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NFLX - Netflix

$316.48 (-0.33%)


SymbolService NamePosition TypeIssuePrice Price Target Close Date% Return Comments
NFLXBig PortfolioBuy Long$185.31$207.901/5/201812.27 %CommentsView Details
NFLXBig PortfolioBuy Long$185.31$207.001/5/201811.78 %CommentsView Details
NFLXKing of Analysts (KoA)Buy Long$169.72$200.009/21/201711.44 %CommentsView Details
NFLXKing of Analysts (KoA)Buy Long$161.63$180.007/18/201711.37 %CommentsView Details
NFLXJambalaya TradesBuy Long$161.54$178.007/18/201710.18 %CommentsView Details
NFLXKing of Analysts (KoA)Buy Long$154.20$170.007/18/201713.20 %CommentsView Details
NFLXTechBuy Long$150.54$160.007/14/20176.29 %CommentsView Details
NFLXLetsGrow - Growth StocksBuy Long$141.94$175.006/1/201714.30 %CommentsView Details
NFLXLetsGrow - Growth StocksBuy Long$131.40$150.002/8/201710.15 %CommentsView Details



Service NameAnalyst NamePosition TypePrice Target By Date % Return Issue Date
2 Weeks Scalpprofit_with_meSell ShortSubscribeSubscribe-0.18 %3/13/2018View Details
Kessel Growth and ValueKesselSell ShortSubscribeSubscribe1.51 %3/12/2018View Details


Service NameAnalyst NameStrategy% ReturnIssue Date
Option PaydayElliotBuy Calls-41.92 %3/9/2018View Details

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