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Joined: 6/16/2017
Education: Post Graduate
Trading Experience: 10-20 yrs
I am a highly skilled Stock Market Trader that has extensive knowledge of markets and how stocks are influenced by current events. I have a a strong understanding of fluctuations and I engage in careful analysis to determine placing buy and sell orders. I Have a Master's and Bachelor's Degrees in Finance Series 7 63 and 66 Licenses and 15 years of experience as a stock market trader.

Trading Philosophy:

Bull Markets, Bear Markets, Neutral Markets.
Dividend Buy and Hol...

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Hi America17.48 %-4/13763.50 %-3.88 %

Closed Recommendations

SymbolServiceTypeStrategy Created Closed% Return
SPYHi AmericaOptionsBuy Puts02/02/1902/08/19-100.00 %
AMZNHi AmericaOptionsBuy Calls07/06/1709/21/18646.45 %
NFLXHi AmericaOptionsCalendar Spread07/06/1706/15/18-100.05 %
BACHi AmericaOptionsBuy Calls07/06/1706/15/18-23.87 %
IMMUHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/10/1702/16/18161.67 %
IMMUHi AmericaOptionsButterfly07/10/1701/19/1813,264.95 %
GEHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/03/1701/19/1819.05 %
RADHi AmericaOptionsStraddle07/03/1701/19/18-32.08 %
BACHi AmericaOptionsBuy Calls06/29/1701/19/18336.69 %
EFAHi AmericaOptionsBuy Calls06/16/1701/19/18606.14 %
NFLXHi AmericaOptionsCalendar Spread07/06/1712/15/173,602.66 %
IMMUHi AmericaOptionsButterfly07/10/1711/17/172,237.33 %
TWLOHi AmericaEquityBuy Long06/23/1711/09/17-11.68 %
SCOHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/18/1711/01/17-28.61 %
BACHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/03/1710/24/1712.17 %
BGFVHi AmericaOptionsBuy Puts07/21/1710/20/17404.76 %
ADSKHi AmericaOptionsCalendar Spread07/21/1710/20/1712,388.00 %
BGFVHi AmericaOptionsDiagonal07/21/1710/20/17-323.91 %
BGFVHi AmericaOptionsBuy Puts07/21/1710/20/1797.44 %
AMGNHi AmericaOptionsCalendar Spread07/10/1710/20/17-33.47 %
ADSKHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/05/1710/20/17-95.08 %
ABXHi AmericaOptionsBuy Puts06/29/1710/20/17-5.56 %
USOHi AmericaOptionsCalendar Spread06/23/1710/20/17202.78 %
CSXHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/21/1710/18/176.16 %
FASHi AmericaEquityBuy Long06/29/1710/05/1716.96 %
XIVHi AmericaEquityBuy Long06/16/1710/02/1721.97 %
UCOHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/12/1709/25/1725.00 %
UCOHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/12/1709/25/1721.13 %
UCOHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/12/1709/25/1722.46 %
CHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/10/1709/18/173.31 %
PLDHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/05/1709/11/1710.26 %
NFLXHi AmericaOptionsButterfly07/21/1709/01/17110.44 %
UGAZHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/21/1709/01/173.53 %
XLFHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/05/1708/29/17-2.04 %
IMMUHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/21/1708/21/174.65 %
UVXYHi AmericaOptionsCalendar Spread07/21/1708/18/173,897.87 %
NFLXHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/21/1708/18/17-24,593.33 %
ADSKHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/21/1708/18/17843.33 %
IMMUHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/10/1708/18/17-100.00 %
CSXHi AmericaOptionsButterfly07/10/1708/18/17-99.62 %
AGCOHi AmericaOptionsCalendar Spread07/05/1708/18/17-256.25 %
NVDAHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/05/1708/18/17-100.00 %
NVDAHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/05/1708/18/17-100.00 %
PLDHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/05/1708/18/17-105.68 %
ADSKHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread06/29/1708/18/17-91.03 %
ADSKHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/05/1708/18/17-99.56 %
XLFHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/02/1708/18/17-100.00 %
AAPLHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread06/29/1708/18/17-100.00 %
TWLOHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread06/23/1708/18/17-100.98 %
USOHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread06/21/1708/18/17-100.00 %
USOHi AmericaOptionsBuy Calls06/21/1708/18/1740.80 %
UNGHi AmericaOptionsBuy Calls07/21/1708/04/17-97.56 %
NFLXHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/03/1708/04/17-99.41 %
DXTRHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/05/1708/02/17-25.44 %
SPYHi AmericaOptionsButterfly07/21/1707/28/1724.58 %
CSXHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread06/16/1707/28/17250.00 %
AMDHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/14/1707/26/175.76 %
ADSKHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/21/1707/25/172.08 %
BACHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/21/1707/25/171.31 %
SPYHi AmericaOptionsCalendar Spread07/14/1707/21/17-100.00 %
AMDHi AmericaOptionsBuy Calls07/14/1707/21/17-4.37 %
AMZNHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/14/1707/21/17-100.00 %
NFLXHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/06/1707/21/172,351.33 %
NFLXHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/06/1707/21/17-100.00 %
NFLXHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/06/1707/21/17591.97 %
PSMTHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/05/1707/21/17-91.69 %
SIRIHi AmericaOptionsBuy Puts07/03/1707/21/17-15.00 %
AMDHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread06/29/1707/21/17-100.00 %
AAPLHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/05/1707/21/17224.80 %
PSMTHi AmericaOptionsStrangle07/05/1707/21/17-112.50 %
AAPLHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/03/1707/21/1773.65 %
CARAHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/03/1707/21/17-100.00 %
BABAHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/03/1707/21/17-100.00 %
GLDHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread06/23/1707/21/17246.39 %
GLDHi AmericaOptionsBuy Calls06/16/1707/21/17-0.43 %
UVXYHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread06/29/1707/21/17-100.00 %
LABDHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/14/1707/20/17-3.49 %
ADSKHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/10/1707/19/177.12 %
CSXHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/14/1707/19/17-1.75 %
AAPLHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/10/1707/14/17-100.00 %
AMZNHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/05/1707/14/17-97.72 %
SIRIHi AmericaOptionsBuy Puts07/03/1707/14/170.93 %
AMDHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread06/29/1707/14/17100.50 %
USOHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread06/23/1707/14/17150.00 %
AKSHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/14/1707/14/17-1.67 %
EXTRHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/10/1707/14/170.42 %
DRYSHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/10/1707/13/174.71 %
ADSKHi AmericaEquityBuy Long06/29/1707/13/176.17 %
CSXHi AmericaOptionsButterfly06/21/1707/12/1798.90 %
UVXYHi AmericaOptionsLong Strangle07/10/1707/12/1720.40 %
UVXYHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/10/1707/12/17-70.21 %
UNGHi AmericaOptionsBuy Puts07/10/1707/12/17-28.57 %
UGAZHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/12/1707/12/170.23 %
UNGHi AmericaOptionsBuy Puts07/12/1707/12/171.56 %
DGAZHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/12/1707/12/172.05 %
AMDHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/02/1707/12/1713.18 %
CARAHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/10/1707/12/17-28.33 %
JDSTHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/05/1707/12/17-70.68 %
UNGHi AmericaOptionsBuy Calls06/23/1707/12/1714.29 %
UNGHi AmericaOptionsBuy Calls07/02/1707/12/17-16.07 %
USOHi AmericaOptionsBuy Puts07/10/1707/12/17-67.61 %
ADSKHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/03/1707/12/174.19 %
CARAHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/10/1707/10/17-0.41 %
AMDHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/10/1707/10/176.64 %
ROXHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/10/1707/10/17-2.14 %
UGAZHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/10/1707/10/17-0.32 %
UCOHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/10/1707/10/171.93 %
JNUGHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/10/1707/10/171.88 %
XIVHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/06/1707/10/172.96 %
UGAZHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/05/1707/10/177.87 %
AMZNHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/06/1707/10/17-29.73 %
AMZNHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/06/1707/10/17-70.70 %
CARAHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/05/1707/10/17-10.51 %
UVXYHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/03/1707/07/17125.45 %
SPYHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread06/29/1707/07/17-100.00 %
MUHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread07/02/1707/07/17-125.00 %
VXXHi AmericaOptionsStraddle07/05/1707/07/17-71.15 %
UCOHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/06/1707/07/17-2.73 %
UCOHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/05/1707/07/17-6.13 %
SPYHi AmericaOptionsBuy Puts07/06/1707/06/1726.73 %
ADSKHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/05/1707/05/171.03 %
SOXLHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/05/1707/05/17-3.36 %
MUHi AmericaEquityBuy Long07/03/1707/03/17-2.75 %
SPYHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread06/29/1706/30/17-103.81 %
MUHi AmericaOptionsStraddle06/29/1706/30/17-48.92 %
UVXYHi AmericaOptionsBuy Calls06/29/1706/30/17-32.14 %
AAPLHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread06/16/1706/30/17-100.00 %
CARAHi AmericaEquityBuy Long06/29/1706/30/17-7.44 %
LABDHi AmericaEquityBuy Long06/23/1706/27/173.45 %
CARAHi AmericaEquityBuy Long06/23/1706/26/175.60 %
AMDHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread06/20/1706/23/17146.15 %
AAPLHi AmericaOptionsCalendar Spread06/16/1706/23/17-90.70 %
AAPLHi AmericaOptionsDiagonal06/16/1706/23/17-95.74 %
GDXHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread06/16/1706/23/17-105.56 %
JDSTHi AmericaOptionsVertical Spread06/16/1706/23/17-128.25 %
JDSTHi AmericaEquityBuy Long06/20/1706/21/17-4.36 %
AMDHi AmericaEquityBuy Long06/16/1706/19/172.66 %
AKSHi AmericaEquityBuy Long06/16/1706/19/172.50 %


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