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avinash anantharamu

Joined: 8/8/2017
Education: Graduate
Trading Experience: 2-5 yrs
software engineer with passion to trade on historical patterns and seasonal trendz

Trading Philosophy:

Value and growth trader


Information Technology,Real Estate,Telecommunication Services,Utilities

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GOFANG-12.51 %0/90.00 %0.00 %
cryptos1.95 %1/4472.73 %0.00 %
SP500 alerts1.34 %0/30.00 %0.00 %
swing-5.36 %0/110.00 %0.00 %
blockchain_ETF-11.65 %0/70.00 %0.00 %
pharma_stocks0.00 %0/00.00 %0.00 %
stock_picls_technicals-3.16 %0/10.00 %0.00 %
earnings0.00 %0/00.00 %0.00 %
sp500_earnings-2.58 %0/520.00 %-0.10 %

Closed Recommendations

SymbolServiceTypeStrategy Created Closed% Return
NFLXsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls04/19/1801/18/19-100.00 %
GEsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls03/15/1801/18/19-100.00 %
MSFTsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls04/19/1807/20/1810.59 %
DAREstock_picls_technicalsEquityBuy Long06/07/1806/08/18-3.16 %
FBsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls04/12/1805/18/18-100.00 %
FBsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls03/19/1805/18/18-100.00 %
NXTDWblockchain_ETFEquityBuy Long03/15/1804/23/18-34.62 %
NXTDWcryptosEquityBuy Long01/05/1804/23/18-53.83 %
BTCUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long03/26/1804/21/189.71 %
INTCsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Puts02/09/1804/20/18-100.00 %
PYPLsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Puts02/09/1804/20/18-100.00 %
NVDAsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Puts02/09/1804/20/18-100.00 %
NFLXsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Puts02/09/1804/20/18-100.00 %
LTBRswingEquityBuy Long02/09/1804/20/18-28.10 %
AAOIsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls04/11/1804/16/1812.39 %
CRMsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls04/11/1804/12/1828.31 %
CNETsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls03/15/1804/11/1875.00 %
DPWblockchain_ETFEquityBuy Long03/15/1804/02/18-39.84 %
ETHUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long03/16/1803/29/18-35.59 %
SSCsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls03/19/1803/26/18150.00 %
NBRVGOFANGEquityBuy Long12/25/1703/26/18-18.73 %
LMFAcryptosEquityBuy Long03/15/1803/26/18-25.56 %
CNETcryptosEquityBuy Long03/15/1803/23/18-18.37 %
CNETblockchain_ETFEquityBuy Long03/15/1803/23/18-18.03 %
AMZNsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Puts03/15/1803/22/1822.76 %
IPDNblockchain_ETFEquityBuy Long03/15/1803/21/180.77 %
SSCblockchain_ETFEquityBuy Long03/15/1803/21/181.74 %
MARAblockchain_ETFEquityBuy Long03/15/1803/21/183.07 %
GBRswingEquityBuy Long02/09/1803/21/182.76 %
LTCUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long03/16/1803/20/180.95 %
MARAswingEquityBuy Long01/17/1803/20/18-61.34 %
QCOMsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls03/19/1803/19/181.96 %
MDBsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Puts03/19/1803/19/1825.00 %
ORCLsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Puts03/15/1803/19/1845.00 %
BTCUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long03/16/1803/19/180.59 %
BTCUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long03/16/1803/16/183.42 %
BTCUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long03/15/1803/15/180.41 %
NXTDcryptosEquityBuy Long02/08/1803/15/182.88 %
BTCUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long03/14/1803/15/182.87 %
BLCNblockchain_ETFEquityBuy Long02/08/1803/15/186.01 %
DENTUSDswingCryptocurrencyBuy Long01/14/1803/15/18-82.79 %
BTCUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long03/14/1803/14/18-2.41 %
YTENswingEquityBuy Long02/09/1803/14/1821.80 %
MRDNswingEquityBuy Long02/09/1802/23/18-18.61 %
XDNUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long02/09/1802/22/1818.27 %
CNDUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long02/09/1802/20/18-24.17 %
OPTTswingEquityBuy Long02/09/1802/15/183.67 %
AAPLSP500 alertsEquityBuy Long02/08/1802/15/186.27 %
MBOTswingEquityBuy Long02/09/1802/15/183.12 %
AAPLsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls02/08/1802/15/1821.88 %
DPWcryptosEquityBuy Long02/08/1802/15/189.15 %
IOTUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long02/09/1802/14/183.66 %
CNETcryptosEquityBuy Long02/08/1802/13/189.96 %
NETEcryptosEquityBuy Long02/08/1802/12/184.78 %
ROKUsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Puts02/09/1802/12/185.26 %
AMZNsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Puts02/09/1802/12/1824.29 %
ADBEsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls02/09/1802/12/1810.58 %
BCHUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long02/10/1802/12/18-0.14 %
BTCUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long02/11/1802/12/182.78 %
LTCUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long02/10/1802/11/180.63 %
ETHUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long02/10/1802/10/18-5.04 %
BTCUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long02/10/1802/10/18-5.40 %
LTCUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long02/09/1802/10/182.01 %
ETHUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long02/09/1802/10/181.09 %
BTCUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long02/09/1802/09/183.44 %
SNPSsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls02/09/1802/09/184.08 %
IBMsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls02/09/1802/09/1811.80 %
GOOGLsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls02/09/1802/09/185.68 %
FBsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls02/09/1802/09/182.38 %
AMDsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls02/09/1802/09/181.04 %
PYPLsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls02/09/1802/09/187.46 %
INTCsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls02/09/1802/09/1811.54 %
ORCLsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls02/09/1802/09/186.31 %
MUsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls02/09/1802/09/1818.47 %
ADBEsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Puts02/09/1802/09/1817.07 %
AVGOsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls02/09/1802/09/182.78 %
NFLXsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls02/09/1802/09/185.85 %
MSFTsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls02/09/1802/09/1814.77 %
CMGsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls02/09/1802/09/1812.35 %
CRMsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Puts02/09/1802/09/185.96 %
AAPLsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Puts02/09/1802/09/1818.07 %
TRXUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long02/08/1802/09/1819.95 %
FBsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Puts02/09/1802/09/180.22 %
IBMsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls02/09/1802/09/182.22 %
AMZNsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Puts02/09/1802/09/1842.92 %
FBsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls02/09/1802/09/184.65 %
VMWsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls02/08/1802/09/1810.53 %
NVDAsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Puts02/09/1802/09/1828.32 %
QCOMsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls02/09/1802/09/184.44 %
JNPRsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls02/09/1802/09/186.67 %
ORCLsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls02/09/1802/09/181.62 %
MSFTsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls02/08/1802/09/1829.55 %
NTNXsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Puts02/08/1802/09/186.82 %
GOOGLsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls02/09/1802/09/1811.90 %
CSCOsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Puts02/08/1802/09/1812.50 %
SNPSsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls02/08/1802/09/189.09 %
FEYEsp500_earningsOptionsBuy Calls02/08/1802/09/1837.93 %
XLMUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long02/08/1802/09/184.64 %
LTCUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long02/08/1802/09/184.39 %
ETHUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long02/08/1802/09/181.61 %
BTCUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long02/08/1802/09/180.82 %
ETHUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long02/08/1802/08/180.70 %
LTCUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long02/08/1802/08/181.68 %
BTCUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long02/08/1802/08/180.26 %
BTCUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long02/08/1802/08/180.96 %
XDNUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long01/05/1802/05/18-79.78 %
NYCUSDswingCryptocurrencyBuy Long01/14/1801/18/18-15.80 %
LTCUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long01/17/1801/17/184.83 %
BTCUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long01/17/1801/17/184.35 %
ETHUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long01/17/1801/17/182.16 %
TRXUSDswingCryptocurrencyBuy Long01/16/1801/17/1812.24 %
GESP500 alertsEquityBuy Long01/05/1801/17/18-5.76 %
CHFSSP500 alertsEquityBuy Long01/10/1801/17/18-3.86 %
BCNUSDswingCryptocurrencyBuy Long01/14/1801/15/18-5.30 %
ETHUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long01/10/1801/10/18-2.11 %
TRXUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long12/25/1701/05/18676.76 %
XMRUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long12/25/1712/30/17-9.44 %
BTCUSDGOFANGCryptocurrencyBuy Long12/25/1712/30/17-100.00 %
IOTUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long12/25/1712/25/175.45 %
BTCUSDcryptosCryptocurrencyBuy Long12/25/1712/25/171.85 %
WPCSGOFANGEquityBuy Long11/13/1711/22/17-10.63 %
CAPRGOFANGEquityBuy Long11/13/1711/14/17-6.25 %
SWCHGOFANGEquityBuy Long11/13/1711/14/17-4.14 %
TOPSGOFANGEquityBuy Long11/09/1711/10/17-11.92 %
NVDAGOFANGEquityBuy Long08/08/1708/10/17-1.76 %
AMDGOFANGEquityBuy Long08/08/1708/09/17-0.23 %
TEUMGOFANGEquityBuy Long08/08/1708/09/170.01 %


