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James Catzen

Joined: 7/21/2017
Education: Graduate
Trading Experience: 20+ years
Worked as a broker for 10 years before starting a small hedge fund. Made money on the financial crisis and dissolved hedge fund with happy investors. Personal investing the last 10 yrs. in all I've been trading for a living 30 years. Economics degree from UCLA.

Trading Philosophy:

Have a plan and stick to that plan no matter how things may look during the process.
Trading with a strategy and plan reduces risk.
Protect your capital!



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since Inception
% SuccessYTD ReturnAll Time ReturnRiskFees
Option Superstars4.10 %5/28577.19 %79.61 %516.24 %

Closed Recommendations

SymbolServiceTypeStrategy Created Closed% Return
AMZNOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Puts12/11/1812/12/18-39.00 %
MAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Puts12/11/1812/12/18-33.44 %
GSOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Puts12/07/1812/10/1827.31 %
GSOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Puts12/06/1812/10/1819.92 %
GSOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Puts12/04/1812/10/1867.64 %
GSOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Puts12/03/1812/10/18106.61 %
GSOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Puts12/03/1812/10/18110.97 %
STZOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls11/05/1812/07/18-73.66 %
FBOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls09/12/1812/07/18-86.55 %
SQOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls10/18/1812/07/18-92.07 %
SQOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls10/17/1812/07/18-92.64 %
EAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls08/14/1812/07/18-99.51 %
WTWOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls10/23/1812/07/18-95.31 %
HDOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls10/12/1812/07/18-94.31 %
ATVIOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls10/01/1812/07/18-99.80 %
WTWOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls10/01/1812/07/18-98.66 %
DALOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls08/21/1812/07/18-53.94 %
DALOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls08/21/1812/07/18-52.54 %
GSOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls12/06/1812/06/18-0.19 %
MAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls10/18/1812/03/18-19.94 %
TSLAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls10/26/1812/03/1829.80 %
MAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls10/24/1812/03/1815.22 %
WTWOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls10/17/1811/09/18-99.66 %
WMTOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls10/23/1811/09/1884.33 %
GMOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls07/30/1810/29/18-68.44 %
SPOTOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls09/11/1810/29/18-84.58 %
NFLXOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls10/03/1810/29/18-94.64 %
FDXOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls09/17/1810/29/18-92.69 %
AMZNOption SuperstarsOptionsLong Vertical Spread10/25/1810/26/18-99.95 %
AMZNOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls10/24/1810/26/18-99.48 %
TSLAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls10/23/1810/25/1844.87 %
ANIXOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long09/13/1810/24/181.01 %
SPYOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Puts10/18/1810/23/1829.02 %
NBEVOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long10/11/1810/17/189.48 %
ANIXOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long09/11/1810/17/1863.13 %
ANIXOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long07/17/1810/17/18101.88 %
AAPLOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Puts08/20/1810/12/18-70.50 %
ANIXOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long08/15/1810/10/1860.95 %
ANIXOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long08/14/1810/10/1843.29 %
GPSOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls09/24/1809/26/1820.63 %
NFLXOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls09/21/1809/24/1820.50 %
HDOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls09/17/1809/19/188.47 %
HDOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls09/14/1809/19/1814.87 %
BAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls07/17/1809/17/18-84.18 %
TSLAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls07/02/1809/17/18-99.85 %
BABAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/26/1809/17/18-99.83 %
GSOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/22/1809/17/18-98.66 %
GSOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/15/1809/17/18-98.98 %
GSOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls05/23/1809/17/18-99.35 %
CRMOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls08/30/1809/13/1835.15 %
RHTOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls07/13/1809/11/182.10 %
RHTOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls07/16/1809/11/187.35 %
RHTOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls07/17/1809/11/1811.45 %
RHTOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls07/16/1809/11/1815.87 %
STZOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls08/28/1809/10/1822.83 %
LMTOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls07/31/1809/07/185.73 %
LMTOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls08/21/1809/07/1831.03 %
LMTOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls08/27/1809/07/1836.07 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls07/26/1808/28/1812.95 %
ANIXOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long07/16/1808/27/1823.27 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls07/27/1808/27/1819.70 %
HDOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls08/17/1808/20/1814.44 %
HDOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls08/17/1808/20/1817.32 %
HDOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls08/15/1808/16/1819.05 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls08/15/1808/16/1812.67 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls07/30/1808/16/1816.19 %
RACEOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls07/24/1808/14/18-95.35 %
WMTOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls08/08/1808/14/1814.35 %
MCDOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls07/27/1808/14/1820.90 %
PYPLOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls08/03/1808/07/1822.22 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls07/30/1808/03/1818.30 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls07/30/1808/03/1818.30 %
BMYOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls07/26/1807/30/1821.72 %
MUOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/11/1807/30/18-99.28 %
MOSYOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long05/16/1807/30/18-42.86 %
MOSYOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long06/15/1807/30/18-37.21 %
MOSYOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long07/26/1807/30/18-7.69 %
MCDOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls07/26/1807/27/1823.35 %
JNJOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls07/25/1807/26/1838.71 %
JNJOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls07/25/1807/26/1842.15 %
JNJOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls07/25/1807/26/1835.71 %
MSFTOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls07/20/1807/26/1823.65 %
MOSYOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long05/25/1807/25/1817.86 %
DANOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls07/24/1807/25/18-68.75 %
GSOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls07/18/1807/24/1820.11 %
PYPLOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls07/13/1807/24/1848.53 %
JDOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/18/1807/20/18-100.00 %
JDOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/18/1807/20/18-100.00 %
BABAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/14/1807/20/18-100.00 %
JDOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/19/1807/20/18-100.00 %
JDOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/18/1807/20/18-100.00 %
BABAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/15/1807/20/18-100.00 %
AAPLOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/04/1807/20/18-100.00 %
DISOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls07/18/1807/19/1831.61 %
BAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/18/1807/18/18-87.77 %
BAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/18/1807/18/18-88.74 %
COption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls07/12/1807/16/1816.39 %
JPMOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/18/1807/16/187.75 %
JPMOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/19/1807/16/1821.26 %
JPMOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/22/1807/16/1827.13 %
JPMOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/22/1807/16/1823.31 %
MOSYOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long06/12/1807/12/1815.15 %
RHTOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls07/10/1807/12/1839.13 %
MSFTOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/26/1807/12/1831.03 %
RHTOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls07/10/1807/12/1836.43 %
JPMOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/26/1807/10/1825.54 %
CELGOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls07/06/1807/10/1823.88 %
CELGOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls07/06/1807/09/1820.30 %
JPMOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls07/05/1807/09/1824.52 %
FBOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/27/1807/06/1818.31 %
GILDOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/22/1807/06/1852.58 %
GILDOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/06/1807/06/1855.79 %
GILDOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/14/1807/05/1825.42 %
GILDOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/14/1807/05/1821.04 %
GILDOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/15/1806/29/1819.07 %
GILDOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/18/1806/26/1825.72 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/25/1806/26/183.90 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/25/1806/26/186.93 %
JDOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/18/1806/22/18-100.00 %
NVDAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/07/1806/14/1819.96 %
FBOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/11/1806/14/1820.00 %
FBOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/11/1806/14/1820.73 %
TMUSOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls05/16/1806/13/1821.24 %
TMUSOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls05/23/1806/13/1821.10 %
ATVIOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/08/1806/13/1823.13 %
ATVIOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/08/1806/13/1824.83 %
EAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/08/1806/11/1830.77 %
STZOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/05/1806/08/1819.60 %
STZOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/05/1806/08/1819.44 %
STZOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/05/1806/08/1821.99 %
FDXOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls06/07/1806/08/1825.41 %
MCDOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls05/08/1806/07/1819.34 %
MCDOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls05/08/1806/07/1819.64 %
MCDOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls05/09/1806/07/1825.47 %
MCDOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls05/15/1806/07/1824.59 %
MCDOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls05/31/1806/06/1823.68 %
STZOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls05/16/1806/05/1820.56 %
STZOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls05/16/1806/05/1822.60 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls05/29/1806/04/1816.54 %
JPMOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls05/31/1806/04/1820.29 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls05/15/1806/04/1822.35 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls05/23/1806/04/1821.20 %
STZOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls05/16/1805/30/1813.07 %
STZOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls05/10/1805/30/187.02 %
AVGOOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls05/16/1805/25/1819.65 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls05/17/1805/21/1821.57 %
STZOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls05/15/1805/16/1829.25 %
STZOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls05/11/1805/14/1822.22 %
TSLAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls05/08/1805/10/1833.11 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls03/21/1805/07/184.17 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls05/04/1805/07/1821.39 %
NVDAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls04/02/1805/07/1821.23 %
NVDAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls05/04/1805/07/1864.03 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls04/20/1804/26/1817.15 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls04/24/1804/26/1823.12 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls04/24/1804/26/1824.32 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls04/24/1804/26/1823.12 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls04/20/1804/26/1817.64 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls03/28/1804/26/1876.26 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls03/28/1804/26/1876.62 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls03/28/1804/26/1875.36 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls04/20/1804/26/1823.62 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls03/28/1804/23/1852.48 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls03/28/1804/23/1852.30 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls04/02/1804/23/1847.80 %
MSOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls03/16/1804/20/18-100.00 %
AAPLOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls01/24/1804/20/18-100.00 %
ANIXOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long03/28/1804/20/1811.91 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls03/28/1803/29/1821.22 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls03/28/1803/29/1821.43 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls03/28/1803/29/1826.16 %
RGSEOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long11/01/1703/29/18-49.50 %
ARQLOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long01/26/1803/21/1861.02 %
ARQLOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long01/17/1803/21/1846.20 %
SLCAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls01/16/1803/16/18-98.84 %
ARQLOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long01/24/1803/16/1830.06 %
ARQLOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long01/08/1803/16/1825.70 %
ARQLOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long01/04/1803/16/1822.22 %
ARQLOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long12/28/1703/16/1833.14 %
ARQLOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long12/21/1703/16/1840.63 %
ARQLOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long12/18/1703/16/1847.06 %
ARQLOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long12/04/1703/16/1844.23 %
TVIXOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long12/08/1702/05/1821.95 %
BABAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls01/16/1801/24/1856.43 %
ANIXOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long01/09/1801/24/1840.45 %
ANIXOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long11/14/1701/24/1876.06 %
AMDOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls11/07/1701/19/18-52.32 %
RIGOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls12/04/1701/16/1826.95 %
EXPEOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls01/05/1801/16/18196.88 %
GSOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls01/09/1801/16/18108.00 %
GSOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls01/09/1801/16/18108.00 %
ARQLOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long12/08/1701/09/1813.91 %
AAPLOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls12/28/1701/05/1824.35 %
BABAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls12/12/1701/04/1829.41 %
AMZNOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls12/07/1701/04/1824.42 %
FBOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls12/13/1701/04/1827.68 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls12/28/1701/04/1846.85 %
BABAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls12/28/1701/04/1898.83 %
UPSOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls12/04/1701/04/1838.22 %
BABAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls12/18/1701/03/1855.07 %
NVDAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls12/07/1701/03/1835.83 %
RGSEOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long12/08/1712/28/1723.48 %
NVDAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls12/12/1712/21/179.62 %
AMDOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls12/07/1712/18/1732.56 %
BABAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls12/12/1712/13/1721.16 %
AAPLOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls12/07/1712/13/1719.91 %
JPMOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls12/08/1712/12/1720.93 %
CLSNOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long10/31/1712/12/1717.12 %
ARQLOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long11/03/1712/12/1746.08 %
BABAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls12/05/1712/08/1725.68 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls12/04/1712/07/1726.58 %
RGSEOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long11/10/1712/07/17-29.78 %
BIIBOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls10/30/1711/30/177.11 %
GSOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls11/09/1711/30/1751.77 %
FDXOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls10/30/1711/30/1718.39 %
FDXOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls11/13/1711/29/1755.97 %
MSFTOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls11/10/1711/28/177.44 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls11/10/1711/28/1714.29 %
MRVLOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls11/20/1711/21/1752.67 %
BABAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls11/09/1711/21/178.21 %
ATVIOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls11/17/1711/21/1712.50 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls11/17/1711/21/1713.49 %
AAPLOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls11/16/1711/21/1725.32 %
ARQLOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long10/27/1711/20/1735.64 %
ANIXOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long10/30/1711/20/1751.81 %
THOOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls11/09/1711/20/1764.89 %
FDXOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls10/30/1711/17/17-99.78 %
WMTOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls11/09/1711/16/17202.70 %
TMUSOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls11/07/1711/16/1783.73 %
TJXOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls11/07/1711/14/170.00 %
VOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls11/09/1711/09/1711.80 %
ARQLOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long11/01/1711/09/1725.00 %
ARQLOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long10/16/1711/09/1716.07 %
LOWOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls11/02/1711/07/176.44 %
SPYOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls10/30/1711/07/1743.18 %
SLCAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls10/09/1711/07/1765.63 %
SLCAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls10/09/1711/07/1761.19 %
XXIIOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long10/16/1711/03/17-31.27 %
TVIXOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long11/01/1711/02/170.47 %
SLCAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls10/13/1710/31/1718.63 %
BABAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls10/30/1710/31/1722.28 %
BABAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls09/20/1710/31/1731.58 %
BABAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls10/16/1710/31/1735.54 %
BABAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls10/16/1710/31/1735.54 %
AVGOOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls09/13/1710/30/1739.13 %
SLCAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls10/16/1710/27/1718.67 %
AAPLOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls09/19/1710/27/174.58 %
AMZNOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls09/29/1710/27/17220.51 %
CLSNOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long10/13/1710/26/17-31.19 %
ARQLOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long10/18/1710/25/17-10.71 %
XXIIOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long10/16/1710/18/17-8.22 %
NVDAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls10/10/1710/16/1724.50 %
AMZNOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls09/18/1710/16/1714.86 %
AAPLOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls09/20/1710/16/175.23 %
AAPLOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls09/21/1710/16/1744.00 %
LOWOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls09/13/1710/13/1738.53 %
RIGOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls10/12/1710/13/17107.46 %
RADOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long10/03/1710/12/17-20.28 %
AAPLOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls09/29/1710/12/1730.90 %
NVDAOption SuperstarsOptionsLong Vertical Spread10/10/1710/12/1752.66 %
TENXOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long10/09/1710/10/17-11.56 %
AMZNOption SuperstarsOptionsLong Vertical Spread09/18/1710/06/1768.29 %
CLSNOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long10/04/1710/05/17-21.57 %
BABAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls09/25/1710/04/1755.77 %
ACRXOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long10/02/1710/03/174.85 %
OPTTOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long10/03/1710/03/178.39 %
DFFNOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long09/20/1709/29/17-14.87 %
GALEOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long09/28/1709/29/17-8.86 %
PTCTOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long09/27/1709/29/1710.14 %
ANIXOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long09/27/1709/28/17-16.11 %
MYSZOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long09/26/1709/27/17-19.67 %
ANIXOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long09/25/1709/26/1738.46 %
LOWOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls09/18/1709/26/1715.76 %
SLCAOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls09/14/1709/26/1762.69 %
SPYOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls09/25/1709/26/1728.92 %
ANIXOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long09/25/1709/25/17-3.85 %
ANIXOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long09/20/1709/25/1760.00 %
SHAKOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls09/15/1709/20/1728.89 %
FDXOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls09/13/1709/20/1727.47 %
ANIXOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long09/18/1709/20/1742.86 %
SPYOption SuperstarsOptionsBuy Calls09/15/1709/18/1746.51 %
ANIXOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long09/15/1709/18/1720.97 %
ANIXOption SuperstarsEquityBuy Long09/14/1709/18/1729.50 %
AMZNOption SuperstarsOptionsLong Vertical Spread09/13/1709/15/1712.07 %
AAPLOption SuperstarsOptionsLong Vertical Spread09/14/1709/15/1720.38 %


