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Kevin Bantz

Joined: 6/15/2017
Education: High School
Trading Experience: 20+ years
I realized early on that sheet music resembles the charts most of us love to peruse all day long
with sweeping highs and lows with volume, timbre, beat, cadence within the whole atonal gamut.

Trading Philosophy:

Buy when no one wants it, sell when everyone does -- I prefer trading futures since 97.8% of equites go to zero

and rarely will a commodity ;->


Consumer Discretionary,Consumer Staples,Energy,Financials,Health Care...

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UWT120ºEquityBuy Long12/31/1801/09/1945.28 %
XHB120ºEquityBuy Long10/24/1801/07/192.72 %
ITB120ºEquityBuy Long10/24/1801/07/195.29 %
DGAZ120ºEquityBuy Long11/14/1811/26/181,463.72 %
DGAZ120ºEquityBuy Long10/16/1811/26/18400.07 %
GAZ120ºEquityBuy Long10/26/1711/16/1819,889.15 %
BOIL120ºEquityBuy Long07/20/1711/14/1829.03 %
DWT120ºEquityBuy Long04/10/1811/14/186.70 %
TECL120ºEquityBuy Long10/24/1811/07/183.37 %
UGAZ120ºEquityBuy Long09/10/1811/05/1881.72 %
EEM120ºEquityBuy Long10/24/1811/01/182.83 %
EDC120ºEquityBuy Long10/24/1811/01/187.85 %
SOXL120ºEquityBuy Long10/24/1811/01/1812.57 %
INDA120ºEquityBuy Long10/24/1811/01/184.09 %
CANE120ºEquityBuy Long04/10/1810/24/180.25 %
UVXY120ºEquityBuy Long06/18/1810/23/1822.38 %
UVXY120ºEquityBuy Long07/17/1810/23/1828.19 %
TVIX120ºEquityBuy Long10/16/1810/23/1828.76 %
SDOW120ºEquityBuy Long08/08/1810/23/184.53 %
DWT120ºEquityBuy Long09/12/1810/23/188.51 %
LABD120ºEquityBuy Long01/25/1810/22/1810.12 %
TZA120ºEquityBuy Long07/17/1810/12/1829.28 %
SQQQ120ºEquityBuy Long08/08/1810/11/1820.83 %
BOIL120ºEquityBuy Long07/20/1810/02/1828.49 %
TMF120ºEquityBuy Long08/01/1809/12/181.50 %
TMF120ºEquityBuy Long09/10/1809/10/182.67 %
UGAZ120ºEquityBuy Long07/17/1808/08/1826.01 %
CORN120ºEquityBuy Long06/18/1808/01/182.16 %
ERY120ºEquityBuy Long06/18/1807/17/18-0.23 %
DWT120ºEquityBuy Long06/27/1807/17/1819.20 %
TVIX120ºEquityBuy Long06/18/1806/26/1832.82 %
DXD120ºEquityBuy Long10/24/1705/24/18237.74 %
BOIL120ºEquityBuy Long02/09/1805/02/185.70 %
GASL120ºEquityBuy Long02/09/1805/01/1839.60 %
EWV120ºEquityBuy Long10/26/1704/24/18-13.45 %
JO120ºEquityBuy Long04/10/1804/23/180.07 %
UNL120ºEquityBuy Long07/20/1703/27/18-9.59 %
VMIN120ºEquityBuy Long02/09/1803/12/1816.67 %
DRIP120ºEquityBuy Long11/06/1702/09/1823.46 %
QID120ºEquityBuy Long01/25/1802/08/1814.07 %
DRIP120ºEquityBuy Long01/03/1802/05/1828.12 %
LABD120ºEquityBuy Long09/06/1701/26/18-40.71 %
UNL120ºEquityBuy Long07/31/1701/25/181.15 %
QID120ºEquityBuy Long09/19/1701/12/18-22.08 %
SPXS120ºEquityBuy Long09/19/1701/12/18-26.79 %
BA120ºEquitySell Short09/11/1701/10/18-32.75 %
GAZ120ºEquityBuy Long07/20/1712/28/17-40.30 %
DPK120ºEquityBuy Long11/21/1712/06/170.99 %
CUR120ºEquityBuy Long08/03/1711/21/17-22.38 %
URRE120ºEquityBuy Long07/25/1711/21/17-100.00 %
OBE120ºEquityBuy Long07/24/1711/06/17-3.33 %
TVIA120ºEquityBuy Long08/10/1711/06/17-100.00 %
DSLV120ºEquityBuy Long08/10/1710/26/173.05 %
DGLD120ºEquityBuy Long08/10/1710/26/173.82 %
RUSS120ºEquityBuy Long10/02/1710/26/174.72 %
DSLV120ºEquityBuy Long09/06/1709/20/1716.17 %
GAZ120ºEquityBuy Long07/31/1709/19/1712.50 %
AGTC120ºEquityBuy Long07/26/1709/13/17-21.39 %
LABD120ºEquityBuy Long07/26/1709/01/17-17.00 %
UGAZ120ºEquityBuy Long07/24/1709/01/1711.46 %
VXX120ºEquityBuy Long08/14/1708/23/1739.23 %
RAS120ºEquityBuy Long07/24/1708/23/17-53.14 %
XIV120ºEquityBuy Long08/10/1708/11/17-4.63 %
VXX120ºEquityBuy Long07/20/1708/10/1712.78 %
ATOS120ºEquityBuy Long07/28/1708/03/171.00 %
UGLD120ºEquityBuy Long06/15/1707/31/172.07 %
GNW120ºEquityBuy Long07/25/1707/31/170.88 %
EURN120ºEquityBuy Long07/25/1707/31/171.27 %
GUSH120ºEquityBuy Long06/15/1707/26/1713.60 %


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New York There has been a lot of bearish sentiment over the last couple of months with more of a positive trend lately Put this piece in the positive bucket The argument in question is from Capital Group a 1 8 tn manager who contends that while we are in the late

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Last year was an odd one for Plains All American Pipeline NYSE PAA While the oil pipeline master limited partnership was on track to deliver its best financial results in years its unit price slumped 3 for the year after tumbling in December along with the price of

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Shares of Synovus Financial SNV declined 2 7 following the release of fourth quarter 2018 results Adjusted earnings of 92 cents per share lagged the Zacks Consensus Estimate of 94 cents However the reported figure came in 27 8 higher than the prior year tally Strong loans amp

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Shares of Snap SNAP were down more than 11 at the open on Wednesday after the company announced that its chief financial officer is stepping down from the position less than one year after taking the job Snap shared the news in an SEC filing released Tuesday The messaging app maker said

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American depositary receipts of European stocks were trading 0 08 lower at 122 50 on the Bank of New York Mellon Europe ADR Index on Wednesday American depositary receipts of European stocks were trading 0 08 lower at 122 50 on the Bank of New York Mellon Europe ADR Index on Wednesday