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 TVIX - Credit Suisse AG

$36.26 (-14.04%)


Service NameTrader NamePosition TypeTarget %Target PriceTarget Date Issue Date
120ºKevin BantzBuy Long193.36 %Subscribe03/16/1912:06 PMView
TradingView AdviceThe Grim ContangoSubscribe100.00 %Subscribe10/01/1910/01/18View

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SymbolService NamePosition TypeIssuePrice Target PriceClose Date% Return Comments
TVIXTradingView AdviceSell Short$29.87$0.0009/17/185.69 %CommentsView
TVIXMojo Day TradingBuy Long$31.90$50.0009/06/188.12 %CommentsView
TVIXMojo Day TradingBuy Long$31.16$50.0008/31/186.48 %CommentsView
TVIXMojo Day TradingBuy Long$31.16$50.0008/30/186.03 %CommentsView
TVIXMojo Day TradingBuy Long$39.00$200.0008/15/186.05 %CommentsView
TVIXMarket-Neutral Day TradingSell Short$35.24$0.0008/08/1813.62 %CommentsView
TVIXFrom the AshesSell Short$39.68$0.0007/19/186.31 %CommentsView
TVIXTradingView AdviceSell Short$39.97$35.0007/19/187.20 %CommentsView
TVIXMarket-Neutral Day TradingSell Short$40.03$35.0007/19/187.29 %CommentsView
TVIXFrom the AshesSell Short$55.45$40.0007/10/1827.34 %CommentsView
TVIXMarket-Neutral Day TradingSell Short$55.20$40.0007/10/1826.88 %CommentsView
TVIXRSI ReaperSell Short$55.19$40.0007/10/1826.87 %CommentsView
TVIXDaily Chart Only - No Day TradesSell Short$55.03$40.0007/10/1826.66 %CommentsView
TVIXTradingView AdviceSell Short$55.08$40.0007/10/1826.72 %CommentsView
TVIXMarket-Neutral Day TradingSell Short$50.94$45.0007/09/1816.92 %CommentsView
TVIXMarket-Neutral Day TradingSell Short$49.61$47.0007/06/185.93 %CommentsView
TVIXRSI ReaperSell Short$49.40$47.0007/06/185.47 %CommentsView
TVIXRSI ReaperSell Short$58.24$52.0006/29/1812.85 %CommentsView
TVIXMarket-Neutral Day TradingSell Short$58.07$52.0006/29/1812.69 %CommentsView
TVIXMarket-Neutral Day TradingSell Short$59.68$55.0006/28/188.31 %CommentsView
TVIX120ºBuy Long$40.07$103.0006/26/1832.82 %CommentsView
TVIXTradingView AdviceSell Short$43.95$41.5006/20/187.51 %CommentsView
TVIXTradingView AdviceSell Short$4.74$4.5506/06/185.06 %CommentsView
TVIXTradingView AdviceSell Short$4.75$4.5606/06/185.05 %CommentsView
TVIXFrom the AshesSell Short$7.15$0.0006/05/1834.08 %CommentsView
TVIXTradingView AdviceSell Short$5.46$5.3306/01/186.23 %CommentsView
TVIXMarket-Neutral Day TradingSell Short$7.21$6.5004/17/185.55 %CommentsView
TVIXShort VolatilitySell Short$7.75$1.0003/21/187.48 %CommentsView
TVIXMarket-Neutral Day TradingSell Short$7.94$7.0003/21/1810.08 %CommentsView
TVIXMarket-Neutral Day TradingSell Short$7.64$7.0003/15/187.20 %CommentsView
TVIXOption SuperstarsBuy Long$6.56$8.0002/05/1821.95 %CommentsView
TVIXMarket-Neutral Day TradingSell Short$5.35$0.0001/05/188.04 %CommentsView
TVIXRSI ReaperSell Short$5.63$0.0001/02/186.04 %CommentsView
TVIXRSI ReaperSell Short$5.62$0.0001/02/185.87 %CommentsView
TVIXRSI ReaperSell Short$6.07$0.0001/02/1812.69 %CommentsView
TVIXMarket-Neutral Day TradingSell Short$7.02$0.0012/27/1722.93 %CommentsView
TVIXRSI ReaperSell Short$6.74$0.0012/14/179.94 %CommentsView
TVIXFrom the AshesSell Short$7.08$0.0012/11/179.60 %CommentsView
TVIXLavaPitBuy Long$7.57$100.0012/01/175.42 %CommentsView
TVIXFrom the AshesSell Short$7.47$0.0011/28/176.96 %CommentsView
TVIXRSI ReaperSell Short$7.47$0.0011/28/177.10 %CommentsView
TVIXFrom the AshesSell Short$8.19$0.0011/21/177.20 %CommentsView
TVIXRSI ReaperSell Short$8.19$7.2011/21/177.33 %CommentsView
TVIXMarket-Neutral Day TradingSell Short$8.10$0.0011/21/175.31 %CommentsView
TVIXMarket-Neutral Day TradingSell Short$9.59$0.0011/16/177.93 %CommentsView
TVIXoption actionSell Short$9.82$9.0011/16/178.35 %CommentsView
TVIXMarket-Neutral Day TradingSell Short$8.90$0.0011/01/178.43 %CommentsView
TVIXFrom the AshesSell Short$15.32$0.0009/26/1720.17 %CommentsView
TVIXFrom the AshesSell Short$13.99$0.0009/26/1712.51 %CommentsView
TVIXRoadnotTakenBuy Long$17.86$20.2008/17/1713.10 %CommentsView
TVIXbaskervilleBuy Long$21.39$24.0007/07/176.31 %CommentsView


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