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Chip stocks have fallen out of favor on Wall Street of late The Philadelphia Semiconductor Index has slid over 13 over the past six months as fears about an industrywide slowdown have spooked investors Not surprisingly the broad market sell off has hurt high flying chipmakers

General Mills (GIS) Dips More Than Broader Markets: What You Should Know

General Mills GIS closed the most recent trading day at 37 38 moving 1 94 from the previous trading session This move lagged the S amp P 500 s daily loss of 1 91 Elsewhere the Dow lost 2 02 while the tech heavy Nasdaq lost 2 26 Coming into today shares of the maker of

BlackBerry (BB) Stock Moves -1.43%: What You Should Know

BlackBerry BB closed at 7 60 in the latest trading session marking a 1 43 move from the prior day This change was narrower than the S amp P 500 s 1 91 loss on the day Elsewhere the Dow lost 2 02 while the tech heavy Nasdaq lost 2 26 Prior to today s trading shares of

Sony (SNE) Stock Moves -1.74%: What You Should Know

Sony SNE closed the most recent trading day at 51 29 moving 1 74 from the previous trading session This move was narrower than the S amp P 500 s daily loss of 1 91 Elsewhere the Dow lost 2 02 while the tech heavy Nasdaq lost 2 26 Coming into today shares of the electronics and

Kinder Morgan (KMI) Stock Moves -1.46%: What You Should Know

In the latest trading session Kinder Morgan KMI closed at 16 17 marking a 1 46 move from the previous day This move was narrower than the S amp P 500 s daily loss of 1 91 At the same time the Dow lost 2 02 and the tech heavy Nasdaq lost 2 26 Prior to today s trading shares of

VMware (VMW) Stock Moves -1.75%: What You Should Know

In the latest trading session VMware VMW closed at 158 58 marking a 1 75 move from the previous day This move was narrower than the S amp P 500 s daily loss of 1 91 At the same time the Dow lost 2 02 and the tech heavy Nasdaq lost 2 26 Prior to today s trading shares of the

HP (HPQ) Stock Moves -1.26%: What You Should Know

In the latest trading session HP HPQ closed at 22 01 marking a 1 26 move from the previous day This move was narrower than the S amp P 500 s daily loss of 1 91 At the same time the Dow lost 2 02 and the tech heavy Nasdaq lost 2 26 Prior to today s trading shares of the

United States Steel (X) Stock Moves -0.94%: What You Should Know

United States Steel X closed at 20 02 in the latest trading session marking a 0 94 move from the prior day This change was narrower than the S amp P 500 s 1 91 loss on the day At the same time the Dow lost 2 02 and the tech heavy Nasdaq lost 2 26 Heading into today shares of