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I m a cable glutton I pay for a full package from AT amp T s NYSE T DirecTV with HBO and Showtime I also have DISH Network s Sling TV for travel and use in our vacation home along with Netflix Hulu Amazon Prime though I don t pay for that because of the video

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To say that the marijuana industry is flowering would be an understatement of epic proportions In just a few years the legal weed industry has exploded with global sales expected to more than triple from a reported 5 4 billion in 2015 per Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics

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The price of a stock alone doesn t necessarily communicate anything about the underlying business A stock priced at 200 per share could be a much more attractive investment than one priced at 2 per share That said lower share prices tend to be a hallmark of small cap companies

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Biogen NASDAQ BIIB recently suffered a brutal stock market beating after its big Alzheimer s candidate failed to make a difference for patients with early signs of the disease Biogen s market value was reduced by nearly a third in a few short days and that puts it in range for

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Starbucks NASDAQ SBUX has become one of the best known brands not just in the United States but all over the world In fact it s hard to travel the world without seeing one of the company s 24 000 locations spread across 75 different markets Because the coffee chain has become

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There s a lot about industrial conglomerate ABB NYSE ABB that will attract value investors Start with its 4 3 dividend yield and end with a management concertedly restructuring the company so it can grow in line with industry peers like Rockwell Automation NYSE ROK

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The marijuana industry is blossoming before our eyes in North America In the mid 1990s not a single state in the U S had given the green light to medical marijuana while Mexico and Canada both held cannabis to be an illicit substance Furthermore a survey from national

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Most financial businesses make their money by taking risks Banks do it by making loans insurers do it by underwriting risk for their insureds In contrast fintechs merely provide the plumbing for the financial world selling software and services that generate recurring fee

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Marijuana stocks have been on fire lately but many investors understand all too well that so far cannabis producers have only tapped into a tiny part of the potential market for their products That s because despite efforts at the state level to legalize pot marijuana remains