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Jambalaya Trades


Joined: 5/8/2017
Education: Graduate
Trading Experience: 2-5 yrs
I target 5% consistent profits on every trade I make. Mirroring my trades is very easy. Just mirror my trades and read my plan for each trade I make. You should see a steady growth in your portfolio. You pay just $1 for each trading day in a month to see your portfolio grow. *I am giving a 50% discount on the yearly plan now.


ETFs,Swing Trading

Trading Philosophy:

If you are right, maximize your profits. If you are wrong, cut your losses quickly. I am right only 50% of the times but ...

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5.12 %

YTD Return

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SymbolPosition Type% Return Issue Date
CLDRBuy Long-4.99 %9/6/2017
MOMOBuy Long-6.65 %8/2/2017
MUBuy Long-3.11 %8/2/2017
AMDBuy Long-4.20 %8/2/2017
SNAPBuy Long-3.23 %8/2/2017


SymbolStrategy% ReturnIssue Date
SPYBuy Calls93.33 %6/27/2017

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