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John Drummond

Joined: 7/13/2018
Education: Post Graduate
Trading Experience: 5-10 yrs
Committed swing trader striving to improve each and every day!

Trading Philosophy:

Swing trader - average hold between 2 days and 2 weeks.
Don't trade blind do your own due diligence.


Consumer Discretionary,Consumer Staples,Financials,Health Care,Industrials,Information Technology,Materials

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VTLBritish Bull TraderEquityBuy Long07/16/1809/07/18-7.84 %
SEDGBritish Bull TraderEquityBuy Long07/13/1807/27/18-2.90 %
SQBritish Bull TraderEquityBuy Long07/13/1807/20/187.65 %
ATNMBritish Bull TraderEquityBuy Long07/13/1807/18/18-2.31 %
GLMDBritish Bull TraderEquityBuy Long07/13/1807/18/18-8.33 %
HUYABritish Bull TraderEquityBuy Long07/18/1807/18/18-1.97 %
IQBritish Bull TraderEquityBuy Long07/13/1807/17/188.07 %
SFIXBritish Bull TraderEquityBuy Long07/13/1807/13/18-1.65 %
ATNMBritish Bull TraderEquityBuy Long07/13/1807/13/18-5.54 %


Huntington (HBAN) Up 10.8% YTD: What's Driving the Stock?

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Of late the finance sector has been putting up an impressive performance with some monthly volatility The United States economic health on which this sector is largely dependent has been displaying steady improvement with increasing real GDP numbers declining unemployment rate

Do This to Unlock Career Opportunities

Opportunity isn t always linear Sure sometimes you move up or advance your career based on working hard waiting patiently and being the next person in line In many cases however the best chances and opportunities come to people who put themselves in a position to succeed

Can Novartis Convince Insurers a $2.1 Million Gene Therapy Is a Great Deal?

It s been a little over a year since Novartis NYSE NVS 160 spent 8 7 billion on biotech company AveXis and its lead candidate at the time Now that the revolutionary new gene therapy called Zolgensma has finally earned approval it s time to start recouping the

Dominion Energy Is Putting the Brakes on Dividend Growth

Dominion Energy NYSE D is one of the largest utilities in the United States Its generous 4 7 yield sits at the high end of the utility yield spectrum and well above the average yield of around 3 as measured by the Vanguard Utilities ETF But there s a big change taking

3 Ways to Pay Less Tax on Your Investments

Investing is a great way to grow your wealth But the money you earn on investments isn t always yours to keep Just as the IRS is entitled to a portion of the income you generate from your job it can also come after the income you earn in your investment portfolio And that can hurt in

Better Buy: Amazon vs. Google

Amazon com NASDAQ AMZN and 160 Google parent Alphabet NASDAQ GOOGL NASDAQ GOOG have arguably defined the technology industry more than any other two companies over the last two decades The average American consumer likely comes into contact with both these

Why CBS Is Playing "Let's Make a Deal"

CBS NYSE CBS is looking to make a deal that could help it compete in the increasingly consolidated media landscape While the TV network is well positioned to survive an onslaught of direct to consumer streaming options and a rise in cord cutting it might do better if it

Better Buy: ExxonMobil vs. Royal Dutch Shell

ExxonMobil NYSE XOM has a yield of 4 3 while Royal Dutch Shell s NYSE RDS B is 5 8 Is that enough information to pick between these two integrated energy giants The answer is no but the details are a little subtle Here s how these two oil and natural gas giants

The Surprising Reason Younger Workers Aren't Saving for Retirement

Setting funds aside for retirement isn t a directive aimed solely at older workers Quite the contrary Younger workers are also advised to contribute steadily to their IRAs or 401 k s to give their money the maximum time to grow Unfortunately younger adults have a knack for

Read This Fine Print Before Applying for a Credit Card

12:00 AM
Here are the four must know features of any credit card Image credit Getty Images Credit card issuers tempt you with big rewards sign up bonuses and perks like purchase protection or travel insurance The marketing language may sound appealing but the cardholder agreement

5 Hacks to Pay Off Your Student Loans Faster

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Don t want to get stuck with student debt forever Here s how to get rid of it more quickly Image source Getty Images Student loans are growing increasingly common and increasingly burdensome Americans owe upward of 1 5 trillion in student debt and many graduates wind

3 Things to Watch in the Stock Market This Week

Stocks market volatility continued to impact investors last week as both the S amp P 500 SNPINDEX GSPC 160 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJINDICES DJI notched their third straight week of declines Indexes remain higher on the year but returns have fallen a

3 Surprising Stocks Hitting New Highs Last Week

Wall Street s been taking a breather lately The Dow has closed lower for five consecutive weeks rattling investor confidence in the process but it isn t always playing out that way There are dozens of stocks still hitting fresh highs despite the general market downturn

Carbon IPO Watch: Is the 3D Printing Unicorn Preparing to Go Public?

An initial public offering IPO looks as if it could be approaching for Carbon the Silicon Valley based 3D printing unicorn that exploded onto the tech scene in 2015 and is probably best known for partnering with adidas NASDAQOTH ADDYY 160 to produce running shoes

Better Buy: AMC Entertainment vs. Cinemark

While some believe that the streaming revolution spells the end of moviegoing as we know it 2018 was actually a record year for the domestic box office Moviegoing attendance has very gradually declined over the past two decades but theaters have regularly increased prices just