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Matthew Burdeshaw

Joined: 5/12/2017
Education: High School
Trading Experience: 2-5 yrs
I am a Junior Operations and Managment double major at the University of Maryland College Park. I have been trading in some form or another for four years. I am largely self taught.

Trading Philosophy:

Only buy firms with a sustainable competitive edge that will succeed through the long term. Risk/reward ratio is the most important thing to evaluate. Short term trading is a waste of time, timing purchases is dangerous, buy and hold is the easiest and safest way to make to...

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Burdeshaw Investing10.83 %6/13656.62 %100.03 %126.83 %
Tech and Bio Swing Trades-8.77 %3/5448.15 %-53.15 %-53.15 %

Closed Recommendations

SymbolServiceTypeStrategy Created Closed% Return
TTNPTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Calls05/15/1811/16/18-100.00 %
DBXBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Puts08/06/1810/23/1875.32 %
SNAPBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Puts09/12/1810/23/18120.74 %
SUPNBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls08/21/1810/23/188.89 %
BTXBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls04/19/1809/21/18-100.00 %
SPYBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Puts04/04/1809/21/18-100.00 %
WATTBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long03/06/1809/17/18-53.32 %
DBXBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Puts06/29/1809/12/1854.67 %
SNAPBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls09/11/1809/12/18-40.00 %
AMDBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Puts06/29/1809/11/18-93.15 %
NVDABurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls03/13/1809/11/18-99.56 %
SNAPBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Puts08/29/1809/05/18130.23 %
ADBETech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Calls06/06/1808/17/18-100.00 %
TTNPBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls03/08/1808/17/18-100.00 %
TTNPBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls03/08/1808/17/18-100.00 %
TTNPBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls03/08/1808/17/18-100.00 %
XRPUSDBurdeshaw InvestingCryptocurrencyBuy Long01/30/1808/07/18-66.61 %
KTOSTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Calls05/10/1808/07/1847.62 %
EDITBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long01/30/1807/27/18-22.23 %
SUPNBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long06/29/1807/05/18-17.71 %
GOOGBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls05/10/1806/29/189.09 %
AMZNBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls03/27/1806/29/1820.12 %
AMZNBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls03/13/1806/29/1816.21 %
SUPNBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls05/09/1806/29/18119.26 %
JCPTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Puts05/11/1806/06/187.32 %
DBXTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Puts05/10/1805/25/18-100.00 %
BABATech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Calls05/11/1805/15/18-27.59 %
DBXBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Puts05/10/1805/15/18-4.35 %
DBXTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Puts05/10/1805/15/18-34.62 %
DBXTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Puts05/10/1805/15/18-20.00 %
DBXTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Puts05/10/1805/11/18-54.84 %
DBXTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Puts05/10/1805/11/18-55.56 %
YELPTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsLong Strangle05/10/1805/11/18-5.60 %
DISTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Calls05/08/1805/10/18-84.79 %
GOOGBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long01/30/1805/10/18-6.08 %
DBXTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Calls05/10/1805/10/180.00 %
DBXTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsLong Strangle05/10/1805/10/18-0.85 %
GOOGTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Calls04/24/1805/10/18180.16 %
SUPNBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long11/21/1705/09/1826.13 %
DIVBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long09/19/1705/09/18-4.22 %
PLUGTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Puts05/08/1805/09/182.27 %
OSTKTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Puts05/08/1805/09/18-12.66 %
ROKUTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsLong Strangle05/08/1805/09/182.37 %
SUPNTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Calls05/08/1805/09/1845.57 %
DRYSTech and Bio Swing TradesEquityBuy Long05/08/1805/09/184.14 %
EDITTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Calls05/03/1805/04/1842.65 %
MEETTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsLong Strangle04/30/1805/03/18-68.75 %
ZENTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Calls04/30/1805/02/1860.53 %
AAPLTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Calls04/30/1805/02/18133.61 %
SNAPTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsLong Strangle04/30/1805/02/1859.02 %
AMZNTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Calls04/24/1804/30/18108.88 %
AMDTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Calls04/24/1804/27/18-148.78 %
AMDTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Calls04/25/1804/26/1894.90 %
AMDTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Calls04/25/1804/26/18102.41 %
AMDTech and Bio Swing TradesEquityBuy Long04/25/1804/26/1810.94 %
AMDTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Calls04/25/1804/26/1896.91 %
IRBTTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsLong Strangle04/24/1804/25/18-69.05 %
IPHITech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsLong Strangle04/24/1804/25/1829.52 %
FBTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Puts04/24/1804/25/1847.36 %
GOOGTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Puts04/24/1804/25/18-55.98 %
LLYTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Calls04/23/1804/24/18-51.30 %
BIIBTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Puts04/23/1804/24/18-6.93 %
LMTTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Calls04/23/1804/24/18-90.91 %
GOOGTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsLong Strangle04/23/1804/24/18-33.86 %
VZTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Calls04/23/1804/24/1855.56 %
NFLXTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Calls04/16/1804/17/1844.61 %
TTNPTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Calls03/29/1804/16/18-50.00 %
ADMPTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Calls03/23/1804/16/18-80.00 %
ARQLTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Calls04/10/1804/16/18-39.13 %
EBIOTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Calls03/23/1804/05/1880.00 %
VIXYBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Puts03/19/1804/04/18-87.50 %
ETHUSDBurdeshaw InvestingCryptocurrencyBuy Long03/05/1803/29/18-53.21 %
SWCHTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Puts03/23/1803/29/187.14 %
ALNYTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Calls03/20/1803/29/18-73.53 %
TTNPBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls03/20/1803/28/18300.00 %
AMZNBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long03/20/1803/27/180.15 %
HTGMTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Calls03/21/1803/23/18-50.00 %
CLLSTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Calls03/20/1803/23/18-32.14 %
IMGNTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Calls03/20/1803/23/187.69 %
TTNPBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls03/14/1803/23/18800.00 %
IMGNBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls03/21/1803/23/18-19.15 %
VIXYTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Calls03/21/1803/22/1840.24 %
MUTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsLong Straddle03/21/1803/22/1820.10 %
IMGNTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Calls03/21/1803/21/180.00 %
IMGNTech and Bio Swing TradesOptionsBuy Calls03/20/1803/21/1838.46 %
VIXYBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls03/19/1803/21/18120.45 %
TTNPBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls03/06/1803/20/1828.57 %
TTNPBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls03/06/1803/20/1828.57 %
FBBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long01/30/1803/20/18-11.49 %
TTNPBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long03/07/1803/19/188.00 %
TTNPBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls03/06/1803/19/1814.29 %
TTNPBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls03/06/1803/19/1814.29 %
TTNPBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls03/06/1803/19/1814.29 %
VIXYBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls03/08/1803/19/1811.71 %
XLMUSDBurdeshaw InvestingCryptocurrencyBuy Long01/30/1803/17/18-61.00 %
AMZNBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls03/06/1803/13/184.13 %
AMZNBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls02/01/1803/13/1838.35 %
TTNPBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls03/08/1803/09/18233.33 %
ETHUSDBurdeshaw InvestingCryptocurrencyBuy Long03/08/1803/08/18-8.06 %
EVNUSDBurdeshaw InvestingCryptocurrencyBuy Long03/08/1803/08/18-13.19 %
TTNPBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls03/06/1803/08/18900.00 %
TTNPBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls03/06/1803/08/18900.00 %
TTNPBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls03/06/1803/08/18900.00 %
TTNPBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls03/06/1803/08/18900.00 %
TTNPBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls03/06/1803/08/18900.00 %
VIXYBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Puts02/15/1803/08/180.00 %
WATTBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Puts02/21/1803/06/18-77.78 %
TTNPBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls03/02/1803/06/18860.00 %
TTNPBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls03/02/1803/06/18860.00 %
EOSUSDBurdeshaw InvestingCryptocurrencyBuy Long01/29/1803/05/18-39.97 %
SRNEBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsLong Strangle02/22/1803/05/18-30.77 %
SRRABurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls02/27/1803/05/180.00 %
AMZNBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls02/27/1803/02/180.75 %
KMPHBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsLong Strangle02/22/1803/02/18-85.71 %
MBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Puts02/21/1802/27/1811.67 %
AMZNBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls02/08/1802/20/1816.82 %
MOMOBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls02/13/1802/19/1825.00 %
VIXYBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Puts02/14/1802/16/18-11.11 %
FBBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls01/31/1802/15/18-98.32 %
AMAGBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls02/13/1802/15/18240.91 %
ROKUBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long11/21/1702/14/1813.85 %
APRIBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long01/30/1802/13/1810.84 %
AMAGBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls01/31/1802/12/1892.31 %
AMAGBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long01/26/1802/07/18-10.65 %
AMAGBurdeshaw InvestingOptionsBuy Calls01/31/1802/06/18100.00 %
NEOUSDBurdeshaw InvestingCryptocurrencyBuy Long01/30/1802/05/18-46.88 %
AMZNBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long01/30/1802/01/181.73 %
FBBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long11/21/1701/30/181.43 %
AMZNBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long11/21/1701/30/1823.59 %
AMZNBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long11/28/1701/30/1818.65 %
GOOGBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long11/28/1701/30/1812.39 %
GOOGBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long11/21/1701/30/1813.41 %
EDITBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long11/21/1701/30/1845.67 %
EDITBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long09/13/1701/30/1886.73 %
ETHUSDBurdeshaw InvestingCryptocurrencyBuy Long11/21/1701/29/18215.45 %
BTCUSDBurdeshaw InvestingCryptocurrencySell Short12/07/1701/29/1831.21 %
RIOTBurdeshaw InvestingEquitySell Short12/22/1712/26/17-6.91 %
NFLXBurdeshaw InvestingEquitySell Short11/21/1712/22/173.18 %
IMDZBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long11/21/1712/13/17-16.67 %
SQBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long11/21/1711/29/17-18.89 %
FBBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long05/15/1711/21/1720.76 %
GOOGBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long05/12/1711/21/1710.49 %
AMZNBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long05/12/1711/21/1718.57 %
NTLABurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long09/13/1711/21/17-2.38 %
LLYBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long06/20/1711/21/170.95 %
FITBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long05/15/1711/21/178.92 %
CRSPBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long09/13/1711/21/172.00 %
WATTBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long09/13/1711/06/17-23.22 %
FLXNBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long10/05/1710/10/17-3.58 %
NEOSBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long09/14/1709/18/17-4.42 %
DIVBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long09/13/1709/14/17-0.24 %
GMBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long05/15/1709/13/1711.68 %
WATTBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long09/13/1709/13/17-0.10 %
AMGNBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long06/20/1709/12/1713.05 %
WATTBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long05/15/1708/10/17-18.64 %
TTNPBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long05/19/1708/09/17-38.78 %
TEVABurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long06/20/1708/03/17-20.27 %
ALKSBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long05/23/1708/02/17-7.41 %
IPCIBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long07/24/1708/02/17-19.68 %
EGRXBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long07/12/1707/26/17-29.07 %
IPCIBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long07/19/1707/24/17-12.28 %
PBYIBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long07/12/1707/19/174.36 %
TTNPBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long06/30/1707/12/17-2.63 %
HALOBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long06/19/1706/26/174.52 %
ARNCBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long05/17/1706/26/17-7.55 %
aldrBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long05/23/1706/20/1710.60 %
NEOSBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long06/13/1706/19/1712.50 %
FOLDBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long05/15/1706/16/1716.88 %
EPZMBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long06/12/1706/13/17-4.37 %
EPZMBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long06/12/1706/12/17-3.17 %
PTIBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long06/09/1706/09/173.29 %
PTIBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long06/09/1706/09/173.17 %
IMDZBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long06/01/1706/02/174.93 %
VZBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long05/12/1706/01/170.79 %
MRKBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long05/22/1705/23/17-0.24 %
FRTABurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long05/22/1705/23/17-0.11 %
PBYIBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long05/22/1705/22/17-3.14 %
PBYIBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long05/22/1705/22/17-2.73 %
MOMOBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long05/19/1705/22/174.41 %
TTNPBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long05/12/1705/19/176.67 %
FBBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long05/17/1705/19/171.23 %
AMATBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long05/18/1705/19/173.50 %
IMDZBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long05/17/1705/18/177.89 %
IMDZBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long05/17/1705/17/17-1.63 %
AQBBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long05/15/1705/17/170.36 %
TTNPBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long05/15/1705/17/175.62 %
OMERBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long05/15/1705/17/178.18 %
DIVBurdeshaw InvestingEquityBuy Long05/12/1705/15/170.42 %


