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TLT - Buy Calls - 8/5/2017
Exp DateQuantityOption TypeStrikeIssue Price
2017-08-11 - Weekly100.00CALLS$126.00$0.27
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Joined: 6/17/2017
Education: Graduate
Trading Experience: 10-20 yrs
I've been studying charts for over 15 years. I've made every mistake in the book, but, that allowed me to arrive at a place where I feel confident that I can find short term explosive moves in stocks that can lead to large profits using options.

Trading Philosophy:

I use technical analysis to capture profits using options on a very short term basis. Usually within not more than one week.
I don't focus on any particular stocks, only perfect charts that are setup to mov...

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SymbolService NamePosition Type% Return Issue Date
CYCCSymmetry OptionsBuy Long-12.20 %10/14/2017
NEOTSymmetry OptionsBuy Long85.98 %10/14/2017
TENXSymmetry OptionsBuy Long-16.77 %10/7/2017
GEVOSymmetry OptionsBuy Long-7.65 %10/3/2017
GSSSymmetry OptionsBuy Long10.45 %7/16/2017


SymbolService NameStrategy% ReturnIssue Date
TLTSymmetry OptionsBuy Calls0.00 %12/13/2017
FXESymmetry OptionsBuy Calls0.00 %12/13/2017
DDDSymmetry OptionsBuy Calls90.91 %12/13/2017
FESymmetry OptionsBuy Puts0.00 %12/13/2017
NVDASymmetry OptionsBuy Puts-47.25 %12/13/2017