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King of Analysts

Joined: 5/3/2017
Education: Post Graduate
Trading Experience: 2-5 yrs
Train your body to train your mind. Educate yourself and learn from experience. I am determined to become best Analyst & Trader in the world. I have already achieved highest education in Finance and in process of getting a designation. I have previous experience as an event study/hedge fund analyst in an investment company. Join me. Follow me at stocktwits -

Trading Philosophy:

Security Selection and Portfolio management

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King of Analysts (KoA)3.07 %-3/7360.27 %1.42 %19.90 %

Closed Recommendations

SymbolServiceTypeStrategy Created Closed% Return
FBKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long08/18/1703/26/18-5.62 %
EAKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long07/19/1701/31/1813.40 %
BABAKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long08/18/1701/26/1818.30 %
GOOGLKing of Analysts (KoA)OptionsBuy Calls08/18/1710/20/17117.35 %
JWNKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long06/09/1710/16/17-15.82 %
CKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long07/11/1710/05/1712.18 %
AAPLKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long08/08/1709/25/17-5.97 %
NFLXKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long08/18/1709/21/1711.44 %
PYPLKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long07/19/1709/21/1710.77 %
EXPEKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long07/11/1709/19/17-7.14 %
NVDAKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long08/18/1708/21/17-3.17 %
NFLXKing of Analysts (KoA)OptionsBuy Puts07/17/1708/18/17-99.93 %
GOOGLKing of Analysts (KoA)OptionsLong Strangle07/24/1708/18/170.06 %
CMGKing of Analysts (KoA)OptionsBuy Puts07/24/1708/18/1761.09 %
BABAKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long07/18/1708/18/1710.43 %
TSLAKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long08/08/1708/18/17-4.38 %
IRBTKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long07/26/1708/17/17-6.17 %
NVDAKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long07/18/1708/11/17-6.44 %
TSLAKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long07/12/1708/08/1711.40 %
TSLAKing of Analysts (KoA)OptionsBuy Puts08/02/1708/04/17-99.85 %
UAKing of Analysts (KoA)OptionsLong Straddle07/31/1708/04/17-11.49 %
NFLXKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long07/19/1708/02/17-3.52 %
FBKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long07/24/1708/02/172.24 %
AAPLKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long07/19/1708/02/174.05 %
LRCXKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long07/26/1708/02/17-4.06 %
UAKing of Analysts (KoA)OptionsLong Straddle07/31/1707/31/172.30 %
WHRKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long07/26/1707/27/17-7.57 %
MMMKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long07/24/1707/25/17-5.16 %
LOGIKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long07/24/1707/25/17-6.42 %
STXKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long07/24/1707/25/17-12.24 %
DPZKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long07/24/1707/25/17-2.25 %
SRPTKing of Analysts (KoA)OptionsLong Strangle07/19/1707/21/1783.43 %
QCOMKing of Analysts (KoA)OptionsLong Straddle07/19/1707/21/17-0.19 %
AXPKing of Analysts (KoA)OptionsBuy Puts07/19/1707/21/17-98.49 %
TMUSKing of Analysts (KoA)OptionsBuy Calls07/19/1707/21/17-58.20 %
FBKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long07/18/1707/20/171.26 %
GOOGLKing of Analysts (KoA)OptionsBuy Calls07/19/1707/20/175.27 %
WHRKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long07/17/1707/19/171.73 %
PYPLKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long07/12/1707/19/173.48 %
EAKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long07/11/1707/19/171.13 %
AAPLKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long06/26/1707/19/171.63 %
NFLXKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long07/17/1707/18/1711.37 %
GSKing of Analysts (KoA)OptionsBuy Puts07/17/1707/18/1742.45 %
HOGKing of Analysts (KoA)OptionsLong Strangle07/17/1707/18/1750.89 %
NFLXKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long07/11/1707/18/1713.20 %
BABAKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long06/26/1707/13/172.44 %
NVDAKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long07/12/1707/13/170.85 %
NVDAKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long07/11/1707/12/172.00 %
TSLAKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long07/11/1707/12/171.94 %
TSLAKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long07/11/1707/11/17-0.29 %
TSLAKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long06/22/1707/05/17-7.72 %
AMZNKing of Analysts (KoA)OptionsBuy Puts07/03/1707/03/1716.50 %
JPMKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long06/12/1706/28/173.34 %
FBKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long05/25/1706/09/17-0.79 %
AAPLKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long05/11/1706/08/170.54 %
EAKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long05/11/1706/07/175.90 %
PKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long05/11/1706/07/17-11.69 %
NVDAKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long05/24/1706/06/177.94 %
NFLXKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long05/11/1706/05/174.19 %
TSLAKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long05/30/1706/05/172.09 %
TMUSKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long05/19/1705/30/172.46 %
DISHKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long05/24/1705/25/170.47 %
VRXKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long05/11/1705/24/17-5.69 %
FBKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long05/19/1705/23/170.12 %
NVDAKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long05/19/1705/23/172.97 %
AMDKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long05/11/1705/18/170.90 %
FBKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long05/11/1705/17/17-3.36 %
NVDAKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long05/16/1705/17/17-2.88 %
ANFKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long05/11/1705/16/17-3.90 %
NVDAKing of Analysts (KoA)EquityBuy Long05/11/1705/16/176.19 %
GOOGLKing of Analysts (KoA)OptionsBuy Calls05/11/1705/16/1734.23 %
AMZNKing of Analysts (KoA)OptionsBuy Calls05/11/1705/12/1796.67 %
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