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GOOGL - Alphabet Inc.

$1,075.31 (-0.81%)


SymbolService NamePosition TypeIssuePrice Price Target Close Date% Return Comments
GOOGLKessel Growth and ValueBuy Long$938.59$1,100.001/4/201817.26 %CommentsView Details
GOOGLJeff value and income playBuy Long$947.12$1,100.001/4/201816.16 %CommentsView Details
GOOGLJeff K's growth and value portfolioBuy Long$946.96$1,050.0010/27/201710.82 %CommentsView Details
GOOGLBig PortfolioBuy Long$937.78$1,044.0010/27/201710.66 %CommentsView Details
GOOGLBig PortfolioBuy Long$937.26$1,040.0010/27/201710.24 %CommentsView Details
GOOGLScalp BonanzaBuy Long$939.94$1,030.0010/27/20179.58 %CommentsView Details
GOOGLGrowth stock and long term dividend playsBuy Long$939.70$999.0010/11/20176.29 %CommentsView Details



Service NameAnalyst NamePosition TypePrice Target By Date % Return Issue Date
AungPan TharKyaw AungBuy LongSubscribeSubscribe-0.67 %5/15/2018View Details
Long term indiaNalindasBuy LongSubscribeSubscribe3.20 %5/4/2018View Details
Shwe MyanmarKyaw AungBuy LongSubscribeSubscribe3.94 %4/10/2018View Details
Kessel Growth and ValueKesselBuy LongSubscribeSubscribe4.68 %12/5/2017View Details
A Dozen PlansHaoSubscribeSubscribeSubscribe9.89 %6/22/2017View Details


Service NameAnalyst NameStrategy% ReturnIssue Date
Option RipperLiberty NationalBuy Calls-82.86 %5/21/2018View Details
Option RipperLiberty NationalBuy Calls-88.57 %5/21/2018View Details
Option RipperLiberty NationalBuy Calls-86.86 %5/21/2018View Details
Option RipperLiberty NationalBuy Calls-73.01 %5/18/2018View Details

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