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Option Ripper

Joined: 7/24/2017
Education: Graduate
Trading Experience: 10-20 yrs
I use news analysis to capture profits using options on a very short term basis. Usually within not more than one week
I focus on the fast moving racehorse stocks that tend to make out-sized moves

Trading Philosophy:

Look for trades that could yield at-least a 4x-5x on original investment, with a risk of 1x.

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Open Recommendations

33.61 %

Success Rate


Total Services

My Services

Service NameAvg % Return
since Inception
% SuccessYTD ReturnRiskFees
Option Ripper-5.09 %1/23933.89 %8.54 %
Day Trades & Earnings Plays1.32 %0/50.00 %0.00 %

Closed Recommendations

SymbolServiceTypeStrategy Created Closed% Return
LRCXDay Trades & Earnings PlaysOptionsBuy Calls10/17/1811/02/18-100.00 %
CMGDay Trades & Earnings PlaysOptionsBuy Calls10/16/1811/02/18-59.56 %
GOOGLDay Trades & Earnings PlaysOptionsBuy Calls09/27/1810/26/18-100.00 %
LMTDay Trades & Earnings PlaysOptionsBuy Calls08/27/1809/21/18144.41 %
AAPLDay Trades & Earnings PlaysOptionsBuy Calls08/28/1809/07/18-100.00 %
BABAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls08/10/1808/31/18-100.00 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls08/27/1808/28/18-20.99 %
BABAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/26/1808/24/18-100.00 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls08/16/1808/17/18-100.00 %
NVDAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls08/16/1808/17/18-100.00 %
BABAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls08/16/1808/16/185.88 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls08/07/1808/16/18-98.35 %
BABAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls08/16/1808/16/18-38.24 %
PKGOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/30/1808/16/18-79.27 %
TSLAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls08/13/1808/16/18-98.35 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls08/10/1808/16/18-97.92 %
JBHTOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls08/09/1808/16/18-85.71 %
BLUEOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls08/06/1808/16/18-96.91 %
BABAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls08/16/1808/16/18-32.35 %
BABAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls08/16/1808/16/1844.25 %
NFLXOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls08/07/1808/10/18-100.00 %
REGNOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls08/03/1808/10/18-100.00 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls08/07/1808/10/18-100.00 %
TSLAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls08/09/1808/09/18-9.36 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls08/08/1808/09/1867.45 %
ROKUOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls08/08/1808/09/1873.36 %
TSLAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls08/07/1808/07/18148.37 %
TSLAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls08/07/1808/07/18160.91 %
NFLXOption RipperOptionsBuy Puts07/31/1808/03/18-98.98 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/30/1808/03/18-97.70 %
EXPEOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/27/1808/03/18-97.73 %
BKNGOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/27/1808/03/18-99.61 %
BABAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/27/1808/03/18-99.80 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/27/1808/03/18-99.69 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls08/02/1808/03/18-62.90 %
REGNOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls08/02/1808/03/18-63.77 %
AAPLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/24/1808/02/18171.79 %
ENGUSDOption RipperCryptocurrencyBuy Long06/26/1808/01/18-33.77 %
FCAUOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/25/1807/31/18-13.79 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/30/1807/31/18-65.67 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Puts07/27/1807/27/18-100.00 %
CELGOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/25/1807/27/18-97.81 %
BABAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/25/1807/27/18-99.47 %
NVDAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/26/1807/27/18-95.79 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/27/1807/27/18-21.15 %
BKNGOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/24/1807/27/18333.52 %
ISRGOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/25/1807/26/18-85.19 %
GILDOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/25/1807/26/18-89.05 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Puts07/24/1807/26/18-88.12 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Puts07/24/1807/26/18-78.88 %
BIIBOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/25/1807/25/1845.53 %
NFLXOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/25/1807/25/18-3.94 %
BIIBOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/25/1807/25/1849.06 %
ICPTOption RipperEquityBuy Long06/12/1807/24/1810.80 %
HEAROption RipperEquityBuy Long07/18/1807/24/18-2.13 %
ISRGOption RipperEquityBuy Long07/16/1807/24/181.10 %
BOXOption RipperEquityBuy Long06/12/1807/24/18-1.83 %
PIRSOption RipperEquityBuy Long06/29/1807/24/1821.65 %
ZGNXOption RipperEquityBuy Long06/12/1807/24/1825.89 %
TRXCOption RipperEquityBuy Long06/12/1807/24/1841.32 %
ISRGOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/24/1807/24/18-23.40 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/24/1807/24/18-33.90 %
WTWOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/20/1807/24/18125.00 %
UNPOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/18/1807/20/18-89.45 %
ETFCOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/18/1807/20/18-99.52 %
BIIBOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/06/1807/20/18-98.99 %
XPOOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/12/1807/20/18-34.23 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/18/1807/19/18-72.97 %
NFLXOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/18/1807/18/1841.27 %
BAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/18/1807/18/18-39.35 %
NVDAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/17/1807/18/18-24.42 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/13/1807/18/1811.01 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/16/1807/18/1822.02 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/16/1807/17/1823.43 %
WWEOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/13/1807/16/18140.74 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/12/1807/13/18-53.54 %
NFLXOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/12/1807/13/18-95.38 %
JPMOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/09/1807/13/18-97.14 %
NFLXOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/10/1807/13/18-99.05 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/12/1807/13/18-80.65 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/12/1807/13/18105.14 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/12/1807/12/18219.05 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/12/1807/12/1889.13 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/12/1807/12/1855.45 %
BABAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/06/1807/11/18-89.30 %
BIDUOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/09/1807/11/18-39.29 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/10/1807/11/1850.67 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/03/1807/11/1867.34 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/09/1807/10/18-33.85 %
NFLXOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/06/1807/09/18114.29 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/09/1807/09/1870.77 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/06/1807/09/1837.50 %
TSLAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/06/1807/06/18-100.00 %
TSLAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/05/1807/05/18-70.68 %
TSLAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/05/1807/05/18-37.70 %
TSLAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls07/02/1807/02/18-41.79 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/29/1806/29/18-59.41 %
TSLAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/29/1806/29/1816.57 %
NVDAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/28/1806/29/18-36.59 %
NFLXOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/28/1806/29/18101.81 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Puts06/28/1806/28/1822.28 %
NFLXOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/27/1806/28/18-40.88 %
TSLAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/27/1806/27/18-11.65 %
CATOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/27/1806/27/18-7.10 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/20/1806/27/18-98.54 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/27/1806/27/18-46.77 %
OSTKOption RipperEquityBuy Long06/14/1806/27/18-23.09 %
IQOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/26/1806/27/18-20.41 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/27/1806/27/18-38.24 %
TSLAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/27/1806/27/1825.16 %
TSLAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/26/1806/26/18101.81 %
TSLAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/26/1806/26/1887.35 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/26/1806/26/18-36.36 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/26/1806/26/1843.17 %
GSOption RipperOptionsBuy Puts06/26/1806/26/18-39.00 %
TSLAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/25/1806/25/18-6.96 %
BABAOption RipperOptionsBuy Puts06/25/1806/25/1814.65 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/18/1806/20/18124.49 %
TSLAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/14/1806/14/18-14.22 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/11/1806/14/18-80.77 %
GSOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/07/1806/14/18-98.15 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/11/1806/14/18-76.92 %
NFLXOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/13/1806/14/1894.89 %
NFLXOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/13/1806/14/18273.68 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/13/1806/14/1830.14 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/13/1806/14/18-7.05 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/12/1806/14/1819.52 %
NFLXOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/13/1806/13/18-21.04 %
NFLXOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/13/1806/13/18-24.56 %
BAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/12/1806/13/18-32.32 %
TSLAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/11/1806/12/18238.41 %
BAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/06/1806/08/18-100.00 %
NFLXOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/07/1806/08/18-100.00 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/06/1806/08/18-100.00 %
BAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/07/1806/08/18-100.00 %
NFLXOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/07/1806/08/18-100.00 %
NVDAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/06/1806/08/18-100.00 %
NVDAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/06/1806/08/18-100.00 %
CATOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/06/1806/08/18-46.85 %
SPYOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/07/1806/08/18-38.24 %
TSLAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/07/1806/07/18-35.57 %
TSLAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/07/1806/07/18-34.08 %
BIDUOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/06/1806/07/1893.48 %
BABAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/05/1806/07/18-66.08 %
TSLAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/06/1806/06/1876.83 %
TSLAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/06/1806/06/18195.54 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/05/1806/06/18-45.77 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/05/1806/06/18-41.38 %
BIDUOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/04/1806/05/18-52.40 %
BABAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/05/1806/05/18-39.50 %
BABAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/05/1806/05/18-46.58 %
BIDUOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/05/1806/05/18-56.94 %
BABAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/29/1806/05/18136.36 %
BABAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/01/1806/04/1890.05 %
BABAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/25/1806/04/18140.30 %
BABAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/01/1806/04/18141.10 %
TSLAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls06/04/1806/04/18-13.17 %
NFLXOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/25/1806/01/18-100.00 %
GSOption RipperOptionsBuy Puts05/29/1806/01/18-100.00 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/25/1806/01/1811.17 %
BABAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/25/1806/01/1814.06 %
NVDAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/29/1806/01/18189.04 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/24/1806/01/18871.93 %
REGNOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/30/1805/31/18108.16 %
TSLAOption RipperOptionsBuy Puts05/22/1805/25/18-100.00 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/21/1805/25/18-100.00 %
NVDAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/25/1805/25/18-100.00 %
BABAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/25/1805/25/18-100.00 %
NVDAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/25/1805/25/18-100.00 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/23/1805/25/18-100.00 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/21/1805/25/18-100.00 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/21/1805/25/18-100.00 %
NTESOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/10/1805/25/18-100.00 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/18/1805/25/18-100.00 %
NTESOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/10/1805/25/18-100.00 %
AAPLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/16/1805/25/18-100.00 %
BABAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/24/1805/25/1882.82 %
NFLXOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/24/1805/25/18-68.17 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/23/1805/25/1844.65 %
BAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/23/1805/25/18-80.00 %
NFLXOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/23/1805/24/18190.45 %
NFLXOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/23/1805/23/1859.84 %
BAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/18/1805/21/18338.90 %
BKNGOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/17/1805/18/18-100.00 %
AAPLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/17/1805/18/18-100.00 %
NVDAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/17/1805/18/18-100.00 %
CMGOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/16/1805/18/18-100.00 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/10/1805/18/18-100.00 %
BIDUOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/17/1805/17/18-21.75 %
TSLAOption RipperOptionsBuy Puts05/15/1805/16/18-45.69 %
BIDUOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/15/1805/16/18184.84 %
NFLXOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/11/1805/14/1810.02 %
REGNOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/11/1805/14/18-61.49 %
BIIBOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/11/1805/11/18-100.00 %
TSLAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/07/1805/11/18-100.00 %
BAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/09/1805/11/18-100.00 %
ISRGOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/10/1805/11/18-100.00 %
BAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/10/1805/11/18-75.07 %
AAPLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/11/1805/11/18-49.58 %
BABAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/07/1805/11/18-55.49 %
BABAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/07/1805/11/18-20.70 %
BIIBOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/11/1805/11/18-53.85 %
SPXOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/09/1805/10/18250.00 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/09/1805/10/1888.24 %
AAPLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/08/1805/09/181.65 %
BAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/07/1805/09/1844.75 %
NFLXOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/07/1805/09/18-49.12 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/07/1805/09/18-46.56 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/09/1805/09/18155.26 %
BABAOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls04/26/1805/07/18348.89 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/03/1805/04/18-100.00 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/03/1805/04/18-100.00 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls05/03/1805/04/18-100.00 %
TSLAOption RipperOptionsBuy Puts05/03/1805/03/18-60.69 %
AAPLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls04/30/1805/02/18253.66 %
CATOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls04/25/1804/27/18-100.00 %
NFLXOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls04/26/1804/27/18-100.00 %
CMGOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls04/26/1804/27/18-100.00 %
CATOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls04/25/1804/27/18-100.00 %
NFLXOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls04/26/1804/27/18-100.00 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls04/20/1804/27/18-100.00 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls04/20/1804/27/18-100.00 %
CATOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls04/24/1804/27/18-100.00 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls04/20/1804/27/18-100.00 %
NFLXOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls04/27/1804/27/1848.81 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls04/27/1804/27/18-48.37 %
NFLXOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls04/25/1804/27/18-69.65 %
SPXOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls04/26/1804/27/18-47.06 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls04/26/1804/26/1874.04 %
CMGOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls04/26/1804/26/18108.89 %
CMGOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls04/26/1804/26/18133.87 %
CMGOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls04/18/1804/26/18250.00 %
NFLXOption RipperOptionsBuy Puts04/25/1804/25/1827.70 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Puts04/24/1804/25/1861.22 %
NFLXOption RipperOptionsBuy Puts04/24/1804/25/1851.54 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Puts04/24/1804/24/1833.41 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Puts04/24/1804/24/1840.85 %
AMZNOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls04/19/1804/20/18-100.00 %
NFLXOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls04/18/1804/20/18-100.00 %
ISRGOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls04/18/1804/20/18-100.00 %
CMGOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls04/18/1804/20/18-100.00 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls04/19/1804/20/18-84.09 %
NFLXOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls04/19/1804/20/18-30.21 %
GOOGLOption RipperOptionsBuy Calls04/18/1804/19/1878.31 %


