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Joined: 6/5/2017
Education: Post Graduate
Trading Experience: 10-20 yrs
Swing trader

Trading Philosophy:

Swing trade, will scalp if needed.


Energy,Health Care,Information Technology,Utilities

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Swing it2.06 %-1/9182.42 %0.00 %

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SymbolServiceTypeStrategy Created Closed% Return
TZASwing itEquityBuy Long09/18/1712/21/1816.73 %
DGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long11/13/1811/14/18-24.31 %
UGAZSwing itEquitySell Short11/12/1811/13/18-23.99 %
UWTSwing itEquityBuy Long11/12/1811/12/18-6.21 %
DWTSwing itEquityBuy Long04/10/1811/12/18-11.14 %
DWTSwing itEquityBuy Long04/10/1811/12/18-6.52 %
DWTSwing itEquityBuy Long06/22/1811/12/1815.58 %
DWTSwing itEquityBuy Long04/19/1806/04/1815.40 %
DWTSwing itEquityBuy Long05/11/1805/25/1814.34 %
DGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long04/03/1804/04/18-3.09 %
DWTSwing itEquityBuy Long03/21/1804/02/183.96 %
DGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long03/29/1803/29/180.65 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long03/23/1803/27/186.52 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long02/07/1803/07/185.33 %
DWTSwing itEquityBuy Long02/26/1803/02/1813.32 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long02/12/1802/20/187.23 %
DWTSwing itEquityBuy Long02/01/1802/06/187.81 %
DWTSwing itEquityBuy Long01/26/1801/30/187.25 %
DGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long01/30/1801/30/186.22 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long09/28/1701/30/18-9.92 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long09/28/1701/30/18-13.23 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long09/21/1701/30/18-13.94 %
LABDSwing itEquityBuy Long01/23/1801/26/18-4.79 %
DWTSwing itEquityBuy Long01/12/1801/24/18-4.76 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long12/01/1701/23/182.95 %
DWTSwing itEquityBuy Long01/05/1801/09/18-3.28 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long12/04/1701/02/182.22 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long12/05/1701/02/189.70 %
NUGTSwing itEquityBuy Long10/24/1701/02/185.12 %
WEATSwing itEquityBuy Long12/06/1712/07/17-0.83 %
UWTSwing itEquitySell Short11/17/1712/06/170.73 %
WEATSwing itEquityBuy Long11/29/1712/01/170.82 %
UVXYSwing itEquitySell Short12/01/1712/01/176.39 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long11/30/1712/01/172.61 %
UWTSwing itEquitySell Short11/27/1711/30/174.58 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long11/30/1711/30/172.61 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long11/21/1711/29/175.91 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long11/22/1711/28/174.76 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long11/27/1711/28/1713.40 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long11/16/1711/17/172.81 %
UWTSwing itEquitySell Short11/09/1711/14/177.38 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long11/14/1711/14/172.30 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long10/24/1711/07/171.78 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long10/27/1711/06/179.54 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long10/31/1711/03/178.42 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long10/18/1710/23/177.41 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long10/19/1710/19/172.78 %
LABDSwing itEquityBuy Long09/28/1710/19/171.05 %
TZASwing itEquityBuy Long10/04/1710/17/171.45 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long10/05/1710/12/173.03 %
ICPTSwing itEquitySell Short10/04/1710/05/17-2.86 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long10/04/1710/05/172.26 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long10/02/1710/04/176.30 %
TZASwing itEquityBuy Long09/27/1709/28/171.60 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long09/28/1709/28/172.53 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long09/21/1709/27/173.85 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long09/22/1709/27/174.82 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long09/25/1709/27/177.88 %
LABDSwing itEquityBuy Long09/25/1709/26/171.79 %
WEATSwing itEquityBuy Long09/14/1709/22/171.23 %
LABDSwing itEquityBuy Long09/20/1709/22/170.80 %
NUGTSwing itEquityBuy Long09/19/1709/20/171.59 %
LABDSwing itEquityBuy Long09/18/1709/19/172.99 %
DSLVSwing itEquityBuy Long08/28/1709/18/17-1.48 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long09/15/1709/18/177.50 %
DGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long09/13/1709/13/171.04 %
JDSTSwing itEquityBuy Long08/31/1709/13/172.37 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long09/05/1709/13/176.92 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long09/08/1709/12/178.15 %
JDSTSwing itEquityBuy Long09/05/1709/11/170.69 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long09/08/1709/11/173.85 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long08/22/1708/31/173.41 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long08/30/1708/31/173.56 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long08/31/1708/31/172.60 %
DWTSwing itEquitySell Short08/28/1708/31/175.79 %
DSLVSwing itEquityBuy Long08/28/1708/29/171.50 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long08/22/1708/29/172.16 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long08/28/1708/28/172.81 %
DWTSwing itEquityBuy Long08/17/1708/28/171.05 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long08/25/1708/28/174.99 %
UVXYSwing itOptionsBuy Puts08/17/1708/22/1756.25 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long08/16/1708/17/173.00 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long08/16/1708/16/173.53 %
DWTSwing itEquityBuy Long08/08/1708/15/1712.39 %
DSLVSwing itEquityBuy Long08/09/1708/15/173.65 %
DSLVSwing itEquityBuy Long08/10/1708/11/173.63 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long08/08/1708/09/176.93 %
DSLVSwing itEquityBuy Long08/07/1708/09/17-10.08 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long08/07/1708/08/173.34 %
UGAZSwing itEquityBuy Long08/07/1708/08/173.44 %