Here's Why Square Is Plunging on Monday

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What happened Payment processing and fintech company Square NYSE SQ is having an absolutely dreadful Monday As of 1 30 p m EST the stock is down by about 10 and is hovering just above the lows of the day While Square has been on a downtrend over the past month or

Why Bitcoin Investment Trust Stock Dropped on Monday

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What s happening Shares of Bitcoin Investment Trust NASDAQOTH GBTC are down by roughly 11 as of 1 00 p m EST following the 9 plunge in bitcoin BTC USD since the close of the stock markets on Friday Cryptocurrencies large and small are diving in value as investors try

Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc. (SPB) Q4 2018 Earnings Conference Call Transcript

12:00 AM
Image source The Motley Fool Spectrum Brands Holdings Inc NYSE SPB Q4 2018 Earnings Conference Call November 19 2018 9 00 a m ET Contents Prepared Remarks Questions and Answers Call Participants Prepared Remarks

European Equity Benchmarks Close Lower led by Falling Tech, Health Care, Luxury Goods Stocks

12:00 AM
The broad based major European indices closed lower in Monday trading as technology health care and luxury goods stocks led the markets into negative territory to start out the week The broad based major European indices closed lower in Monday trading as technology health care and luxury

Mid-Day Update: Wall Street Sinks Further Amid Lingering Trade War Concerns, Tech Rout

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US stocks dropped further around midday on Monday amid lingering trade war concerns and weakness in the technology sector US stocks dropped further around midday on Monday amid lingering trade war concerns and weakness in the technology sector In economic news the November National Association

Why Colfax Got the Axe Today -- Down 16%

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What happened Investors in Annapolis Junction Md based Colfax Corporation NYSE CFX are watching their stock get chopped down 16 4 as of 11 45 a m EST after the diversified industrial technology company announced a 3 15 billion deal to buy DJO Global from

Why Spectrum Brands Holdings Inc. Shares Plunged Today

12:00 AM
What happened Shares of Spectrum Brands Holdings Inc NYSE SPB were falling today after the parent of household product brands like Rayovac Remington and Iams posted a disappointing fourth quarter earnings report As of 11 12 a m EST the stock was down 19 3 So Inc (JD) Q3 2018 Earnings Conference Call Transcript

12:00 AM
Image source The Motley Fool JD com Inc NASDAQ JD Q3 160 2018 Earnings Conference Call Nov 19 2018 7 00 a m ET Contents Prepared Remarks Questions and Answers Call Participants Prepared Remarks Operator Hello

Macerich's BrandBox to Help Digital Brands Open Retail Stores

12:00 AM
Retail REIT The Macerich Company MAC recently unveiled a new retail concept BrandBox that will offer digitally native brands a programmatic approach to open operate and scale stores as a complement to e commerce The Tysons Corner Center in Tysons VA happened to be the first

Best Buy Stock Has a Lot to Prove This Week

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One of the market s most surprising turnaround stories is starting to lose momentum Shares of Best Buy NYSE BBY 160 have fallen 21 since peaking three months ago and that s not the kind of direction you want to be heading in just ahead of a crucial financial update Best

Here's Why You Should Buy Applied Industrial (AIT) Stock Now

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U S manufacturing output marked its fifth straight monthly hike this October as factory activities significantly steamed up in the space Also an above 50 ISM Index for the last month indicates growth in American manufacturing Amid setbacks like supply side constraints and

A Foolish Take: Amazon and Walmart Could Dominate Black Friday

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Amazon NASDAQ AMZN and Walmart NYSE WMT could attract the most deal seekers on Black Friday according to a recent BlackFriday com survey of 1 500 U S shoppers Over half of those shoppers expect the two retailers to offer the best deals during this year s biggest

A Foolish Take: 2019 Medicare Premiums Will Rise Slightly

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More than 50 million Americans 65 or older received Medicare benefits in 2018 and the number has been steadily on the rise As more of the baby boomer generation reaches the 65 year old eligibility age for Medicare the healthcare program has been increasingly crucial in

Ball Corporation Hits 52-Week High on Solid Q3 Performance

12:00 AM
Shares of Ball Corporation BLL scaled a fresh 52 week high of 50 98 during trading session on Nov 16 before retracing a bit to close at 50 50 The company has a market cap of 17 1 billion Over the last three months its average volume of shares traded has been approximately 3 15M

AptarGroup (ATR) to Hike Prices for Beauty Products by 5-10%

12:00 AM
AptarGroup Inc ATR recently announced that the company will implement a price hike by 5 10 for its beauty personal care and home care products in North America The price hike which will be effective with shipments beginning on Jan 1 2019 has been implemented to counter significant