12/05/1712/15/172.01 %
FNSRsmashingdonOptionsBuy Puts12/14/1712/15/17118.75 %
TVsmashingdonEquityBuy Long12/04/1712/14/170.79 %
GLDsmashingdonOptionsLong Vertical Spread12/07/1712/14/17-10.65 %
IRMsmashingdonOptionsBuy Puts12/12/1712/14/17-54.76 %
TEVAsmashingdonOptionsBuy Calls12/12/1712/14/17140.46 %
MOMOsmashingdonOptionsLong Vertical Spread12/12/1712/13/1722.22 %
FNSRsmashingdonOptionsBuy Calls12/05/1712/12/17-13.33 %
ADSKsmashingdonOptionsBuy Puts12/04/1712/12/17-8.63 %
WBsmashingdonOptionsBuy Calls12/07/1712/12/1715.12 %
YYsmashingdonOptionsBuy Calls12/05/1712/07/1766.99 %
SLBsmashingdonEquityBuy Long12/04/1712/06/17-2.67 %
UAsmashingdonOptionsBuy Calls11/01/1711/17/17-83.33 %
MCKsmashingdonEquityBuy Long11/02/1711/10/170.96 %


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