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Robert Brown

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WMT - Buy Calls - 8/11/2017
Exp DateQuantityOption TypeStrikeIssue Price
2017-08-25 - Weekly5.00CALLS$81.00$1.56

Walmart is a retail juggernaut. As its online efforts in start to come to fruition, they appear to be a serious competitor to Amazon. Their website is seriously impressive in its range of products and user friendly layout. Earnings are to be released August 17th, and I think they will have an easy beat. I plan on holding this position until after earnings. At 1.47 per contract, the position is quite cheap and implied volatility is low setting up a low initial risk needed for some quick gains.

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Analytical chemist with a degree in quantitative finance and biochemistry. Quantitative trader, stock enthusiast, and science nerd.



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Fundamental based trading. We pick high value names, that translate to ultra fast gains. Focus is on option positions along with equity holdings.