Validea Peter Lynch Strategy Daily Upgrade Report - 5/24/2019

12:00 AM
The following are today s upgrades for Validea s P E Growth Investor model based on the published strategy of Peter Lynch This strategy looks for stocks trading at a reasonable price relative to earnings growth that also possess strong balance sheets The following are today s upgrades

Validea Martin Zweig Strategy Daily Upgrade Report - 5/24/2019

12:00 AM
The following are today s upgrades for Validea s Growth Investor model based on the published strategy of Martin Zweig This strategy looks for growth stocks with persistent accelerating earnings and sales growth reasonable valuations and low debt The following are today s upgrades

Validea Kenneth Fisher Strategy Daily Upgrade Report - 5/24/2019

12:00 AM
The following are today s upgrades for Validea s Price Sales Investor model based on the published strategy of Kenneth Fisher This value strategy rewards stocks with low P S ratios long term profit growth strong free cash flow and consistent profit margins The following are today s

Validea Joseph Piotroski Strategy Daily Upgrade Report - 5/24/2019

12:00 AM
The following are today s upgrades for Validea s Book Market Investor model based on the published strategy of Joseph Piotroski This value quant strategy screens for high book to market stocks and then separates out financially sound firms by looking at a host of improving

Validea John Neff Strategy Daily Upgrade Report - 5/24/2019

12:00 AM
The following are today s upgrades for Validea s Low PE Investor model based on the published strategy of John Neff This strategy looks for firms with persisten t earnings growth that trade at a discount relative to their earnings growth and dividend yield The following are today s

Validea Joel Greenblatt Strategy Daily Upgrade Report - 5/24/2019

12:00 AM
The following are today s upgrades for Validea s Earnings Yield Investor model based on the published strategy of Joel Greenblatt This value model looks for companies with high return on capital and earnings yields The following are today s upgrades for Validea sEarnings Yield Investor

Validea James P. O'Shaughnessy Strategy Daily Upgrade Report - 5/24/2019

12:00 AM
The following are today s upgrades for Validea s Growth Value Investor model based on the published strategy of James P O Shaughnessy This two strategy approach offers a large cap value model and a growth approach that looks for persisten t earnings growth and strong relative strength

Validea David Dreman Strategy Daily Upgrade Report - 5/24/2019

12:00 AM
The following are today s upgrades for Validea s Contrarian Investor model based on the published strategy of David Dreman This contrarian strategy finds the most unpopular mid and large cap stocks in the market and looks for improving fundamentals The following are today s upgrades

Validea Benjamin Graham Strategy Daily Upgrade Report - 5/24/2019

12:00 AM
The following are today s upgrades for Validea s Value Investor model based on the published strategy of Benjamin Graham This deep value methodology screens for stocks that have low P B and P E ratios along with low debt and solid long term earnings growth The following are today s

Guest Host Again Tonight

12:00 AM
This is Brian Bolan filling in for the Ultimate Editor Jim Giaquinto 160 Jim will also be out again tomorrow and David Bartosiak is going to be the guest host for what could be a very lively session before the holiday weekend Last night I led with the idea of this being a back and

5 Strong Midcap Stocks That Offer Value And Growth

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Stocks are in a more volatile mood than what we ve been used to in recent years yet they are still trading close to all time highs As a result one of the questions many investors find themselves asking is whether there are reasons to buy anything at these levels at all I addressed some of

Viasat Inc (VSAT) Q4 2019 Earnings Call Transcript

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Image source The Motley Fool Viasat Inc NASDAQ VSAT Q4 160 2019 Earnings Call May 23 2019 5 00 p m ET Contents Prepared Remarks Questions and Answers Call Participants Prepared Remarks Operator Welcome to Viasat

Deckers Outdoor Corp (DECK) Q4 2019 Earnings Call Transcript

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Splunk Inc (SPLK) Q1 2019 Earnings Call Transcript

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company (HPE) Q2 2019 Earnings Call Transcript

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