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Joined: 9/5/2018
Education: Graduate
Trading Experience: 10-20 yrs
having 20 yrs experience in trading mainly commodities trading and giving ranges to user in morning and start and stop loss

Trading Philosophy:

having 20 yrs experience in trading mainly commodities trading and giving ranges to user in morning and start and stop loss



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ABCT -Any body can trade-0.52 %-4/12686.51 %151.17 %

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SymbolServiceTypeStrategy Created Closed% Return
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short02/28/1903/06/191.55 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short03/04/1903/04/192.52 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long02/15/1903/04/19-12.08 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/14/1802/25/19-66.09 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long02/25/1902/25/194.12 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long02/22/1902/22/190.61 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/24/1802/21/19-55.97 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short02/19/1902/19/192.97 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long02/14/1902/15/190.66 %
JDSTABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long02/15/1902/15/192.22 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short02/14/1902/15/193.78 %
UWTABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short02/14/1902/14/191.11 %
JDSTABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long02/13/1902/13/191.66 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long02/13/1902/13/192.85 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short02/12/1902/12/191.10 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long02/12/1902/12/190.43 %
JDSTABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long02/12/1902/12/192.93 %
JDSTABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long02/12/1902/12/190.60 %
JDSTABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long02/08/1902/11/191.01 %
JDSTABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short02/07/1902/08/191.26 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short02/07/1902/07/191.93 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short02/07/1902/07/192.26 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long02/05/1902/07/195.41 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short02/05/1902/06/191.16 %
UWTABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/14/1801/30/193.54 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short01/11/1901/23/192.86 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/14/1801/11/196.24 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/21/1801/04/194.20 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/21/1812/21/182.23 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/21/1812/21/182.53 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/20/1812/21/181.20 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/20/1812/21/181.36 %
UWTABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/20/1812/20/180.75 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/19/1812/20/180.07 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/19/1812/19/183.50 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/18/1812/19/1812.13 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/17/1812/18/180.93 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/13/1812/17/18-31.68 %
JDSTABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/14/1812/14/180.20 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/14/1812/14/180.94 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/14/1812/14/181.00 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/14/1812/14/180.69 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/14/1812/14/180.97 %
JDSTABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/14/1812/14/180.30 %
UWTABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/13/1812/14/182.63 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/13/1812/13/180.54 %
JDSTABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/13/1812/13/18-0.11 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/13/1812/13/180.35 %
JDSTABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/13/1812/13/18-0.11 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/13/1812/13/180.26 %
JDSTABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/12/1812/13/180.33 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/13/1812/13/181.48 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/13/1812/13/180.72 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/12/1812/13/180.24 %
UWTABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/13/1812/13/182.62 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/13/1812/13/181.50 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/13/1812/13/181.25 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/13/1812/13/180.44 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/12/1812/13/183.91 %
UWTABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/12/1812/12/180.22 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/12/1812/12/182.67 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/11/1812/12/18-15.37 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/10/1812/12/18-20.64 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/12/1812/12/180.82 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/11/1812/12/181.59 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/12/1812/12/181.63 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/11/1812/12/1812.93 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/11/1812/12/1812.76 %
UWTABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/10/1812/11/182.96 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/07/1812/11/180.76 %
JDSTABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/10/1812/11/183.63 %
JDSTABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/10/1812/10/180.00 %
JDSTABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/10/1812/10/180.45 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/10/1812/10/180.47 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/07/1812/10/18-12.96 %
JDSTABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/10/1812/10/180.02 %
JDSTABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/10/1812/10/18-0.02 %
JDSTABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/10/1812/10/180.14 %
JDSTABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/07/1812/10/182.78 %
JDSTABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/07/1812/10/181.93 %
UWTABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/07/1812/07/180.54 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/07/1812/07/180.58 %
JDSTABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/07/1812/07/180.31 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/07/1812/07/180.39 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/07/1812/07/182.29 %
UWTABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/07/1812/07/180.51 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/06/1812/07/18-10.76 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/07/1812/07/180.37 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/07/1812/07/183.94 %
JDSTABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/06/1812/06/180.41 %
UWTABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/06/1812/06/180.15 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/06/1812/06/181.21 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/06/1812/06/180.69 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/06/1812/06/180.84 %
UWTABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/06/1812/06/180.46 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/06/1812/06/180.25 %
UWTABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/06/1812/06/182.08 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/06/1812/06/182.15 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/06/1812/06/180.93 %
UWTABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/06/1812/06/180.57 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/06/1812/06/185.78 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/06/1812/06/185.81 %
UWTABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/04/1812/04/180.53 %
UWTABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/03/1812/04/180.26 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/04/1812/04/181.73 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/04/1812/04/182.17 %
UWTABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/04/1812/04/180.84 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/04/1812/04/180.67 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/04/1812/04/181.70 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/03/1812/04/18-12.97 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/03/1812/04/1811.28 %
JDSTABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/03/1812/03/180.57 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/03/1812/03/180.87 %
UWTABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long11/30/1812/03/180.13 %
JDSTABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/03/1812/03/180.12 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/03/1812/03/18-0.25 %
JDSTABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/03/1812/03/180.53 %
JDSTABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/03/1812/03/180.52 %
UWTABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/03/1812/03/182.02 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long12/03/1812/03/181.04 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short12/03/1812/03/186.21 %
JDSTABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short11/30/1812/03/18-0.95 %
DWTABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short11/30/1812/03/18-1.09 %
UGAZABCT -Any body can tradeEquitySell Short11/30/1812/03/18-0.37 %
TVIXABCT -Any body can tradeEquityBuy Long11/30/1812/03/180.90 %


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