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Robert Brown

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FB - Buy Calls - 8/11/2017
Exp DateQuantityOption TypeStrikeIssue Price
2017-09-08 - Weekly10.00CALLS$170.00$3.60

As Snapchat's struggles continue, it is clear there is only one current winner in social media. Facebook has the largest customer base, highest customer engagement, and is growing through its WhatsApp, and Instagram platforms. They also just released a video app to try and rival YouTube. Facebook had a slight price pull back last week and now is a good time to take a position. Furthermore, the FANG stocks were beat down in general in past 2 weeks, setting up a nice rebound play. As macroeconomic fears over North Korea dissipate, this stock is sure to bounce higher. Furthermore, legendary investor Daniel Loeb recently took a huge position in Facebook after dumping his Snapchat stake.

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Analytical chemist with a degree in quantitative finance and biochemistry. Quantitative trader, stock enthusiast, and science nerd.



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Fundamental based trading. We pick high value names, that translate to ultra fast gains. Focus is on option positions along with equity holdings.