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The hot stocks just took a breather after earnings. This level is about as large a discount as we can hope for. The long term prospects for the stock are excellent. Earnings growth is forecast to continue at about 100% next year. Yes, they don't actually earn much in terms of their top line. PE is still astronomical, but we expect that from Amazon. Every retailer on the planet is shaking in fear of Amazon. The online trend will continue, and their AWS tools are the defacto standard for cloud services. Take advantage of the sale and buy now. Best!

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Not the sax player...I've been investing and trading for a decade. All my first hand experience and academic study of the markets and human behavior has taught me that your only friend with regard to caring for your money is your own prudent judgement. I'm happy though, to give quick assessments of any issue technically or fundamentally, and do the deeper research that could help you make up your own mind.



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Anyone that tells you that they can predict the stock market with certainty is either deluded or selling you something. We can't predict where stock prices will go, but it is still possible to make money by investing with a strategy, even if you're wrong more often than you are right. Sticking with winning trades that work over the long haul and being humble enough to cut your losses early is the key to success. I believe in using realistic back-tested strategies that aren't over-fit.