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The Grim Contango

Joined: 5/26/2017
Education: Graduate
Trading Experience: 0-2 yrs
This is primarily a donation point for those who are happy with The Grim Contango service. However... we're going to be posting "bonus" trades here. Those "bonus" trades may or may not be better than what we are trading in The Grim Contango. As of this edit, we are the #2 performing subscription on Stock Hoot.


Momentum Trading,Short Term

Trading Philosophy:

Short the VIX. It remains a profitable strategy, but we're also going to play high percentage vertical spreads. You really alm...

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TVIXSubscribe-5.79 %11/7/2017
TVIXSubscribe-4.50 %11/3/2017
TVIXSubscribe-4.88 %11/1/2017
UVXYSubscribe-4.80 %11/1/2017
XIVBuy Long0.10 %10/20/2017


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VXXBuy Puts1.58 %10/16/2017
VXXShort Vertical Spread100.00 %10/10/2017
VXXShort Vertical Spread0.00 %10/10/2017
UVXYShort Vertical Spread11.34 %9/14/2017
AMZNShort Vertical Spread105.60 %8/30/2017

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