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 DGAZ - Credit Suisse AG

$14.22 (0%)


Service NameTrader NamePosition TypeTarget %Target PriceTarget Date Issue Date
120ºKevin BantzBuy Long22.28 %Subscribe11/16/1810/16/18View

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SymbolService NamePosition TypeIssuePrice Target PriceClose Date% Return Comments
DGAZLONG TERM PLAYSBuy Long$20.62$45.0007/03/1813.97 %CommentsView
DGAZAlpha Swing TradesBuy Long$20.95$23.0006/25/189.79 %CommentsView
DGAZbaskervilleBuy Long$26.84$44.0003/15/187.56 %CommentsView
DGAZbaskervilleBuy Long$26.65$44.0002/20/1810.99 %CommentsView
DGAZbaskervilleBuy Long$20.92$44.0002/12/1855.07 %CommentsView
DGAZbaskervilleBuy Long$23.18$44.0002/12/1839.90 %CommentsView
DGAZbaskervilleBuy Long$21.96$44.0002/12/1848.27 %CommentsView
DGAZbaskervilleBuy Long$24.75$44.0002/12/1831.72 %CommentsView
DGAZOptions PracticeBuy Long$28.95$2,000.0002/12/1812.64 %CommentsView
DGAZSupersonicfast ReturnsBuy Long$30.74$45.0002/12/185.27 %CommentsView
DGAZSupersonicfast ReturnsBuy Long$21.70$40.0002/07/1832.30 %CommentsView
DGAZShort & LongBuy Long$25.30$40.0002/06/187.71 %CommentsView
DGAZNGETFBuy Long$22.88$50.0002/05/1817.48 %CommentsView
DGAZNGETFBuy Long$21.37$50.0002/05/1825.88 %CommentsView
DGAZ10 min chart for UGAZ/DGAZ tradeBuy Long$20.21$25.0002/01/1822.07 %CommentsView
DGAZbaskervilleBuy Long$19.29$44.0001/31/1810.89 %CommentsView
DGAZbaskervilleBuy Long$17.61$44.0001/31/1823.28 %CommentsView
DGAZLONG TERM PLAYSBuy Long$17.54$100.0001/31/1822.80 %CommentsView
DGAZSwing itBuy Long$17.37$19.0001/30/186.22 %CommentsView
DGAZTony SharkBuy Long$21.94$32.0001/22/188.71 %CommentsView
DGAZOptions PracticeBuy Long$27.06$90.0001/10/186.80 %CommentsView
DGAZShort & LongBuy Long$27.07$90.0001/10/186.39 %CommentsView
DGAZShort & LongBuy Long$27.09$1,000.0001/10/186.20 %CommentsView
DGAZNGETFBuy Long$24.96$40.0001/09/187.97 %CommentsView
DGAZTony SharkBuy Long$30.46$32.0001/08/185.09 %CommentsView
DGAZNGETFBuy Long$26.92$35.0001/05/1818.20 %CommentsView
DGAZNGETFBuy Long$29.08$35.0001/05/189.39 %CommentsView
DGAZTrading SystemsBuy Long$26.98$90.0001/05/1819.16 %CommentsView
DGAZbaskervilleBuy Long$26.54$42.0001/05/1820.20 %CommentsView
DGAZbaskervilleBuy Long$26.03$44.0001/05/1822.44 %CommentsView
DGAZbaskervilleBuy Long$26.24$44.0001/05/1821.08 %CommentsView
DGAZSupersonicfast ReturnsBuy Long$24.86$40.0001/04/1812.07 %CommentsView
DGAZbaskervilleBuy Long$36.10$44.0012/20/1711.66 %CommentsView
DGAZbaskervilleBuy Long$38.31$50.0012/15/178.06 %CommentsView
DGAZLONG TERM PLAYSBuy Long$31.14$40.0012/07/179.34 %CommentsView
DGAZ10 min chart for UGAZ/DGAZ tradeBuy Long$31.38$34.0012/07/178.51 %CommentsView
DGAZ10 min chart for UGAZ/DGAZ tradeBuy Long$29.31$32.0012/05/176.55 %CommentsView
DGAZNGETFBuy Long$23.34$30.0011/14/177.74 %CommentsView
DGAZLONG TERM PLAYSBuy Long$22.58$30.0011/14/1711.60 %CommentsView
DGAZNGETFBuy Long$22.81$24.0011/13/175.22 %CommentsView
DGAZAlpha Swing TradesBuy Long$22.65$24.0011/13/175.17 %CommentsView
DGAZLONG TERM PLAYSBuy Long$24.39$27.0010/25/178.24 %CommentsView
DGAZLONG TERM PLAYSBuy Long$24.56$28.0010/18/177.45 %CommentsView
DGAZLONG TERM PLAYSBuy Long$23.93$26.0010/02/179.32 %CommentsView
DGAZGolden LeonBuy Long$23.20$24.5009/29/175.26 %CommentsView
DGAZLONG TERM PLAYSBuy Long$22.90$25.0009/29/176.64 %CommentsView
DGAZGas oil goldBuy Long$20.74$24.0009/21/1715.73 %CommentsView
DGAZLONG TERM PLAYSBuy Long$21.77$24.0009/15/175.93 %CommentsView
DGAZLONG TERM PLAYSBuy Long$22.29$26.0009/05/179.47 %CommentsView
DGAZAlpha Swing TradesBuy Long$23.79$26.4007/03/1710.97 %CommentsView
DGAZAlpha Swing TradesBuy Long$25.00$27.5006/14/179.98 %CommentsView
DGAZPitakabu TradesBuy Long$24.36$27.0006/01/177.31 %CommentsView
DGAZPitakabu TradesBuy Long$19.77$21.5005/08/178.76 %CommentsView


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