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Joined: 8/21/2017
Education: Graduate
Trading Experience: 5-10 yrs
CPA with a high level interest in investing - Primarily look for a balance between innovative high growth tech companies and value plays focused on quality brands with strong moat. Early investor in Apple, Tesla, NVIDIA and Alibaba. contact

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Growth and value all equities6.62 %21/425.00 %8.10 %7.30 %

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BZUNGrowth and value all equitiesEquityBuy Long12/28/1812/31/18-3.00 %
AAPLGrowth and value all equitiesEquityBuy Long12/28/1812/28/180.11 %
BABAGrowth and value all equitiesEquityBuy Long12/28/1812/28/180.09 %
FBGrowth and value all equitiesEquityBuy Long12/28/1812/28/18-0.24 %
MUKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long12/28/1712/24/18-28.75 %
FBKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long10/14/1812/21/18-19.07 %
FBmainly growth stocksEquityBuy Long10/11/1812/21/18-20.31 %
IQmainly growth stocksEquityBuy Long10/11/1812/21/18-40.64 %
ANETKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long02/19/1812/20/18-19.62 %
SFIXKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long10/14/1812/11/18-25.89 %
SFIXmainly growth stocksEquityBuy Long10/11/1812/11/18-23.76 %
FDXmainly growth stocksEquityBuy Long10/11/1812/10/18-14.36 %
JDKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long09/09/1811/20/18-24.79 %
NVDAKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long10/29/1711/19/18-26.32 %
GSKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long01/12/1811/14/18-21.51 %
NVDAmainly growth stocksEquityBuy Long11/07/1811/12/18-10.07 %
SQmainly growth stocksEquityBuy Long10/11/1811/08/182.68 %
IQKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long06/05/1810/31/18-34.02 %
MICRmainly growth stocksEquityBuy Long10/11/1810/29/18-51.98 %
AMZNKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long10/14/1810/29/18-13.12 %
AMZNmainly growth stocksEquityBuy Long10/11/1810/29/18-14.02 %
NVDAmainly growth stocksEquityBuy Long10/11/1810/29/18-22.21 %
IQKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long08/03/1810/23/18-22.16 %
YNDXmainly growth stocksEquityBuy Long10/11/1810/19/18-21.70 %
YNDXKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long09/03/1810/19/18-19.12 %
YYKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long08/20/1810/18/18-21.45 %
GEKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long09/29/1810/17/18-2.28 %
RDFNKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long02/19/1810/10/18-30.96 %
BABAKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long12/28/1710/10/18-18.70 %
BIDUKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long05/18/1810/08/18-20.96 %
BABAKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long04/26/1810/08/18-14.67 %
TOLKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long07/09/1809/28/18-13.13 %
JDKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long10/29/1709/04/18-22.68 %
AMZNKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long04/16/1808/30/1838.13 %
AAPLKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long11/15/1708/28/1830.04 %
ABBVKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long07/24/1808/20/187.69 %
FBKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long06/20/1807/30/18-15.77 %
FBKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long03/26/1806/20/1829.15 %
FBKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long08/21/1706/20/1819.76 %
AMATKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long10/06/1705/18/18-4.78 %
BIDUKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long08/22/1705/16/1824.92 %
GMKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long04/16/1805/10/18-5.55 %
ITAKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long02/19/1805/10/18-3.16 %
PSJKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long04/16/1804/25/18-1.71 %
JDKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long04/16/1804/16/185.94 %
TSLAKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long11/03/1704/13/18-1.47 %
MUKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long03/12/1804/02/18-17.53 %
NFLXKessel Growth and ValueEquitySell Short03/12/1803/26/183.20 %
MUKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long02/12/1803/12/1843.58 %
BABAKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long02/12/1802/19/183.86 %
BZUNKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long01/04/1802/19/18-1.35 %
ANETKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long11/12/1702/14/1835.00 %
KNKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long11/24/1702/12/18-17.83 %
TTDKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long09/06/1702/12/18-20.83 %
GEKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long01/12/1802/06/18-21.59 %
ANETKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long12/05/1701/11/1823.40 %
GOOGLKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long08/22/1701/04/1817.26 %
SQKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long11/15/1712/28/17-12.76 %
MELIKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long12/16/1712/28/17-1.69 %
MELIKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long08/22/1712/13/1723.30 %
BABAKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long11/22/1712/04/17-10.68 %
NKEKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long09/06/1711/29/1713.34 %
BABAKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long08/21/1711/21/1710.58 %
DISKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long08/21/1711/15/172.00 %
AAPLKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long08/21/1711/15/176.48 %
ANETKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long09/18/1711/10/1719.02 %
TSLAKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long08/21/1711/02/17-12.19 %
NVDAKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long08/21/1710/27/1723.84 %
PYPLKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long09/06/1710/20/1713.78 %
ABBVKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long09/06/1710/18/1723.66 %
SBUXKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long09/06/1710/06/17-0.05 %
IRBTKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long09/18/1710/04/17-4.00 %
JBLUKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long09/12/1709/18/17-2.69 %
TJXKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long09/07/1709/18/17-0.27 %
GEKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long08/22/1709/12/17-3.77 %
SBUXKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long09/06/1709/07/17-0.41 %
TJXKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long08/21/1709/06/171.62 %
SBUXKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long08/21/1709/06/172.48 %
NKEKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long08/22/1709/06/17-2.52 %
GEKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long08/21/1708/22/17-0.04 %
SBUXKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long08/21/1708/22/171.13 %
RDFNKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long08/21/1708/22/17-1.45 %
NKEKessel Growth and ValueEquityBuy Long08/21/1708/22/170.76 %


Validea Peter Lynch Strategy Daily Upgrade Report - 1/15/2019

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The following are today s upgrades for Validea s P E Growth Investor model based on the published strategy of Peter Lynch This strategy looks for stocks trading at a reasonable price relative to earnings growth that also possess strong balance sheets The following are today s upgrades

Validea John Neff Strategy Daily Upgrade Report - 1/15/2019

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The following are today s upgrades for Validea s Low PE Investor model based on the published strategy of John Neff This strategy looks for firms with persisten t earnings growth that trade at a discount relative to their earnings growth and dividend yield The following are today s

Validea Joel Greenblatt Strategy Daily Upgrade Report - 1/15/2019

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The following are today s upgrades for Validea s Earnings Yield Investor model based on the published strategy of Joel Greenblatt This value model looks for companies with high return on capital and earnings yields The following are today s upgrades for Validea sEarnings Yield Investor

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Shaw Communications (SJR) Q1 Earnings Beat, Revenues Up Y/Y

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Shaw Communications Inc SJR reported first quarter fiscal 2019 adjusted earnings from continuing operations of 28 cents per share beating the Zacks Consensus Estimate by 3 cents Moreover total revenues of 1 04 billion comfortably beat the consensus mark of 974 million Adjusted

QIAGEN QFT-Plus Ok'd in Canada, Test Customer Base Expands

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QIAGEN N V QGEN recently announced the receipt of Health Canada s 160 approval for QuantiFERON TB Gold Plus QFT Plus as an in vitro diagnostic to detect latent tuberculosis TB infection Built on the QuantiFERON TB Gold QFT platform QFT Plus provides enhanced analysis of TB

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