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AMD - Advanced Micro Devices

$12.07 (1.95%)


SymbolService NamePosition TypeIssuePrice Price Target Issue Date% Return Comments
AMDArbitrage Trade AnalyticsBuy Long$10.83$13.0011/2/20179.14 %CommentsView Details
AMD1035evenBuy Long$12.87$1,400.009/25/201710.65 %CommentsView Details
AMDTechBuy Long$12.45$16.008/16/201714.38 %CommentsView Details
AMDTechBuy Long$12.28$16.008/10/201716.04 %CommentsView Details
AMDInactive - don’t subscribeBuy Long$13.33$14.0010/3/20175.03 %CommentsView Details
AMDFree style technician v01Buy Long$12.56$13.909/25/201710.67 %CommentsView Details
AMDprophet for profitBuy Long$12.84$14.008/9/20179.03 %CommentsView Details
AMDFree style technician v01Buy Long$12.64$13.909/26/20175.70 %CommentsView Details
AMD1035evenBuy Long$12.56$16.006/30/201722.69 %CommentsView Details
AMDHi AmericaBuy Long$13.71$14.507/14/20175.76 %CommentsView Details
AMDTechBuy Long$12.75$15.006/29/201717.65 %CommentsView Details
AMDProBullishBuy Long$13.98$15.006/21/20177.29 %CommentsView Details
AMDHi AmericaBuy Long$12.59$14.257/2/201713.18 %CommentsView Details
AMDIt's only moneyBuy Long$11.24$14.506/5/201729.00 %CommentsView Details
AMDIt's only moneyBuy Long$11.24$14.506/5/201729.00 %CommentsView Details
AMD1035evenBuy Long$10.90$13.756/3/201726.15 %CommentsView Details
AMDTom financial servicesBuy Long$10.79$13.005/11/201720.48 %CommentsView Details
AMDNeal TradingBuy Long$11.18$12.405/12/201710.96 %CommentsView Details
AMDPitakabu TradesBuy Long$10.76$11.905/10/201710.60 %CommentsView Details



Service NameAnalyst NamePosition TypePrice Target By Date % Return Issue Date
On the way up.jonathan taylorBuy LongSubscribeSubscribe7.10 %2/6/2018View Details
It's only moneyGavin wellsBuy LongSubscribeSubscribe-9.93 %6/27/2017View Details


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