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Matthew Burdeshaw

Joined: 5/12/2017
Education: High School
Trading Experience: 2-5 yrs
I am a Junior Operations and Managment double major at the University of Maryland College Park. I have been trading in some form or another for four years. I am largely self taught.

Trading Philosophy:

Only buy firms with a sustainable competitive edge that will succeed through the long term. Risk/reward ratio is the most important thing to evaluate. Short term trading is a waste of time, timing purchases is dangerous, buy and hold is the easiest and safest way to make to...

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since Inception
% SuccessYTD ReturnAll Time ReturnRiskFees
Burdeshaw Investing13.85 %14/11559.13 %107.69 %135.51 %
Tech and Bio Swing Trades-6.28 %6/5149.02 %-38.07 %-38.07 %

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SymbolService NamePosition Type% Return Issue Date
DRYSTech and Bio Swing TradesBuy Long4.14 %5/8/2018
AMDTech and Bio Swing TradesBuy Long10.93 %4/25/2018
AMZNBurdeshaw InvestingBuy Long0.16 %3/20/2018
ETHUSDBurdeshaw InvestingBuy Long-8.01 %3/8/2018
EVNUSDBurdeshaw InvestingBuy Long-13.02 %3/8/2018


SymbolService NameStrategy% ReturnIssue Date
BABATech and Bio Swing TradesBuy Calls-27.41 %5/11/2018
JCPTech and Bio Swing TradesBuy Puts7.32 %5/11/2018
DBXBurdeshaw InvestingBuy Puts-4.64 %5/10/2018
DBXTech and Bio Swing TradesBuy Puts-54.84 %5/10/2018
DBXTech and Bio Swing TradesBuy Puts-100.00 %5/10/2018