ASIA ECONOMICS: China Shares Rally as Trade Talks Continue

The Shanghai Composite index climbed 52 points or 1 9 to 2 804 Friday ahead of the conclusion of U S China trade talks in Washington with media reports suggesting that Chinese Vice Premier Liu He will meet U S President Trump later in the day said Trading Economics Gains came in

Warren Buffett and the Insurance Business: A 52-Year Love Story

On Feb 22 2019 it will be 52 years to the day since Warren Buffett took his first serious dive into the insurance business when Berkshire Hathaway NYSE BRK A NYSE BRK B entered into an agreement to acquire National Indemnity Company and another smaller insurer for 8

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Americans are notorious for racking up credit card debt but new data from CreditCards com reveals a frightening statistic A good 39 million Americans have been carrying credit card debt for at least two years Meanwhile 14 of folks with credit card debt have been carrying a

Reliance Steel (RS) Earnings Lag, Sales Beat Estimates in Q4

Reliance Steel amp Aluminum Co RS 160 posted profit of 85 6 million or 1 22 per share in the fourth quarter of 2018 down roughly 72 from 301 4 million or 4 09 in the year ago quarter The bottom line in the reported quarter was hurt by a hefty LIFO inventory expense

Donald Trump Was Done Paying Social Security Tax Before 2 a.m. on January 1

No one enjoys paying taxes but the American public also understands that paying tax is what helps fund federal state and local government as well as supports local and broad based social programs arguably none of which is more important than Social Security Despite

Why Arista Networks Has More Upside Ahead in 2019

Though 2018 ended on a sour note shares of cloud computing hardware provider Arista Networks NYSE ANET have been rallying on strong results It has become a leader in data center and related technology including 100G and the new 400G speed standards and the hardware

Walmart, Not Amazon, Was the Retail Disruptor in 2018

Walmart Inc NYSE WMT had a monster 2018 holiday shopping season Though many news outlets fretted over disappointing retail sales results there was no such problem for the king of retail Comparable sales which combines foot traffic and average customer ticket size in the U

Air Lease (AL) Q4 Earnings Top on Fleet Growth, Revenues Lag

Air Lease Corporation AL delivered better than expected earnings but lower than expected revenues in the fourth quarter of 2018 The company s earnings excluding 41 cents from non recurring items of 1 65 per share surpassed the Zacks Consensus Estimate of 1 35 The bottom line

How Much Damage Can 1 Bad Experience Cause a Brand?

Consumers have more choices about nearly every purchase than they ve ever had before It s no longer necessary to visit a physical store to buy most things and for the vast majority of products shoppers can pick from multiple retailers on their phone or computer In some measure

Validea Peter Lynch Strategy Daily Upgrade Report - 2/22/2019

The following are today s upgrades for Validea s P E Growth Investor model based on the published strategy of Peter Lynch This strategy looks for stocks trading at a reasonable price relative to earnings growth that also possess strong balance sheets The following are today s upgrades

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