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Joined: 6/3/2017
Education: Post Graduate
Trading Experience: 2-5 yrs
Independent trader focused on beating the index through short term swing trading. I don't typically day-trade and so no fast moving trades. I choose my trades based on current market trend and news/events.

Trading Philosophy:

Posting both common stock and option trades in the model portfolio. 2017 was a good year with 50%+ annual profit and looking to beat that in 2018. But note that the trades posted here are - not investment advice, not buy/sell recommendations.

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Service NameAvg % Return
since Inception
% SuccessYTD ReturnAll Time ReturnRiskFees
Alpha Swing Trades6.69 %9/60172.38 %20.92 %113.53 %
Alpha Short Term Options0.00 %0/00.00 %0.00 %0.00 %

Open Recommendations

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SymbolService NamePosition Type% Return Issue Date
ARRYAlpha Swing TradesBuy Long5.06 %7/5/2018
LABDAlpha Swing TradesBuy Long-4.33 %7/5/2018
SOXSAlpha Swing TradesBuy Long-7.75 %7/5/2018
SPXSAlpha Swing TradesBuy Long-2.39 %7/5/2018
MLCOAlpha Swing TradesBuy Long2.93 %6/28/2018


SymbolService NameStrategy% ReturnIssue Date
XLFAlpha Swing TradesBuy Calls10.36 %6/27/2018
SPXAlpha Swing TradesLong Vertical Spread0.00 %6/15/2018
SPXAlpha Swing TradesShort Vertical Spread-152.50 %5/18/2018
SPXAlpha Swing TradesShort Vertical Spread100.00 %5/18/2018
SPXAlpha Swing TradesShort Vertical Spread100.00 %5/18/2018
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