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Symmetry Options

Symmetry Options

Joined: 6/17/2017
Education: Graduate
Trading Experience: 10-20 yrs
Symmetry Options uses technical analysis the focus on stocks that are prepared to make quick, significant moves up or down. We only use calls and puts to capitalize on this information and hope to return a significant profit in a very short period of time. Ideally in a week or less.


Swing Trading,Technical Trading

Trading Philosophy:

I use technical analysis to capture profits using options on a very short term basis. Usually within not more than one week.
I don't focus on any parti

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Success Rate

610.49 %

YTD Return

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SymbolPosition Type% Return Issue Date
CYCCBuy Long-12.20 %10/14/2017
NEOTBuy Long85.98 %10/14/2017
TENXBuy Long-16.77 %10/7/2017
GEVOBuy Long-7.65 %10/3/2017
GSSBuy Long10.45 %7/16/2017


SymbolStrategy% ReturnIssue Date
TEVABuy Calls11.54 %12/11/2017
TBuy Calls0.00 %12/11/2017
KEMBuy Calls-16.67 %12/11/2017
CIENBuy Calls-6.45 %12/11/2017
DBBuy Calls-19.35 %12/11/2017

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