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Trading Philosophy:

Short the VIX. It remains a profitable strategy, but we're also going to play high percentage vertical spreads. You really almost can't lose unless you enter a trade wrong. Join us for profits and check out the wealth of knowledge and ideas through other subscriptions. I p...

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The Grim Contango65.69 %8/21688.43 %569.25 %569.25 %FreeSubscribe
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner2.84 %3/7885.90 %6.51 %6.51 %$6.09/m
Bullet With Butterfly Wings0.61 %2/3100.00 %0.67 %0.67 %$23.33/m

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NBEVThe Grim ContangoSubscribe-1.63 %10/19/2017
TVIXThe Grim ContangoSubscribe2.81 %10/16/2017
UVXYWinner Winner Chicken DinnerSubscribe3.24 %10/16/2017
UVXYBullet With Butterfly WingsSell Short0.48 %10/13/2017
TVIXThe Grim ContangoSell Short0.88 %10/13/2017


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AMZNThe Grim ContangoBuy Calls-3.06 %10/19/2017
SHLDBullet With Butterfly WingsBuy Puts-2.76 %10/17/2017
SHLDThe Grim ContangoBuy Puts0.00 %10/17/2017
CMGThe Grim ContangoBuy Puts18.07 %10/17/2017
VXXWinner Winner Chicken DinnerBuy Puts0.45 %10/16/2017