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 BPTH - Bio-Path Holdings

$25.20 [-2.59][-9.32%]

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zhouacademyZhou AcademySubscribe97.18 %Subscribe11/12/1903/12/19View
zhouacademyZhou AcademySubscribe92.68 %Subscribe05/07/1903/07/19View
zhouacademyZhou AcademySubscribe93.33 %Subscribe06/07/1903/07/19View
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SymbolService NamePosition TypeIssuePrice Target PriceClose Date% Return Comments
BPTHARCO TRADESSell Short$12.08$1.0003/06/197.28 %CommentsView
BPTHARCO TRADESSell Short$12.19$1.0003/06/197.71 %CommentsView
BPTHARCO TRADESSell Short$12.25$1.0003/06/198.25 %CommentsView
BPTHARCO TRADESSell Short$12.17$1.0003/06/197.23 %CommentsView
BPTHARCO TRADESSell Short$12.20$1.0003/06/198.20 %CommentsView
BPTHARCO TRADESSell Short$12.23$1.0003/06/198.34 %CommentsView
BPTHARCO TRADESSell Short$12.60$1.0003/06/199.21 %CommentsView
BPTHARCO TRADESSell Short$12.64$1.0003/06/199.41 %CommentsView
BPTHARCO TRADESSell Short$12.50$1.0003/06/198.32 %CommentsView
BPTHARCO TRADESSell Short$12.61$1.0003/06/199.12 %CommentsView
BPTHARCO TRADESSell Short$12.53$1.0003/06/198.62 %CommentsView
BPTHARCO TRADESSell Short$12.53$1.0003/06/198.22 %CommentsView
BPTHARCO TRADESSell Short$12.53$1.0003/06/198.22 %CommentsView
BPTHARCO TRADESSell Short$12.77$1.0003/06/1910.10 %CommentsView
BPTHARCO TRADESSell Short$12.70$1.0003/06/199.61 %CommentsView
BPTHARCO TRADESSell Short$12.79$1.0003/06/1910.56 %CommentsView
BPTHARCO TRADESSell Short$12.65$1.0003/06/198.93 %CommentsView
BPTHARCO TRADESSell Short$12.61$1.0003/06/198.17 %CommentsView
BPTHARCO TRADESSell Short$12.57$1.0003/06/197.32 %CommentsView
BPTHARCO TRADESSell Short$12.62$1.0003/06/197.76 %CommentsView
BPTHARCO TRADESSell Short$12.57$1.0003/06/197.16 %CommentsView
BPTHARCO TRADESSell Short$12.59$1.0003/06/197.94 %CommentsView
BPTHARCO TRADESSell Short$12.55$1.0003/06/197.17 %CommentsView
BPTHARCO TRADESSell Short$12.33$1.0003/06/195.68 %CommentsView
BPTHARCO TRADESSell Short$12.46$1.0003/06/197.14 %CommentsView
BPTHARCO TRADESSell Short$12.53$1.0003/06/198.38 %CommentsView
BPTHARCO TRADESSell Short$12.75$1.0003/06/1910.74 %CommentsView
BPTHARCO TRADESSell Short$13.36$1.0003/06/1914.67 %CommentsView
BPTHARCO TRADESSell Short$13.35$1.0003/06/1915.36 %CommentsView
BPTHARCO TRADESSell Short$13.24$1.0003/06/1914.65 %CommentsView
BPTHARCO TRADESSell Short$13.15$1.0003/06/1914.45 %CommentsView
BPTHARCO TRADESSell Short$13.08$1.0003/06/196.19 %CommentsView
BPTHzhouacademySell Short$7.32$1.0003/05/1935.11 %CommentsView
BPTHzhouacademySell Short$7.29$1.0003/05/1935.94 %CommentsView
BPTHzhouacademySell Short$7.78$1.0003/05/1939.07 %CommentsView
BPTHzhouacademySell Short$7.94$1.0003/05/1940.43 %CommentsView


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