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WaveCrest Analytics

Joined: 8/9/2017
Education: Graduate
Trading Experience: 10-20 yrs
WaveCrest Analytics utilizes a proprietary algorithm to make accurate predictions around stock catalysts, particularly quarterly earnings announcements. We make use of an Artificial Neural Network, which was designed by the founder while a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Initially designed for predicting the ground truth of network attacks (Intrusion Detection System), the algorithm provided similar predictability when applied to the stock market.

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Golden Spiral Research (Wavecrest)3.68 %0/80.00 %30.53 %30.53 %FreeSubscribe
(Testing 3) WC PASCAL r2-0.12 %0/20.00 %-0.24 %-0.24 %FreeSubscribe
(Testing 1) PASCAL v3.1-0.45 %0/80.00 %-2.78 %-2.78 %FreeSubscribe
(Testing 2) PASCAL v2.2-1.72 %0/50.00 %-6.97 %-6.97 %FreeSubscribe
Testing-6.02 %1/1100.00 %-12.05 %-12.05 %FreeSubscribe
(Testing 5) WC Negative Return Run-20.18 %1/00.00 %-20.18 %-20.18 %FreeSubscribe
WaveCrest Analytics - Daily Earnings Picks-33.27 %1/00.00 %-33.27 %-33.27 %FreeSubscribe

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SymbolService NamePosition Type% Return Issue Date
SIEBGolden Spiral Research (Wavecrest)Buy Long0.16 %2:54 PM
PIXYGolden Spiral Research (Wavecrest)Sell Short4.59 %1:52 PM
ADBEGolden Spiral Research (Wavecrest)Buy Long0.15 %12/14/2017
PAYGolden Spiral Research (Wavecrest)Sell Short1.03 %12/12/2017
CASYGolden Spiral Research (Wavecrest)Sell Short11.32 %12/8/2017


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